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Listen here to the latest edition of The Blues Come Calling:

Well, here we are, back again and ready to rustle up an hour of the best of the blues on The Blues Come Calling. So, if you like the blues, you’re definitely in the right place and, believe me, there’s plenty of new blues releases popping up just lately, which must be a healthy sign for the blues, generally. The show features new stuff by Sari & The Engine Room, The Bluesbenders, The Alex P Suter Band, The Jon Storey Band and Albany Down. . . . and there’s more, but that will have to be for the next show.

Since the last edition of the show, I’ve been rummaging in the dark dusty corners of the blues library and found a few great albums that blinked in the light. Indeed, we started off with one of those from Coco Montoya and ‘Back In A Cadillac’, which first appeared back in 2002, but has re-appeared on a recent compilation titled ‘Feelin’ Good Blues’. Then, we went back to 1993 for a track from the wonderful Larry McCray . . . my choice was ‘Not That Much’ and I found it on his 1993 album Delta Hurricane. . . and so can you . . .

Dangerous mood . . . Albany Down (The Outer Reach
Back In A Cadillac – Coco Montoya (Feelin’ Good Blues – 2015)
Not That Much – Larry McCray (Delta Hurricane – 1993)
Don’t Ya Tell – The Alex P Suter Band (All For Loving You – 2016)
Shake What Your Mama Gave You – Henry Butler & Corey Harris ( Feelin’ Good Blues – 2015)
Stop In The Name Of Love – Sari & The Engine Room
Dangerous Mood – Paul Cox (Good To Me – 2005)
Like A Bullet – Albany Down (The Outer Reach – 2016)

Pinetop’s Pick . . . . with Arfa PinetopThe Jon Storey Band (Blues & Rocket Fuel
Come Back Baby – Doctor Ross

Shufflin’ the blues . . .
Stumblin’ Blind – The Jon Storey Band (Blues & Rocket Fuel – 2016)
Rocket 88 – Bob Hall & George Green (Shufflin’ The Blues – 1991)
Saturday Night – Steven Troch (Nice & Greasy -2016)
Wild Turkey – The Bluesbenders (Gargoyle Schmargoyle – 2016)
Dust My Broom – Freddie King (Getting Ready – 1971)
Talking Woman Blues – The Blues Band (Itchy Feet (Remastered) – 2012)The Blue Chevys (Turn It Back
Lovin ‘ Fool – The Blue Chevys (Turn It Back – 2016)

Now, you can’t really ignore an album called ‘Gargoyle Schmargoyle’, so we didn’t. It’s the latest album by The Bluesbenders and we played ‘Wild Turkey’ from that album, along with a welcome preview track from the forthcoming new album, ‘The Outer Reach’, by London-based band, Albany Down. The album is more rock than blues, but I did think track ‘Like A Bullet’ had more of a bluesy feel, so we played that.

A big thanks to The Alex P Suter Band for pointing me to their new album ‘All For Loving The Bluesbenders (Gargoyle SchmargoyleYou’, which I’ve much enjoying since it arrived here. The tracks offer various shades of the blues and I particularly liked one called ‘Don’t Ya Tell’. . . and I hope you do too.

The latest album by The Jon Storey Band, called ‘Blues & Rocket Fuel’, has plenty of great listening, including my choice from it,‘Stumblin’ Blind’. But, all too soon it was almost time to go, so we squeezed in ‘Lovin’ Fool’, a raucous and rocking little number from The Blue Chevys’ new album titled ‘Turn It Back. Then it was all over for another week . . . just time to say our farewells and hope that you’ll be here the next time The Blues Come Calling. Until then . . . remember . . . have fun!

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Cruising #2021

Listen here to the latest edition of Cruising with The Commissioner:

Well, as we prepare to say au revoir to the month of May, the weather around the Grand Duchy seems to have improved and the sunny days have encouraged us to resume our alfresco dining on the South Terrace, accompanied by some fine wines rescued on our recent mission across the channel. But, in case you think we’ve been neglecting our proper duties, be assured, we have been catching up with some excellent music to fill this next Cruising with The Commissioner.

