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Go now . . . .

Posted: June 29, 2016 in Hear This . . . . !

Listen here to the latest Cruising with The Commissioner:

Well, no one can say we don’t live in interesting times. So, here in the Grand Duchy, we while we try to make sense of it all, we remembered our commitment to roll out the Cruise Mobile at the appointed time, ready to go Cruising with The Commissioner.Cruising #208

Our rummaging in the Cruising Library this week has turned up some tasty treats, including a song that we’ve played before by Dr John, Santana and (I think) the original by UK song writer and singer John Martyn. The song was ‘Don’t Want To Know (About Evil)’ by Texas singer-songwriter Ruthie Foster, who may well be known to our good pal Wendel Williams . . . another Texan himself.

However, despite the significant distractions of the week, the occasional sunshine and the odd opportunity for refreshments’ on the South terrace raised our spirits. We were also cheered by the prospect of our annual visit to ‘Blues On The Meadow’ and hearing again Bristol band, Redhouse.  They kicked things into high gear on our playlist with their great rockabilly but not before we set off with Elmore James and his ‘Hawaiian Boogie’ . . .something perhaps Hawaii’s lovely Susan Bowman was indeed boogying to. . . . but we couldn’t resist a little rye humour . . . so with an impish grin we chose a song from Lulu that may or may not be suddenly popular around Brussels . . . .

Go now . . . .Tina Bednoff & The Cocktailers
Hawaiian Boogie – Elmore James
Go Now – Lulu
Long Black Shiny Car – Redhouse
We Need Love – Ray Scott & His Combo
Buzz Buzz Buzz – Doug Sahm
Thirteen Women – Billy Haley & His Comets

Girls & Guitars
Jump Sister Jump – Tina Bednoff & The Cocktailers

Gonna fix you good . . .
Don’t Want To Know – Ruthie FosterSupersonics In Flight - Billy Mure
Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes – Duncan Berry
Supersonics In Flight – Billy Mure
I Won $4000 – The Rainiers
Gonna Fix You Good – Little Anthony & The Imperials
Why Weren’t You There – Thelma Lindsey
Tear For Tear – Gene Chandler
Grazing In The Grass – Friends Of Distinction
Baby What Am I Gonna Do – Smokey Armen & The Schooners
You’d Better Move – Bobby Brookes
Ring A Ling – Johnny Otis
A few old favourites found their way into our playlist Baby What Am I Gonna Do - Smokey Armen & The Schoonersthis week, including a very summery sound f the Friends of Distinction with a tune we know very well here ‘Grazing In the Grass’. We didn’t forget our Girls & Guitars feature, which this week focused on Tina Bednoff, who’s a guitarist and singer from Helsinki and has been leading her band The Cocktailers delivering some 40’s & 50’s rhythm and blues. She happens to have a new album out now on El Toro Records and we chose the opening number on it ‘Jump Sister Jump’.

A 1958 RCA recording from Bobby Brookes, called ‘You’d Better Move’ was a timely reminder that the sands of time were running out on our cruise and we finished with a frantic Johnny Otis number, ‘Ring A Ling’ and then, sadly, it was all over. We parked up the Cruise Mobile, gave a cheery farewell and got ready for the after show party. So, until the next time we go Cruising with The Commissioner . . . remember . . . have fun!

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Gotta tell you . . .

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the-blues-come-calling-header-blogsize (Revised)

Listen here to this week’s edition of The Blues Come Calling:

Well, we arrived with a big welcome to this edition of The Blues Come Calling and the prediction that if you liked the blues, then we had a whole hour of them here, kicking off with a little international flavour, in the form of Helsinki band, Tina Bednoff & the Cocktailers. They brought a track from their new, self titled album which is full of 40’s & 50’s rhythm and blues, including our opening number ‘Jump Sister Jump’

There were plenty of memories of recent choices too, including New Zealand band Tina Bednoff & The CocktailersBrilleaux, who were on our giglist recently during their current UK tour . . . . and more than impressive they were too. They delivered a rocking set inspired by the UK R&B bands of the 60s and brought a real sense of fun and excitement with their music. Welast week’s choice of Mike Sanchez & The Big Town Playboys with their version of ‘Shake Your Hips’ and it inspired a rummage in the archives for Slim Harpo’s original . . . and we didn’t come up empty handed . . . .

