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Cruising with The Commissioner #52 (29.03.12)

Well, it sort of crept up on us here at Cruise Control, but according to the records (the non-vinyl ones), we have both surprised ourselves and confounded the predictions . . . .  perhaps not for the first or last time! What is the cause of all this? Well, this week’s show marked the first anniversary of our Thursday night adventures here on Wireless FM and one of the frontiers that we may not have been expected to cross when we started Cruising with The Commissioner.

The origins of these musical adventures can be traced back to the weekly ‘get togethers’ with a few teenage pals of mine, meeting at their various homes to play our favourite records. So, the music has always been important, but so too has been sharing the music in the good company of others. So, Cruising with The Commissioner has provided more of the same and during the past year we have been charmed by the many guests who have visited us at Cruise Control to share some favourites from their current playlists in our ‘Three From Me’ feature. The musical choices have been fascinating and have certainly crossed musical frontiers, time zones and jumped genres. Our guests have brought along some great stories and music, including reggae, latin rock, rock ‘n’ roll, smooth and funky soul, rock-a-billy, raucous R&B, psych rock, jazz, country rock and more. It has been a real joy to welcome them all to the show and even more so to have many of them return to share more of their magical musical moments with us.

The sense of special occasion this week was underlined by a rare visit from The Majestic. He has been responsible for bringing us some truly wonderful ‘Three From Me’ selections on previous cruises and has proved to be a true connoisseur of the music we love here. On his visits, he has brought us many obscure, but fabulous tracks and artists, to which we have frequently returned in subsequent shows. So, it was with real enthusiasm and curiosity that we welcomed him back to Cruising with The Commissioner, looking suave and sophisticated, as ever, and immaculately attired. Fresh from his Go Go Club, he got pretty funky for his latest ‘Three From Me’ selection and it all went down well here with The Cruisettes.

As if that was not enough of a good thing, it was a real thrill this week to welcome back The Shake to our Thursday night cruising. He has been a stalwart of the Tuesday night revels on Wireless FM and the supreme ruler of that oasis of choice music that is The Out of Sight Show. His return was heralded by the Cruising choir and his own trumpeters. He remembered the route from his many previous appearances here in the early days of Cruising with the Commission and he turned up looking resplendent in his flowing robes, exotic pointy shoes, and with his fez worn at a jaunty angle, befitting his characteristic tilt at convention. So, we offered him a soft cushion and a place to rest his record box . . . . and let him take us on a jolly jaunt down Memory Lane.

Another treasured moment was the long awaited return of our good pal DJ Leyton Rocks to Cruising with The Commissioner. There have been many occasions since we started our cruising adventures, when Mr Rocks has taken us off the beaten track for a detour through some of his musical choices and this week he joined our celebrations and brought us Three Cool Tracks . . . . which we sat back and savoured.

Cruising for the horizon . . . .  
Let’s Rock ‘N’ Roll – The Cadets
That’s What You’re Doing To Me – The Dominoes
Let’s Go Let’s Go Let’s Go – Hank Ballard & The Midnighters
Let’s Spend The Night Together – Tina Turner (from the album Acid Queen)
Hold On – The Radiants
Lookin’ For A Love – Bobby Womack & The Valentinos
Tramp – Lowell Fulsom
It’s Not Unusual – Freddie Scott & The Seven Steps
You Can’t Sit Down (Parts 1 & 2) – The Phil Upchurch Combo

Three From Me . . . . with The Majestic 
It’s A New Day – Skull Snaps
Star Child – Kane & Able
What Is Hip – Tower of Power

Cruising in good company . . . .
Shadows & Reflections – The Action
Lazy Day – Tinkerbell’s Fairydust
A Dream For Julie – Kaleidoscope

Memory Lane . . . . . with The Shake 
Hey – Barbara Mercer
Oh Mom (Teach Me How To Uncle Willie) – The Daylighters
I Like It Like That – Chris Kenner

Cruising with the sounds we like . . . .
Too Many Tears – Miles Stone
Cathy’s Clown – The Ideals
Love Machine –  The Politicians
Don’t Be Cruel – The Upsetters
Can’t Do Without You – Dusty Wilson
Ride On Red, Ride On – Louisiana Red & Little Victor’s Juke Joint