Not all the music we found would naturally fit into the rock, soul and ‘real’ rhythm and blues categories of Cruising with The Commissioner, but our musical postman has helped our endeavours with a few welcome visits, a cheery smile and some much awaited ‘good’ music . . . . and there’s more on the way.

A big thanks to those who followed up on the previous shows with comments and feedback, including a respectful nod there in the direction of Shakin’ Sharon, who pointed us to a little gem that slipped into our playlist and along the way, our good pal Wendel Williams, caught up with us on Facebook and sent on some more tracks from the new album by his band, The Sidemen.  It was good to hear from Susan Bowman, Amigo and Paul at Sue Records UK too.

So, when the appointed time arrived, we were ready with the Cruise Mobile all polished and purring nicely, together with a rather fine playlist that opened with Jimmy McCracklin and his invitation to do the Georgia Slop . . . . which some of us may have proved that to be a dangerous activity! But, throwing caution to the four winds, in our cavalier fashion . . . . it all rolled on from there . . . .

Think it over . . . . .Georgia Slop - Jimmy McCracklin
Georgia Slop – Jimmy McCracklin
Think It Over Baby – Pearl Galloway
It Was A Dream – Billy David
You Know – Ronnie & The Rockin’ Kings
You Need To Fall In Love – Little Jimmy Ray
Nothing But A Woman – The Sidemen
Trainsville – George Barnes
Lonely Teardrops – Jackie Wilson

Girls & Guitars
No Working During Drinking Hours – Laurie Morvan Band1.BreatheDeep-Booklet-outside V4

Oo-wee . . .
Oo-wee – Bobby Darin
Stand By Me – Guitar Slim
Baby Please Come Home – Lloyd Price
Flippin’ – Rene Hall

Remember then . . . .
Pretty Little Girl – The Monarchs

Way down yonder . . .
My Love – Ronnie Jonesronnie-jones-my-love-decca
Way Down Yonder – Titus Turner
Baby Baby – Larry Williams
Choo Choo’s Bringing My Baby Home – Calvin Boze & His Allstars

Now, our Girls & Guitars spotlight fell this time on guitarist, singer and band leader, Laurie Morvan. She grew up in Illinois and soon took up the guitar, which not unnaturally, became influenced by the blues. So, to show off what she’d learnt, we picked a track from her 2011 album ‘Breathe Deep’ amusingly titled ‘No Working During Drinking Hours’.

A track by Larry Williams prompted the Cruisettes to return to Cruise Control to show off some of their vaguely co-ordinated dance steps that are always risk to our insurance premiums. Then, we caught sight of Mr Merlot glancing at the clock and raising an eyebrow in that Roger Moore manner of his. So, we turned the Cruise Mobile for home in the good company of Calvin Boze & His Allstars. Then, it was all over, we parked up the Cruise Mobile for another week and very much hoped that we might entice you back again the next time we go Cruising with The Commissioner. Until then . . . remember . . . have fun!

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on 28 May 2016

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Listen here to the latest edition of The Blues Come Calling:

Well, it’s been another bumper week for new blues releases and it’s getting to be a race to keep up here. But, that’s how I like it and it’s reassuring to know that the blues are thriving. So, there were, indeed, many shades of blues for this edition of The Blues Come Calling with new albums by The Kaz Hawkins Band, Philipp Fankhauser and Margie Evans, Amanda St John, Corey Dennison  and Spencer MacKenzie, along with a taster track from Sari & The Engine Room. There were also some more ‘seasoned’ blues from the likes of Howlin’ Wolf and John Brim, together with a very scratchy choice from our regular guest Arfa Pinetop.

We kicked off the show with something by Torenzo Cannon, someone who’s no stranger to our playlists, with another first class number from his current album ‘The Chicago Way’. Then came a choice from the latest album by Belfast’s own Kaz Hawkins, ‘Belfast Town’, after which there was no difficulty in filling our hour of the blues.