Shake you hips . . . .
Jump Sister Jump – Tina Bednoff & The Cocktailers (Tina Bednoff & The Cocktailers  – 2016)
Shake Your Hips – Slim Harpo (Excello 45 – 1965)
I Wish You Would – Brilleaux (Brillcream – 2016)
Katie Bradley & Matt Long – New Beginning (EP – 2016)debbie-bond_enjoy-the-ride
Turn Around – The Kingdom Brothers (Shine A Light – 2015)
Everything But Love – The Blues Issue (Bad Day For The Blues – 2016)
I Am The Blues – Debbie Bond (Enjoy The Ride – 2016)

Pinetop’s Pick . . .
Wang Dang Doodle – Koko Taylor

One more heartache . . .
Hot Little Mama – Johnny Guitar Watson
I Gotta Tell You – Big George & The Business (The Alleged Album – 2013)Paul Butterfield Blues Band
Bad Luck Blues – Al Lerman (Slow Burn – 2016)
One More Heartache – Paul Butterfield Blues Band (Got A Mind To Give Up Living – 2016)
She’s A Jaguar – Roy Rogers (Into The Wild Blue – 2015)
Hoochie Coochie Man – The Hitman Blues Band (The World Moves On – 2016)

Sadly, we were soon running out of time, so we decided to play out with a track from New York’s Hitman Blues Band, who are currently on their UK tour promoting their new album ‘The World Moves On’. Our choice was their inventive treatment of the classic ‘Hoochie Coochie Man’. So until the next time The Blues Come Calling remember . . . Have fun!

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Storm warning . . .

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Listen here to this week’s Cruising with The Commissioner:

Well, it has been a significant week here in the Grand Duchy, but not without plenty of friendly faces to cheer the days and some that we haven’t seen for quite a while, so it wasCruising #216 good to catch up. Whatever the national and international uncertainties, you can be sure that there’s always a warm welcome for one and all when we go Cruising with The Commissioner.

Our giglist has been pretty full this past week, with plenty of great music along the way. But, none of this distracted us from our regular session, rummaging in the Cruising Library in pursuit of some more great rock, soul and real rhythm and blues . . . . and we pulled out some forgotten gems and some favourites too.

Cruising out of the city . . . .arthur-lee-maye-(2)
That’s What I’m Gonna Do – Arthur Lee Maye & The Crowns
Pack Fair & Square – Big Walter Price & His Thunderbirds
That Ain’t My Name – Big Boy Bloater
Kansas City – Little Richard
That’s No Big Thing – Chris Farlowe
Go On & Cry – Conway Twitty
You Put The Flame On It – Charles Bradley
She’s So Green – One Jump Ahead

Girls & Guitars
Crush – Sarah & The Tall BoysSara & The Tallboys

Cruising for home . . . .
Storm Warning – Lynn Taitt & The Comets
Beat-Nik – Jimmy Van Eaton
I Wouldn’t Treat A Dog (The Way You Treated Me) – Bernard Allison
Everyday I Have To Cry Some – Lattimore Brown
Travellin’ Band – Elton John
I’m Doing Fine Now – The Pasadenas
Boogaloo Down Broadway – The Fantastic Johnny C
One More Chance – Shirley Lawson
Can I Get A Witness – Dusty Springfield
Flip Your Daddy – The Cocoas
Barefoot Suzie – Barrence Whitfield & The SavagesFlip Your Daddy – The Cocoas

Our Girls & Guitars feature, focused on Sarah & The Tall Boys, a band led by singer and guitarist Sarah Potenza. The band started out in Chicago and later moved base to Nashville, where they play a mix of soul, blues and alternative country. Sarah writes most of the songs for the band, including the one we chose from their 2008 debut album, “Shiny & New”.