Three Cool Tracks . . . . with DJ Leyton Rocks 
Death Row – Bob Seger
Walking The Dog – The Dennisons
Tough Lover – Etta James

Cruising to the party . . . . .
How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) – Jnr Walker & The Allstars
We Go To Pieces – Forest Hairston
Pony Time – Chubby Checker
Since You’ve Been Gone – Aretha Franklin
Can I Get A Witness – Calvin Scott
Girls Are Out To Get You – The Fascinations
Well Oh Well – Tiny Bradshaw

Well, we were having great fun and enjoying the party, but we knew that eventually we would have to turn he Cruise Mobile around and start heading for home. We decided that there was no better way to close our anniversary show than with that great R&B stomper from Tiny Bradshaw and his 1952 King recording of ‘Well Oh Well’ . . . . and it went down particularly well with The Cruisettes, who had been on their feet throughout our party playlist. Hopefully you enjoyed yourself too tonight.

Little by little over the past year, the numbers in the Cruising Crew have grown and the feedback has always been supportive. We have welcomed the suggestions of tracks and themes for future shows and enjoyed the chatroom chatter during the shows. It’s good to know that you’re out there and it’s always fun to have your good company, especially to celebrate our anniversary show.

So, once we parked up the Cruise Mobile for this week, the party continued awhile here at Cruise Control . . . . . and most seemed to have given up Lent for alcohol! If you too have enjoyed our previous escapades, I hope you’ll join me in my thanks to all those who have contributed to these shows, since we started, both in front of the microphone and behind the scenes. We wouldn’t have got where we are now without all their good will and encouragement for our exploits over the past year. I am particularly grateful to my good pals, DJ Leyton Rocks and The Shake for their early encouragement and to Max Quirk and The Spongeman for setting up the studio equipment.

Mr Merlot has been a regular companion of the show and has assisted greatly in maintaining and restoring the necessary equilibrium and balance (a little creative imagery), especially when we’ve been fighting the technical gremlins on occasions. Mrs TC has provided some excellent provender during the shows and demonstrated amazing self-control in not speaking while the microphone is on. Of course, grateful thanks go to Wireless FM, whose tolerance and endurance, have kept the show on their Thursday night schedules.

So, be assured, we are already planning next week’s show and, if you can’t wait until next Thursday for some more good music, why not join the Tuesday Night Mafia on Wireless FM, where they’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse and play you music you’ll never forget.

So until the next time we go Cruising with the Commissioner . . . . remember to . . . . . . have fun!

Hold on tight . . . . .

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Listen here to this week’s show:

Cruising with The Commissioner #51 (20.03.12)

Well, the Grand Duchy has been visited by the sun on a goodly number of occasions this week and the grounds around Cruise Control have started turn from the greys and browns of winter into the greens and vibrant colours of summer. All this made for a cheery time with the opportunity for some alfresco dining, plenty of choice tunes and some enjoyable social encounters with friends. Saturday night was one of those . . . . with the excellent company of a couple of the regular Cruising Crew, some fine food and a storming live set at one of London’s much loved music venues. The music from the gig proved to be a real crowd pleaser and (as you’d expect) we couldn’t resist the opportunity to include some of the songs in this week’s Cruising with The Commissioner.

In the past few days we’ve heard from The Majestic, Richard Mann, The Shake, The Vikster, Amigo, Johnny99 and Joe Duckworth . . . . and all those were assured of a warm welcome when they return for future ‘Three From Me’ slots. Indeed, this week’s session was just such a welcome return by Richard Mann with a selection of 60s soul classics. He was really chuffed that his previous selection had inspired a number of weeks of ‘follow that tune’ with the discovery of many versions of ‘Move It On Over’ and he challenged us to ‘follow that label’ with his latest selection.

Our perambulations around the music emporiums hereabout have bagged some more juicy gems that are in this week’s playlist, and some you will get to hear in future shows. Our pal Graham at Casbah Records found some excellent tracks and an added bonus of a rare Freddy King single on red vinyl in a picture sleeve, with tracks that purport to be alternate takes of a couple of Freddy’s famous Federal instrumentals and you can hear for yourself in this week’s show.