Let it be . . .Philipp Fankhauser & Margie Evans (Unplugged
Mrs From Mississippi – Torenzo Cannon (The Chicago Way – 2016)
Belfast Town – Kaz Hawkins Band (Feelin’ Good – 2016)
Wang Dang Doodle – Howlin’ Wolf (Chess single – 1961)
Finally In Love – Albert Cummings (Someone Like You – 2015)
She’s My Girl – Brilleaux (Pictures Of The Queen – 2015)
Let It Be – Supersonic Blues Machine (West Of Flushing, South Of Frisco – 2016)
Drowning In A Sea Of Love – Philipp Fankhauser & Margie Evans (Unplugged – 2016)
Pinetop’s Pick . . . . with Arfa Pinetop
Davidson County Blues – Deford Bailey (Gob Iron – )spencermackenzie_large
Show me . . .
Infected With The Blues – Spencer MacKenzie (Infected With The Blues – 2016)
Damn The Reason – Sari & The Engine Room (Promo – 2016)
Show Me – Amanda St John (Grow – 2016)
Ice Cream Man – John Brim (The Chess Blues Rock Songbook – 1997)
She’s No Good – Corey Dennison (Corey Dennison -2016)
I Am The Train – Ian Seigal (One Night In Amsterdam – 2016)

The new album by 16 year-old guitarist/singer Spencer Amanda St John (GrowMacKenzie was a welcome sign that the blues is still attracting young musicians and singers getting into blues music and getting signed by record labels. In that connection, full marks to Manhattan Records for signing Sari & The Engine Room and, like others, I’m looking forward to seeing her at Blues on The Farm soon and waiting patiently to hear the album that’s promised soon.

Then, with a track from the new, self-titled Delmark album, by Corey Dennison, time was running out, but there was just enough to play out with Ian Seigal’s full-tilt, live version of ‘I Am The Train’. So, until the next time The Blues Come Calling this is yours truly, The Commissioner, saying …. have fun!

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Tune up . . . .

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Listen here to the latest edition of Cruising with The Commissioner:

Well, the month of May is passing with some unpredictability, particularly from the weather. We have enjoyed some really sunny days, which encouraged us to resume our alfresco dining on the South Terrace. Not for too long though, because we’ve been catching up with some excellent music too, although not all of it would naturally fit into the rock, soul and ‘real’ rhythm and blues categories of Cruising with The Commissioner. But, our musical postman has made a few welcome visits with a smile and some much awaited music . . . . and there are more on the way.

So, ‘come the hour’, we rolled out the trusty Cruise Mobile, turned up the radio and called by for the friendly faces. Then, our musical adventure started in earnest with Jimmy McCracklin and his 1957 Irma 45 ‘Savoy Jump’. Then, as if that weren’t enough, we kept rolling down the road with doo wop group the Chords, or the Chordcats, as they are shown on the label of their 1954 Cat 45, ‘Hold Me Baby’.

Cruising with the warm breezes . . . . .chordcats_hold_me_baby_cat%2078
Savoy Jump – Jimmy McCracklin
Hold Me Baby – The Chordcats
Move With You Baby – Big Amos
Mary Lou – Ronnie Hawkins & The Hawks
Fever – Gene Harris & The Three Sounds
Go Away – The Hesitations

Girls & Guitars
I’m A Woman – Ellen McIlwaine

Cruising with the crew . . . . .I'm A Woman - Ellen McIlwaine
Gimme Little Sign – Maxine Harvey
All Along The Watchtower – The Brothers & Sisters Gospel Choir
Mr Blue Sky – The Spectres
Everyone But The Right One – Helen Shapiro
Watching The River Flow – Joe Cocker
So Deep In Love – Eddy Giles
Dang Me – Sam Hutchins
Baby Boy’s In Love – Jimmy Holliday
Take My Love (I Want To Give It All To You) – Little Willie JohnTune Up – Junior Walker & The Allstars
Tune Up – Junior Walker & The Allstars

Now, not for the first time, we did some virtual travelling down to Nashville, for our ‘Girls & Guitars’ feature. That’s where Ellen McIlwaine was born, although she was raised in Japan, where she heard people like Ray Charles, Fats Domino and Professor Longhair. On moving to back to America, she bought a guitar and began a music career that has included recording a number of albums to date. We took a track from her 1998 album ‘Women In (E)Motion’, which shows off her fine slide guitar work and her adaptation of a Muddy Waters number, which she calls ‘I’m A Woman’.