Well, the sound of the rattling tin were a sad reminder that the sands of time had finally run out for us. So, we found ourselves parking up the Cruise Mobile for another week and rather hoping that you enjoyed our cruising playlist sufficiently to be enticed back again next week. If so, we’ll call by for you, same time, same place next week with the promise of even more rock, soul and real rhythm and blues. So, until the next time we can go Cruising with The Commissioner, . . . have fun

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Shake your hips . . .

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the-blues-come-calling-header-blogsize (Revised)

Listen here to the latest edition of The Blues Come Calling:


Well, welcome indeed to another edition of The Blues Come Calling and blues fans will know, only too well, that the festival season is in full swing now and one of the much anticipated events here is upon us now . . . . Blues On The Farm. Now, whether you had it in your diary or not, I thought we might showcase some of the artists appearing there, because it’s a cracking line up. So, ‘poised’ and ‘purposeful’  we kicked off with Lawrence Jones and ‘Foolin’ Me’ from his 2014 album, ‘Temptation’ and there was plenty more in store, including a little gem from the excellent Mike Sanchez, from his time with The Big Town Playboys and his take on that old favourite, ‘Shake Your Hips’. We also slipped in a track from New York’s Hitman Blues Band, who are currently on their UK tour and  promoting their new album ‘The World Moves On’, including my choice, ‘Hammer Down’ . . . . possibly not a phrase you want to hear from the weather forcasters during a music festival. Another overseas visitor was American blues singer, and guitarist, Debbie Bond, who’s sounding so good lately, as you can hear on her latest album,‘Enjoy The Ride’. . . .

Shake your hips . . .Hitman Blues Band
Foolin’ Me – Lawrence Jones (Temptation – 2014)
Shake Your Hips – Mike Sanchez & The Big Town Playboys (Hip Joint -1996)
Hammer Down – The Hitman Blues Band (The World Moves On – 2016)
They’re Crazy About Me – The Blues Band (Wireless Live – 2015)
Bayou Country – Ian Siegal (Candy Store Kid – 2012)
Work Song – Brilleaux (Brilleauvator – 2012)
Wishbone – Debbie Bond (Enjoy The Ride – 2016)

Pinetop’s Pick . . .
Junko Partner – Dr John (Dr John’s Gumbo – 1972)
House rocking . . .
Hot Little Mama – Mike Vernon & Los Garcia (Just A Little Bit – 2016)
‘Til Tomorrow – The Billy Walton Band (Wish For What You Want – 2016)
Ain’t No Love In The City – The Bushman Brothers (Live recording -2014)
Demolition Man – Sari & the Engine Room (Live recording – 2016)
I’ll Be Back Someday – The Nimmo Brothers (Coming Your Way – 2001)
House Rocking Band – Thorbjorn Risager (Dust & Scratches -2012)

Now, I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve seen Paul Jones andBilly Walton Band-WishForWhatYouWant-small-2 the rest of the Blues Band on stage, but they’re still doing good business and, for a little contrast, I played something from their unplugged album called ‘Wireless Live’ and this is a rather nice, good time piece titled ‘They’re Crazy About Me’. Another familiar face on the UK blues scene is Ian Siegal and he was on the bill, down in Chichester this weekend and I dug back into his catalogue for his 2012 recording of ‘Bayou Country’. New Zealand band Brilleaux, are currently on their UK tour promoting their latest album (and very good it is too). Since, we’ve played that album on the show recently, I found a real gem among their past releases . . . their take on the classic ‘Work Song’.

Other joys included the excellent Bushman Brothers, Sari & the Engine Room, and the Nimmo Brothers, each with their respective bands. As a reminder of what the Nimmos sounded like together, I pulled out their very appropriately titled ‘I’ll Be Back Someday’.