Amidst all the other music news that filtered into Cruising with the Commissioner this week, there was a little piece of news that didn’t get much coverage. But I’m grateful to Larry Grogan and his Funky 16 Corners Radio Show for marking the passing of one of the past masters of the Hammond organ, Leon Spencer. He may not have been a well-known name, but he was a very important figure of the crucial, funky, soul jazz years of the late 60s and early 70s. So, we played his ‘First Gravy’.

Well, the clamour for some disco hits by the Grimethorpe Colliery Band seems to be subsiding at last and so we turned our attentions to other worthy items for inclusion in this week’s playlist, as you’ll see:

Cruising for the horizon . . . .
Rock Around The Clock – Lil Millet
Pack Fair & Square – Big Walter Price
Don’t Make No Noise – Chris Kenner
I Ain’t Guilty – The Crawford Brothers
Lovely Woman – Eldridge Holmes
You Went Back On What You Said – Willie Mallory
Gangster Of Love – Jimmy Norman
Ain’t Nothing You Can Do – Bobby Blue Bland
First Gravy – Leon Spencer

Three From Me . . . . . with Richard Mann
Getting Mighty Crowded -Betty Everett
I’ll Do Anything (He Wants Me To Do) – Doris Troy
Tramp – Otis Redding & Carla Thomas

Cruising beyond the blue horizon . . . .
The Spell I’m Under – The Courage Brothers
See Emily Play – Super Tough
Me & Julio Down By The School Yard – Jesse Malin
The Man Who Said No – Bettye Swann
Don’t Fight It – Major Lance
Give Me One More Chance – Wilmer Alexander Jnr & The Dukes
I Do – The Marvelows
Hold On Tight – ELO

Memory Lane . . . . with The Commissioner
Robin Seymour at Radio Station WKMH, Dearborn, Michigan in 1956
Roll Over Beethoven – Chuck Berry
Ooby Dooby – Roy Orbison
Stranded In The Jungle – The Cadets
Blue Suede Shoes – Carl Perkins

Cruising for home . . . . 
Now That We’ve Found Love – The O’Jays
Let Our Love Go On – Music City Soul Brothers
Wash Out – Freddy King
Rock ‘n’ Roll Woman – Jimmy Caravan
Viva Las Vegas – The Blues Brothers
Wrap It Up – The Fabulous Thunderbirds
Similau – Ray McKinley & His Orchestra
The Voodoo Man – The Del Vikings
Don’t Be Angry – Nappy Brown
Boot ‘em up – The Du Droppers

Our meander down the musty miles of Memory Lane took us back to 1956 in the company of Robin Seymour at Radio Station WKMH, Dearborn, Michigan. His playlist was a good reminder of some of the enduring hits of that year and gave us a taste of rock radio’s early days.

We had a little dabble in the exotic this week with Ray McKinley & His Orchestra and their version of ‘Similau’ and The Del Vikings with their ‘Voodoo Man’. But during the week a song kept coming back to me as I was out and about and I don’t what inspired my thoughts of it, but it was a good enough excuse to include it on the show and it went down well at Cruise Control. . . . . because it was Nappy Brown and ‘Don’t Be Angry’.

The chatroom chatter was lively and suggested a number of future tracks for the show . . . . which we’ll go a-rummaging for in the days to come.

But, all too soon we had to start heading for home and we pulled out a bit of a stormer to end with . . . . there was no letting up as we cruised to a halt with The Du Droppers and ‘Boot ‘Em Up’. So, as I was dabbing my eyes with my pristine white linen hankie, I was hoping that the sadness of this week’s cruise would inspire you to join me again next week, when we can do it all again for our anniversary edition of Cruising with the Commissioner. We are planning a rather special show with some great music and expecting a few good pals to be calling by . . . . so be of good cheer and remember if you can’t wait that long, you can always get a fix from the Tuesday Night Mafia here on Wireless FM, where they’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse and play you music you’ll never forget.

So until the next time we go Cruising with The Commissioner . . . . remember to . . . . have fun!