Eventually, Junior Walker & The Allstars brought us all the way home, when we had to park up the Cruise Mobile for another week. But, all being well, we’ll be back again next week to call by for you once more to go Cruising with The Commissioner . . . until then . . . have fun!

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Listen here to the latest edition of The Blues Come Calling:

Well, thanks for stopping by here at The Blues Come Calling, where the sunshine has lingered longer lately, which may be teasing us to believe that summer is here (or not)! But, irrespective of the weather, this is the festival season and there are a few favoured festivals in the social diary here for next month. There are also plenty of gigs to bring us a good dose of live music and the past weeks have certainly had some great gigs. So, preparing the playlist for this week’s edition of The Blues Come Calling was a joy and a welcome opportunity to share some memories of those gigs, a few new releases and some old favourites to make it worthwhile stopping by.

Now, if you’re a regular here at The Blues Come Calling, you’ll know we’ve heard from Dave Acari in a number of previous shows and it’s good to know that he’s got a new album scheduled for an Autumn release, along with an EP that’s due out next month. We featured a preview of the EP, titled Hellbound Train, with a rather fine version of Son House’s classic ‘Pearline’.

But, we kicked off with the welcome tones of the much revered Stevie Nimmo and one of the fine tracks from his latest album ‘Sky Won’t Fall’. Our choice was ‘Change’ which was a very well received number by the enthusiastic crowd at his local tour date here. Those who have caught Stevie on his current tour will also have seen Ben Poole and his band, delivering some more rocking blues and making it a cracking night out. So, it was no stretch to pick out something from Ben’s new album too . . . . and it all rolled on from there . . .
.Stevie Nimmo (Sky Won’t Fall
Change . . . .
Change – Stevie Nimmo (Sky Won’t Fall – 2016)
The Question Why – Ben Poole (Time Has Come – 2016)
What I’ve Known For A Very Long Time – Joe Bonamassa (Blues of Desperation – 2016)
Wilson Rag – Elizabeth Cotton (Freight Train – 2014)
Why Don’t You Write Me – Thomas Ford (Shoulder To Cry On – 2016)
Steamroller Blues – Big Twist & The Mellow Fellows (Horn Band Blues – 2013)

Pinetop’s Pick . . . . with Arfa PinetopHellboundTrainEP_cover_art
Blowing The Blues – Chuck Darling (Gob-Iron: The Blues Harmonica Anthology – 2007)

Ain’t Nothin’ Happenin’ . . .
Ain’t Nothin’ Happenin’ – Little Richard (Little Richard Tutti Frutti – 2011)
Pearline – Dave Arcari (Hellbound Train – 2016)
When The Lights Are Burning Low – Moreland & Arbuckle (Promised Land or Bust – 2016)
Someone’s Hoodooin’ Me – The Bridget Kelly Band (Outta The Blues – 2016)The Bridget Kelly Band - Outta The Blues
Talk To Your Daughter – The Dave Thomas Band (Live at The Fat Cat – 2016)
Cry Another Tear – Deb Ryder (Let It Rain – 2015)

Now, there have been plenty of new releases just lately, including ‘Promised Land Or Bust’ by the excellent blues duo Moreland & Arbuckle . . . . so we  took a listen to “When The Lights Are Burning Low”, along with one of fourteen tracks on the album, ‘Outta The Blues’, by The Bridget Kelly Band (although it wasn’t easy choosing just one track). We also found some lovely live blues on a new album helpfully titled ‘The Dave Thomas Band Live At The Fat Cat’.