But, all good things have to come to an end and, too soon, it was time to wrap things up. So, with a big thumbs up to all those organising and appearing on stage at this year’s Blues On The Farm, we closed the show with Thorbjorn Risager and his band with another suitably titled number, ‘House Rocking Band’ and they certainly are! So, until the next time The Blues Come Calling remember . . . have fun!

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I can’t let go . . .

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Listen here to this week’s Cruising with The Commissioner:

Well, change may be all around us (and some of it pretty unnerving), but there was something reassuringly familiar and inviting as the time came for our weekly musical extravaganza, Cruising with The Commissioner. We were suitably prepared with a nice pile of records and CDs featuring some great rock, soul and real rhythm and blues.Cruising #215

For those of a certain age, the sound of John Barry’s ‘Hit & Miss’ will bring back memories of the BBC TV show, Juke Box Jury, chaired by David Jacobs, who is remembered kindly here at Cruise Control. Our thoughts also turned to Linda Ronstadt whose deteriorating health has affected her voice and, as a result, she can’t sing anymore. So, we went back into the Cruising Library to pull out some of her tracks to remind us of some of the great stuff in her catalogue.

Somewhere in the busy social diary this week, we managed to find time to rummage in the Cruising Library, but for those waiting eagerly for something from Al Bowlly, may have been disappointed that we started our cruise with a couple fine pieces of rock ‘n’ roll . . . . with the sound of Chuck Berry’s ‘Maybellene’ and Eddie Cochran’s ‘Teenage Heaven’ . . . . and more:

Cruising with the top down . . . .little-willie-littlefield-kansas-city-federal
Maybellene – Chuck Berry
Teenage Heaven – Eddie Cochran
Kansas City – Little Willie Littlefield
Time Is Tight – Booker T & The MGs
I’ve Just Gotta Tell Somebody – Gloria Lynne
With My Love And What You Got – Jean Wells
Heatwave – Linda Ronstadt
I Can’t Let Go – Linda Ronstadt

Girls & Guitars
Europa – Kumi Adachi

Cruising for home . . . .Europa – Kumi Adachi
Sucu Sucu – The Skatalites
Hit & Miss – John Barry 7 plus 4
157 Riverside Avenue – REO Speedwagon
What Kind Of Man Are You – Genya Ravan
Jumping Jack Flash – Johnny Winter
Much Too Much – The Hollywood Flames
Big Time Operator – Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

This week our girls and guitars feature threw the spotlight on Kumi Adachi from Osaka, Japan. She plays her stratocaster in a variety of styles that reflect the influences of Carlos Santana, Jeff Beck, Jimi Hendrix and others. Indeed, if you check on musicpeopleYou Tube, you’ll see her powerful interpretation of Hendrix’s ‘Little Wing’. But, we picked another classic from her 2008 album ‘Winners’ which includes Santana’s ‘Europa’.

But, even though there was plenty of road ahead and many more records to play, the sands of time eventually ran out for us on this week’s cruising adventure. So, as the Cruise Mobile rolled gently to a stop, we set about collecting up the records and CDs and putting them in those neat little piles that we always promise to file away ‘when we have a moment or two to spare’. If it all goes to plan (you can see that optimism still abounds here), we’ll have sorted most (if not all) of them in time for next week, when we’ll call by for you, same time, same place. In the meantime, why not leave us some feedback and comments here on our website. . . . . but, until the next time we go Cruising with The Commissioner . . . . have fun!

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You can’t hide . . .

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the-blues-come-calling-header-blogsize (Revised)

Listen here to the latest edition of The Blues Come Calling:

Well, summer is officially here . . . and so is this week’s edition of The Blues Come Calling . So, if like me, you’re suffering a sunshine deficit, then let’s try to distract you with some great blues and we’ve got plenty of them in this latest playlist, including choices from the latest releases from Netherlands’ band The Marble Tones, Canada’s Al Lerman, Eric Clapton and Rootbone. . . . but the ‘real gem’ was a new live album fro the original Paul Butterfield Blues Band.