Listen to this week’s show here:
Cruising with The Commissioner #50 (15.03.12)

Well, I really do hope that this week has been packed with thrills and excitement for you, because, frankly, someone must have been getting my share . . . . not that I want to dampen your very welcome high spirits with tales of calamities and failures . . . . but, I will just leave you to ponder (in your copious leisure time) on the anguished wailing and howling heard around these parts, and the accompanying extended and intense counselling required on the loss of a decade (and more) of masterfully stewarded music, videos, photos and business files that evaporated into elephants’ graveyard of digital data (without warning), when a 2 terabyte hard disc embarks on a suicide mission. Even the swift intervention of emergency services and specialist resuscitators applying their mystic arts was to no avail and they were reduced to conveying the message in that solemn manner, so well-practiced by lesser tradesmen (and women), with the audible slow intake of breath through the teeth and the resigned shaking of the head. With all of that as a backdrop, I am hoping that our playlist for this week’s show will still have successfully lifted your spirits and provided you with a heightened measure of bonhomie that may yet get reflected here.

The events of the week were lightened by the wit of Bill Bailey, who involuntarily extended an invitation to join him on a ‘warm up’ night for his forthcoming tour. Plenty of music and humour in there and a fondly remembered quote that “most of jazz sounds like a surrealist car alarm” . . . . which in turn recalled the concept of a surrealists ideal holiday, consisting of seven nights, but only 4 days!

Back amongst the music, we quickly got up to cruising speed this week with The Leaders and their little mover ‘Girl That I Love’ and barely paused for breath before following on with The 5 Royales and their King 45 . . . . appropriately called ‘Right Around The Corner’.

This week we found time (at last) to include a little selection that was inspired by a stage show. The show was based on the songs of Doc Pomus and Mort Shuman and, whilst the stage show proved to be pretty awful, the songs demonstrated just how influential this pair of songwriters have been on the music scene. So, we searched out some of my favourites and lined them up for this week’s playlist.

In anticipation of St Patrick’s Day, we pulled together some tracks to celebrate the event, including Van Morrison, Rory Gallagher and The Commitments . . . . but we resisted the siren call to play ‘Delaney’s Donkey’ by Val Doonican . . . . and we turned our attentions to other, more fitting, items for inclusion in this week’s playlist, as you’ll see:

Cruising where the winds take us . . . . .
Girl That I Love – The Leaders
Right Around The Corner – The 5 Royales
Juiced – Billy Love
Come On – Charlie & The Jives
After Last Night – The Revlons
Lovely Woman – Eldridge Holmes
Walk Of Life – Charles Mann
Hold Back the Night – The Trammps
Along Comes Mary – The Association

Three From Me . . . . . with Lil-Sis 
Young Gifted & Black – Bob & Marcia
Margarita Time – Status Quo
Young Boy Blues – The Who

Cruising with Doc and Mort . . . .
Boogie Woogie Country Girl – Big Joe Turner
(Wake Up) Miss Rip Van Winkle – The Tibbs Brothers
Lonely Avenue – Ray Charles
Hushabye – The Mystics
Sweets For My Sweet – The Drifters
This Magic Moment – Marvin Gaye
Turn Me Loose – Fabian
It’s Been Nice – Marty Wilde
I Ain’t Sharin’ Sharon – Bobby Darin
His Latest Flame – Del Shannon
Seven Day Weekend – Gary US Bonds
Viva Las Vegas – Bruce Springsteen

Memory Lane . . . . with The Commissioner (5:04)
Gimme Little Sign – Brenton Wood

Cruising down along the cove . . . .
Knocking Nails Into My House – The Idle Race
Learning To Fly – Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
Destination Anywhere – The Commitments
Don’t Look Back – John Lee Hooker & Van Morrison
Don’t Start Me Talking – Rory Gallagher
Competition Ain’t Nothing – Little Carl Carlson
Gonna Make Him My Baby – April Young
What’s Wrong With My Baby – The Valadiers
Linda Lou – Ray Sharpe
My Guardian Angel – The Monorays

We took the opportunity to play a track by The Trampps, in tribute to lead singer Jimmy Ellis, who passed away this week aged 74. On his Funky 16 Corners show, Larry Grogan, described Jimmy Ellis as having one of those rare, perfect soul voices that combined a remarkable level of control that allowed him to swing effortlessly between moderation and soaring gospel-inflected shouts. . . . . and who would argue with that!

This week’s detour down Memory Lane this week brought back some previous embarrassment from back in the days when I was on the road as a DJ. At the time, I had a residency at a London club at the ‘gateway to the South’ that is Balham. For three consecutive weeks, two delightful girls in the audience asked for a (then) little known soul track (which subsequently became a great chart success). I tried to find it through my usual sources without success and each week these same two girls would ask cheerily for it, causing me mounting embarrassment. When I found a copy and played at the club and the girls were on the floor like a shot and clearly enjoying it. They thanked me afterwards, but sadly they never returned to club after that. The record went on to hit the charts and every time I hear Brenton Wood and ‘Gimme A Little Sign’ . . . . I think of those days.