Sadly, time ran out for us on this week’s show, so we played out this week with a flourish . . . . supplied by Deb Ryder with a little something called ‘Cry Another Tear’ from her 2015 album ‘Let It Rain’. But, with a big thanks for your good company this week, here’s hoping you’ll be tempted to stop by again the next  The Blues Come Calling. Until then . . . have fun!

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Listen here to this week’s Cruising with The Commissioner:

Well, we arrived for this week’s Cruising with The Commissioner in excellent spirits and with fond memories of our recent giglist encounters. This included another visit to London’s famous 100 club, which was just jammed for a gig by Mike Sanchez and his band. Now, there few others in the UK or beyond, who can rock out and recreate the excitement and authentic sound of those early R&B classics, but Mike does it with style and endless enthusiasm. The crowd loved it and amongst the crowd were our good pals Diane and Pete, who inadvertently, inspired a little number by Kevin Spacey, with his flawless take on Bobby Darin’s hit ‘Splish Splash’.

Another of those on our giglist recently was Jools Holland and his R&B Orchestra and a great evening it was too, with a stomping finish that featured Ruby Turner with a rocking version of that old gospel number, Peace In The Valley and, although we played the album version, the live performance we saw was even better!

Suitably inspired, we came along at the appointed hour with plenty of ideas for this week’s playlist, destined to make it another excellent musical adventure. As if to prove the point, we rolled by in the Cruise Mobile, with a seat saved just for you . . . and then kicked off down the road with Bill Johnson & The Four Steps Of Rhythm and their 1959 Talos 45 ‘You Better Dig It’ . . . and then so much more. . . .Mike Sanchez - Almost Grown

You Better Dig It . . .
You Better Dig It – Bill Johnson
Shirley – Mike Sanchez & His Band
Splish Splash – Kevin Spacey
Some Kind Of Hero – Wilko Johnson & Roger Daltrey
Blueberry Hill – Little Richard
Born To Be A Loser – Jimmy Donley
Where You At – Lloyd Price

Girls & Guitars . . .
Anything – Donna HopkinsWilko Johnson & Roger Daltry

Coming Back To You . . .
Middle Of Love – Beverley Knight
I’m Blue (The Gong Gong Song) – The Ikettes
Love Makes The World Go Round – Barbara Lewis
Coming Back To You – The Royal Jokers
Dixieland Rock – Max Merritt & The Meteors
Who’s Foolin’ Who – The Chromatics
Peace In The Valley – Jools Holland & Ruby Turner
When Are You Coming Home – Chubby Newsome
Lovey Dovey/ You’re So Fine – Bunny Sigler
Ella Mae – 44 Shakedown44 Shakedown

Now, if you were one of the members of the Cruising Crew who pointed out that we missed our Girls & Guitars feature in the previous show, then consider yourself the recipient of a humble apology now. As a small remedy, this week’s Girls & Guitars feature focused on Donna Hopkins, who was born and raised in Alabama and followed in the footsteps of a family of musicians, to become a seasoned performer in her own right. We provided evidence, in the form of her track, ‘Anything’, from her 2003 album ‘Free To Go’.

Like all good things, this week’s cruising adventure had to come to an end . . . but we rolled back to Cruise Control in time to thank everyone for their good company along the way, and with the hope that we might entice a few back again next. So, until the next time we go Cruising with The Commissioner . . . remember . . . have fun!

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Listen here to this edition of The Blues Come Calling:

Well, as the days rolled by this week, the sunshine arrived and encouraged a rather lazy life-style, but we didn’t forget our playlist for the next edition of The Blues Come Calling. So, for those who like the blues, we pulled out some favourites and few more obscure numbers to make it worthwhile stopping by.
.Sugar Ray & The Bluetones
We kicked off with the familiar tones of the much revered Peter Green and some rocking blues with Fleetwood Mac, ‘Lazy Poker Blues’, and we followed up with some fine blues harp from Sugar Ray & The Bluetones . . . . and it all rolled on from there . . .