Indeed, to prove it, we kicked off with the excellent Albert Cummings and his ‘Stay Away From My Sister’. Then, to dispel any doubt about our commitment, we pulled out and old favourite from Rory Gallagher and his version of Sonny Boy Williamson’s classic, ‘Don’t Start Me Talking’ . . .

Wait on time . . .Al Lerman (Slow Burn
Stay Away From My Sister – Albert Cummings (Someone Like You – 2015)
Don’t Start Me Talking – Rory Gallagher (Defender – 1987)
Wait On Time – The Marble Tones (Blues Meets Rock – 2015)
Don’t Push Your Mess On Me – Al Lerman (Slow Burn – 2016)
Spiral – Eric Clapton (I Still Do – 2016)
Tables Gonna Turn – RootBone (The Long Road Home – 2016)
Three Hundred Pounds Of Joy – Howlin’ Wolf

Pinetop’s Pick . . . . with Arfa Pinetop
I Can Tell – John Hammond (Rough & Tough – 2009)Rootbone-Cvr-iTunes-300x300

Coming home . . .
Cross Cut Saw – Otis Rush (Tops – 1998)
Louis Collins – Terry Robb (Stop This World – 2008)
Fast Lane’s Busy – The Robin Bibi Band (No More A Secret – 2016)
You Can’t Hide – Mike Sanchez & Imelda May (You Better Dig It – 2013)
Coming Home – The Paul Butterfield Blues Band (Got A Mind To Give Up Living – 2016)

Well, if you are planning to be the Blues On the Farm festival, Paul Butterfield Blues Bandwe just might see one another. But, whether or not, until the next time The Blues Come Calling, remember . . have fun!
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Listen here to the latest Cruising with The Commissioner:

Well, around the Grand Duchy the weather (like the current politic scene) seems uncertain and unpredictable, but one thing was re-assuring constant . . . . our preparations for this week’s Cruising with the Commissioner. So, when the appointed time rolled around, we were well placed to extend cheery greetings to one and all. Our playlist had the usual mix of ‘real’ R&B, some rockabilly and a fair share of Northern Soul, all helped by a trawl Cruising #200through some of the 45s bagged on previous rambles around the record shops. Indeed, this was a timely venture, because the pending tray was getting dangerously overloaded.

So, with some squeals from the wheels of the Cruise Mobile, we set off on our cruise with Wynona Carr and one of her late 50s recordings for Specialty records, ‘Finders Keepers’, and with but a few words more, we found ourselves in the company of Eddie Daniels (with Eddie Cochran on guitar) and a fine piece of rockabilly called ‘I Wanna Know’. If that sounds good, we recommend you sit back and relax in the sumptuous comfort of the Cruise Mobile and enjoy the rest of our playlist:

Cruising way out there . . . . .Finders Keepers - Wynona Carr
Finders Keepers – Wynona Carr
I Wanna Know – Eddie Daniels
Have Mercy Baby – Buddy Lamp
‘Til Broad Daylight – Buster Smith & His Heatwaves
I Take What I Want – Sam & Dave
My Life – Joe Jama
She Caught The Katy – Taj Mahal

Girls & Guitars . . .
Yellow Moon – The Debra Farris Band

Cruising with friendly faces . . . .Yellow Moon - The Debra Farris Band
54 -46 That’s My Number – The Maytals
Safronia B – Calvin Boze & His All Stars
Look At That Chick – Johnny Wright
It’s Needless To Say – Bernard Williams & The Original Blue Notes
Hit & Run – Rose Battiste
I Want To Feel I’m Wanted – Frankie Beverly & The Butlers
Your Love Has Got Me Down – The Blenders
Look At What I Almost Missed – Pat Lewis
I’m Into Something Good – Earl Jean
Needle in a Haystack – Tawney Reed
Flaming Mamie – Billy HambricNeedle in a Haystack - Tawney Reed

For our ‘Girls & Guitars’ feature this week, the spotlight fell on Derba Farris, who leads her own Santa Barbara based band, which is well established around California. She’s been recording albums since 1998 and we picked a track, ‘Yellow Moon’, from her 2006 album ‘Gotcha Covered’.