The sand in our two hour egg timer ran out before we had played all that we had for our playlist, but we were already looking forward to next week when we hope to have your good company again to go Cruising with The Commissioner. If that seems too far off, you can always get a fix from the Tuesday Night Mafia on Wireless FM, where they’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse and play you music you’ll never forget.

So, until the next time we go Cruising with The Commissioner . . . . remember to . . . . have fun!

Listen here to this week’s show:

Cruising with The Commissioner #49 (08.03.12)

I hope that the week has treated you well and that you have received the glorious glimpses of spring as positive signs. That’s certainly been the case here at Cruise Control, where the planning and pursuit of events in the Cruising diary has attracted even more enthusiasm and purpose, as a result. Arrangements for the next stateside trip are being finalised by the day and some recent and impending social outings are ensuring we maintain an ever positive mood. Of course, the preparations for our weekly adventure across musical frontiers, in and out of time zones, and jumping genres continued throughout and, indeed, has been much encouraged by the kindly feedback from those who choose (of their own free will and accord) to go Cruising with The Commissioner.

It seems to have been an equally busy time for some of our previous guests on Cruising with The Commissioner, because this week we heard from Max Quirk, Richard Mann, The Spongeman, The Majestic, The Vikster, Johnny99 and Joe Duckworth. We are expecting their return here soon and we ‘seized the moment’ of our surprise encounter with The Vikster to share a little more from her current playlist with us all . . . . as you will hear!

Last week’s Cruising playlist had a distinctly ‘rock’ feel to it, with various shades ranging from psych rock, country rock, bayou rock through to latin rock, and stopping along the way for some western swing and some Welsh rock . . . . courtesy of our Welsh Wizard, Johnny99. So, this week we shifted the emphasis a little, not least, because our rummaging in the dark recesses of the Cruising Library produced some hidden delights, as well as some that we got our hands on after a visit from our musical postman.

So, we jump started our Cruise mobile with Mickey & Sylvia and their 1956 single ‘No Good Lover’, which was one of the juicy gems that arrived at Cruise Control this week . . . . . and we followed up with another from Jeanette Baker & Oscar McLollie, ‘Hey Boy Hey Girl’. We even found time to ‘follow that tune’ with another version of ‘Move It On Over’ from The Griffin Brothers and ‘See Emily Play’ from The Grapes of Wrath.

We pulled together some ‘road records’ for this show and it gave us the opportunity to play some ‘tippity top tunes’ (as DJ Wheeliebag calls them) from amongst our long-time favourites. We pulled out far more than we could fit into this week’s show, so we’ve made another list of the rest for a future opportunity. Well, the boy scouts would be proud that we should ‘be prepared’!

Of course, we are ever mindful of the breadth of musical tastes that inspire folks out there in Cruising land and the enthusiastic champions of Charlie Drake and his classic recordings are always in our thoughts. However, to date, our playlists have been a disappointment to his staunch supporters, but never say never . . . . so until then, here’s this week’s playlist:

Cruising for the city limits . . . .
No Good Lover – Mickey & Sylvia
Hey Boy, Hey Girl – Oscar McLollie
Try Rock ‘n’ Roll – Bobby Mitchell
Lonely Teardrops – Jackie Wilson
Quarter To Three – Gary US Bonds
Move It On Over – The Griffin Brothers
Smokey Joe’s – Candy & The Kisses
The Way You Do The Things You Do – The Temptations
It’s Growing – Otis Redding

Three From Me . . . . with The Vikster – Girls ‘n’ Guitars
Pink Cadillac – Natalie Cole
Girls With Guitars – Wynonna Judd
Hazy Shade of Winter – The Bangles

Cruising down the line . . . .
She Loves My Automobile – Seppo Valjaka
Red Cadillac & A Black Moustache – Warren Smith
Down The Road Apiece – Chuck Berry
Cadillac Baby – Roy Brown
Crazy ‘Bout An Automobile – Johnny Vernazza
Driving Sideways – Freddy King
Red ’69 Oldsmobile – Howard Livingston & Mile Marker 24
Heaven In A Pontiac – Bill Perry
Drive My Car – Gary Toms