Play It Cool . . . .
Lazy Poker Blues – Fleetwood Mac
Short Ribs – Sugar Ray & the Bluetones
Step It Up & Go – Blind Boy Fuller
Living On Sunday – Dana FuchsSteve Roux
Play It Cool – Freddie King
High Rise – Savoy Brown
Keep On Truckin’ – Bert Deivert
Baby What’s Wrong – Lonnie Mack

Pinetop’s Pick . . . . 
Bright Lights, Big City – Duster Bennett

Looking For Trouble . . .
Little By Little – Steve Roux & The Brass Knuckle Band
Fat & Forty – Memphis Slim
In The Depths Of Love – Bobby Messano
Looking For Trouble – The Mick Clarke BandMoreland & Arbuckle
Good Morning Blues – Brian Cushion
The Devil & Me – Moreland & Arbuckle
Lipstick, Powder & Paint – Big Joe Turner

Just as we were into our stride, the sands of time ran out for us this week. So, we’re hoping that, if you liked what you heard on our playlist, there’s a chance we can look forward to your good company next time The Blues Come Calling. Until then . . . . . remember . . . . . have fun.

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Cruising #2030 -header.

Listen here to this week’s show:

Well, an extra warm welcome indeed . . . . . because we’re back! We’re cruising again and to prove it, we rolled out the Cruise Mobile, polished it up and, as ever, we called by with a seat saved especially for you . . . just so we can all go Cruising with The Commissioner. Everything seemed to work OK and we made sure that we had plenty of great music for our musical adventure, including Fats Domino ‘s ‘Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans’ . . . . and we do . . . . but the Cruise Mobile took us now from New Orleans to Austin in Texas, where we dropped into Darwin’s down on 6th Street to catch The Sidemen giving us their live take on Johnny Taylor’s ‘Cheaper To Keep Her’, with the genial, Wendell Williams up on stage with the band. But, to get things kicked off with great style, we pulled out a favourite by Jerry Lee Lewis and his rocking little number, ‘I’m On Fire’ and we following fast with a great piece of real R&B from Roy Montrell with his 1956 Specialty 45, ‘ Ooh Wow’,

Cruising with the top down . . . .johnny-adams-i-wont-cry-ric
I’m On Fire – Jerry Lee Lewis
Ooh Wow – Roy Montrell
Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans – Fats Domino
Cheaper To Keep Her – The Sidemen
I Won’t Cry – Johnny Adams
Here You Come Again – The Crescents with The McMillan Sisters
You Talk Too Much – Frankie Ford
Gumbo – Eddie Cochran
Down In Mexico – The Pelicans
Yes, It’s You – Little Margie
Pinetop’s PickHere You Come Again - The Crescents with The McMillan Sisters
When I Been Drinking – Big Bill Broonzy

No backing out . . . .
Jump Back – Lost Dog Found
I Won’t Let You Go – The Beat From Palookaville
When She Walks – Bob & Earl
Cuttin’ Out – The Pirates
Wake Up Miss Rip Van Winkle – The Tibbs Brothers
She Can Rock – Little Ike
There’ll Be No Backing Out – Mickey & Sylvia

When folks think of the duo Bob & Earl there’s a good Jump Back - Lost Dog Foundchance they think of Harlem Shuffle, but they made plenty of other fine tracks and we dug out one of those for this week’s playlist, ‘When She Walks’. There was also a song that was recorded in America by a band called The Pirates, (nothing to do with the UK’s Johnny Kidd & The Pirates) and they recorded ‘Cuttin’ Out’ for the Back Stage label in 1966 . . . . which sounds strangely similar to the more recent song by both The Steeldrivers and Adele ‘If It Hadn’t Have Been For Love’.

We were so enjoying being back Cruising again, that we lost track of time and, all too soon, we had to turn for home. With well practiced ease, the Cruise Mobile brought us home safe and sound from our musical adventure and as it rolled gently to a stop, we gave it a polish, so it was all ready for the next time we go Cruising with The Commissioner. . . . . and rest assured, when we call by we’ll have a seat saved especially for you and a playlist of some more great choices for our playlist.

So, until the next time we go Cruising with The Commissioner, remember . . . have fun!

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