But, all too soon, some familiar faces and places came into view, signalling that we were coming to the end of our cruise. So, as we finished with Billy Hambric’s ‘Flaming Mamie’, we were hoping that there had been plenty in our playlist to tantalise your musical tastebuds. If so, then perhaps you’ll be tempted to join us again next week, when we’ll call by for you in the Cruise Mobile, same time, same place, to take you Cruising with The Commissioner, but until then . . . . have fun!

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Listen here to the latest edition of The Blues Come Calling:

Well, a sunny June day arrived before we did this week . . . . and, tempting as it was, we were in the studio at the appointed time to bring you another edition of The Blues Come Calling. Fortunately, since we last met, our cheery postman has dropped a few little musical treats through the letterbox and I’ve been into the dark dusty corners of the blues library again to rustle up some forgotten gems, all of which has ensured we have some of the best of the blues for this week’s show.

One of the many joys of the week, was hearing the latest album from a band whose first gig in London was a great night and remembered well here. The band was No Sinner and their latest album ‘Old Habits Die Hard’ has plenty to show how they’ve matured in the meantime, including the very fine number we chose, called ‘Hollow’.No Sinner - Old Habits

Another new release this week came from Wily Bo Walker. It was a preview track from his forthcoming album, ‘Tales of The Mescal Canyon Troubadours’, which sounds good to me. The track was ‘Fool For You’ and also featured Danny Flam & friends.

Big thanks to Robin Bibi for an advance copy of his new album ‘No More A Secret’ and we provided a taster from the album called . . . . Play! But, before that, we kicked off with a classic from Albert Collins and one of his signature numbers, ‘Frosty’, followed by another dusty treat from Lazy Lester with ‘Sugar Coated Love’.Otis Rush

Blues come a knocking . . .
Frosty – Albert Collins (Single – 1962)
Sugar Coated Love – Lazy Lester (Harpbeat of The Swamp -1997)
Hollow – No Sinner (Old Habits Die Hard – 2016)
Who Are You Listening To – Matt Anderson (Honest Man – 2016)
Double Trouble – Chris Antonik (Chris Antonik – 2010)
That Will Never Do – Otis Rush (Ain’t Enough Coming In – 1994)
Blues Come A Knocking – Billy Walton Band (Wish for What Your Want – 2014)

Pinetop’s Pick . . . . with Arfa PinetopWily Bo Walker Fool For You
Confessin’ The Blues – The Rolling Stones

Keep on trucking . . .
I Loved The Woman – Paul Wood (Bridgeburner – 2000)
Fool For You – Wily Bo Walker (Single – 2016)
Play! – Robin Bibi (No More A Secret – 2016)
Woman Down In Arkansas – Moreland & Arbuckle (Promised Land Or Bust – 2016)
Boogie Baby – Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee (Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee Sing – 1990)
Keep On Trucking Mama- Hot Tuna (2006)
Next Time You See Me – Eva Cassidy (Nightbird – 2014)
.,Hot Tuna
Now, for fans of acoustic blues, our playlist was graced by Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee as well as something inspired by a good friend of this show, Neil Nixon. He’s been playing Hot Tuna just lately on his ‘Strange Fruit’ show and his enthusiasm is infectious. So, I dug out their ‘Very Best Of’ album, which coincidentally is also named after our song choice ‘Keep On Trucking Mama’.