Memory Lane . . . . with The Commissioner
Curtis Mayfield on the radio
Try Me – James Brown
Raindrops – Dee Clark
Let The Good Times Roll – Shirley & Lee
Shout – The Isley Brothers

Cruising for home . . . .
Shake Rattle & Roll – Arthur Conley
Band Of Gold – Marcia Griffiths
Come and Get These Memories – Mary Wilson & The Supremes
The Day Will Come Between Sunday and Monday – Kiki Dee
See Emily Play – Grapes of Wrath
He’s A Flirt – The Sequins
Be That Way Sometimes – Bobby Well
We Go To Pieces – Forest Hairston
Route 66 – Asleep At The Wheel
Party Time – The Down Beats
Keep A Rockin’ – The Champions

We welcomed back The Vikster to our ‘Three From Me’ spot this week and it was good to have her company again. This time she arrived at Cruise Control with some tracks that followed her theme, ‘Girls & Guitars’. So, we were content to sit back and relax as she settled into the studio’s executive chair and positioned the microphone.

On our meanders down Memory Lane, regular members of the Cruising Crew will know that we have often featured extracts from the DJs on some of the notable radio stations in the US and UK. This week, our dabble in deja vu took us back to the 80s and a rather special radio show presented by veteran soul man Curtis Mayfield. The show featured some stories about his time with The Impressions and a selection of Curtis’s own favoured songs and artists, which captured some valuable glimpses into the sights and sounds that influenced this highly talented artist. Once again, I am indebted to our good pal Pete Hall for giving us access to his archives for this recording and it is a rich source that I hope we can return to in the future.

Well, all too soon The Champions brought us safely home on this week’s cruise. Looking back, we seemed to have covered plenty of musical ground along the way and here’s hoping that there were plenty of juicy gems in the playlist to entice you back again next week for even more rock, soul and real rhythm & blues. But, if you need an earlier ‘fix’, why not stop by and take a listen to the Tuesday night mafia here on Wireless FM, where The Spongeman, The Shake, Max Quirk and Johnny Alpha will make you an offer you can’t refuse and play you music you’ll never forget. If that’s not enough, try to catch the Paul Jones show on BBC Radio 2 and Larry Grogan’s Funky 16 Corners show on Viva Radio.

So, until the next time we go Cruising with The Commissioner . . . . remember . . . . have fun!

Listen here to this week’s show:

Cruising with the Commissioner #48 (01.03.12)

Well, the sun came back to cheer the week and bring a new enthusiasm to our many activities, including our sifting and sorting for our next playlist and our next festival of rock, soul and real rhythm and blues, that we call Cruising with The Commission. The week was pretty ‘lively’ and we were not short of social events, cheery encounters with friends and family, and some visits to some of the choice music stores in the Grand Duchy and London. Along the way, we bagged some juicy gems for our future playlists, as well as getting along to some eagerly awaited, concerts and shows. Somehow, even a little business got done in the gaps in between.

Through all this, with the illusion of some master plan of diary programming, we were attempting to maintain the natural order and equilibrium of Cruise Control (now there’s some creative writing), but we deflected by the very welcome arrival of our good pal Johnny99. He turned up with a big smile, a bag of records and brandishing a dragon emblazoned Welsh flag . . . . just in case we didn’t know already, that it was St David’s Day on 1st March. He settled into the executive chair, positioned the microphone and proceeded to give us an appropriately Welsh flavoured ‘Three From Me’ . . . . and a fine selection it was too, as you can hear in this week’s show. Barely time for a few vittles and a bevy . . . . and he was off. So, we slipped a return ticket in his pocket to ensure he comes back soon.

Well, The Cruisettes and various members of the Cruising Crew clearly enjoyed the latin rhythms that DJ Wheeliebag brought along last week. It resulted in some ‘enthused encouragement’ to go rummaging for some excellent latin rock for this week’s playlist . . . . so we did . . . and we included Raimundo Amador (with BB King guesting) and Malo (although the internet gremlins conspired to impose an early curfew)!