Now, there are plenty of folks out on tour currently and we caught up with several in this week’s playlist, including Matt Andersen, Chris Antonik, The Billy Walton Band and Moreland & Arbuckle. But, with so much good stuff, we were soon running out of time and I was aware that we had not played much from the ladies, so we closed with the wonderful Eva Cassidy and her take on the Junior Parker number ‘Next Time You See Me’. Indeed, I’m hoping that the next time we meet, will be back here, the next time The Blues Come Calling. Until then . . . remember . . . . have fun!

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Listen here to the latest edition of Cruising with The Commissioner:

Well, the summer still seems reluctant to arrive here in the Grand Duchy, but when it does, rest assured, we’ll make it very welcome. Certainly, the grounds around Cruise Control are looking green and colourful, so we’re waiting patiently for those warm summer nights to enjoy out on the South terrace.

It has been a good week for music and social events, with a few friendly faces gathering to put the world to rights . . . . . but we didn’t have THATCruising #218
long. Indeed, we needed some precious time to prepare everything for our latest adventure, that we continue to call Cruising with The Commissioner. So, as the appointed time rolled around, we were hoping that we would find you too thriving and eager for some more of the best in rock, soul and ‘real’ rhythm and blues. As always, we called by in the Cruise Mobile with a cheery invitation to jump aboard and a playlist to bring smiles to the faces of all aboard.

To start our cruising off in fine style, we had a famous son of New Orleans, who happened to be a cousin of Dr John, Jerry Byrne, with his 1959 Specialty 45 ‘Carry On’ and more to follow, as you can see:

Carry on . . . .jerry-byrne-carry-on-specialty
Carry On – Jerry Byrne
Rubber Biscuit – The Chips
No Help Wanted – The Crows
Walking Alone – Willie Mitchell & The Four Kings
Can’t Stand It Anymore – Rocky Sharpe & The Replays
Rocket To The Moon – Chris Kenner
What Am I Gonna Do Without You – Chuck Jackson

Girls & Guitars
Oil & Water – Erja Lyttinen

Smiling phases . . .
Parchman Farm – Peter Jay & The JaywalkersRocky Sharpe & The Replays
Daydreaming Of You – The Hellions
Invitation – A Band Of Angels
Stubborn Kind Of Fellow – The Bystanders
Smiling Phases – Blood Sweat & Tears
Love Her With A Feelin’ – The Paul Butterfield Blues Band
Fever – Alvin Robinson
Topsy 65 – The Mustangs
Everyday I Have To Cry Some – Steve Alaimo
Hop, Skip & Jump – Anita Tucker
Sweet Sue – Big Joe Turner

We had a taste of the original Woodstock festival in our anita-tucker-hop-skip-and-jump-capitolchoices on this occasion. We happened upon tracks by two of thirty-two acts on the festival programme, namely Blood Sweat & Tears and Paul Butterfield’s Blues Band. . . . . and we felt so much better for it too!

Our ‘Girls & Guitars’ feature this week focused on Finnish singer and guitarist Erja Lyytinen, who started playing guitar at the age of 15, and who cites Bonnie Raitt amongst her early influences. She was signed to Ruf Records in 2005 and toured Europe and American in subsequent years. We chose her track, ‘Oil & Water’, from her 2012 album ‘Songs For The Road’.

All too soon, we had to start heading for home and as some familiar places and faces soon started coming into view, we pulled out a 1960 Atlantic 45 from Big Joe Turner, ‘Sweet Sue’, to bring us back safe and sound. As the Cruise Mobile rolled gently to a stop, we braced ourselves to say our sad farewells for another week, but with the hope that you enjoyed our cruising playlist enough to be enticed back again next week. If you do, it should come as no surprise to hear, that we can promise you even more rock, soul and real rhythm and blues.

The Cruisettes and Mr Merlot were quick to disappear to organise the after show party, but not before we all gave a cheery wave and an invitation to come back again next week, when we’ll call by, same time, same place . . . . to take you Cruising with The Commissioner. So, until then . . . have fun!

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