So, there was plenty to grab our attention and it may have sounded a little breathless as a result (which is maybe how I always sound), but we were there on time to wish the warmest of welcomes to one and all. We rolled out the Cruise Mobile, wound the windows down and turned up the volume . . . . all ready to go Cruising with the Commissioner. Pausing only to check on the well-being of Mr Merlot, we started off on our musical adventure with Big Maybelle and her 1957 single for Savoy records ‘Rock House’ and followed on with a great new arrival at Cruise Control, Margie Day and The Griffin Brothers with ‘Sadie Green’.

We were soon up to full cruising speed and enjoying the moment, but with a playlist already jammed to capacity, sadly, there we had no space to include anything by Semprini . . . but ‘never say never’. So, here’s this week’s playlist:

Cruising for the border . . . .
Rock House – Big Maybelle
Sadie Green – Margie Day & The Griffin Brothers
Move It On Over – Bill Haley & His Comets
Ain’t Love Good, Ain’t Love Proud – Tony Clarke
Just Can’t Get Enough Of You – The Apollas
A Walkin’ Miracle – The Essex
This Gets To Me – Pookie Hudson
This Old Heart of Mine – The Isley Brothers
A Night with Daddy “G” – The Church Street Five

Three From Me . . . . with Johnny99
Something For The Weekend – Super Furry Animals
Hanky Panky Nohow – John Cale
Stay – 60ft Dolls

Cruising with friends . . . .
Supurbia – Do You Dream In Technicolor
For What Its Worth – Rush
5-4-3-2-1 – Manfred Mann
Where Do We Go From Here – Elkie Brooks
See Emily Play – David Bowie
Checkin’ Up On My Baby – John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers
I Ain’t Got You – Billy Boy Arnold
It’s Mighty Nice – The Lovejoys

Memory Lane . . . . with The Commissioner
Last Train To Clarksville – The Monkees

Cruising where the music’s playing . . . .
The Switch – Joe Brown
Lonely Teardrops – Narvel Felts
Sugar Bee – Jo-el Sonnier
Tear Stained Letter – Jerry Williams
House Of Blue Lights – Asleep At The Wheel
Since I Fell For You – Natalie Cole & Reba McIntire
Livin’ Lovin’ Wreck – Jerry Lee Lewis

Cruising for home . . . . .
Bollere – Raimundo Amador (with BB King)
Nena – Malo
You Don’t Miss Your Water – Little Esther & Big Al Downing

Well, our good pal Pete Hall was in touch during the week and recommended a couple of versions of ‘Move It On Over’ including the one from Bill Haley that we played this week. He also recommended a really interesting R&B version of the song by the Griffin Brothers from 1953. He said the Griffin Brothers version was particularly noteworthy because it contains probably the first saxophone solo on record from Gene Barge a.k.a. “Daddy G”. He played saxophone on some legendary records in the 50s and 60s and was still playing live and sounding good when I saw him a few years back in Chicago. But, I thought we should find a copy of his early outing with the Church Street Five and their recording of “A Night with Daddy “G”. We did find a copy . . . . though it proved to be a bit elusive . . . . . and I’m still looking for a better copy !!!

This week’s detour down Memory Lane took us back to December 1966, which was the UK TV audience’s first experience of a new series of music shows that would prove to be habit forming for a new generation. This was TV launch of the weekly series of programmes featuring the antics of The Monkees, featuring Davy Jones, Peter Tork, Micky Dolenz and Mike Nesmith. Despite the criticism of their musical and acting abilities, they became a worldwide success and achieved chart hits with a series of well-selected and well-honed song choices. But, yesterday part of that legend passed on, with the death of Monkees lead singer Davy Jones . . . . and he took his Last Train to Clarksville . . . . although, as the rich array of musical expertise in the chatroom pointed out, Davy Jones wasn’t the lead singer on that track . . . . but it was worth the link!

Well, the time disappeared rather too quickly and, all too soon we were heading for the last track of the evening from Little Esther & Big Al Downing, ‘You Don’t Miss Your Water’ (which has been getting plenty of plays here recently). So, whether you caught some or all of the show, we hope that the it  left you in high spirits and eager to join us again next week. . . . . when once again we can go Cruising with The Commissioner. But, if that all seems too far off, you can always get a fix from the Tuesday night mafia on Wireless FM, where they’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse and play you music you’ll never forget.

So, until the next time we go Cruising with The Commissioner . . . . have fun!