About Just Cruising

Just Cruising was created as a ‘non-commercial’, independent producer of radio programmes focused on the promotion of ‘specialist’ music shows that do not feature in mainstream radio formats.  It was launched by Dennis Roberts, a ‘seasoned’ radio presenter, who brought a passion for rock, soul, blues, ‘real’ RnB music and more. The aim was to showcase such ‘specialist’ music genres for broadcast, as presented shows and bespoke playlists.

Some of the radio shows produced and broadcast, include:

  • Cruising with The Commissioner (rock, soul & ‘real’ rhythm and blues)
  • The Blues Come Calling (new blues releases, recent releases & ‘seasoned’ favourites)
  • Down at Kokomo’s (club night soul, rhythm & blues & mod favourites)
  • Through ‘Til Midnight (late night jazz, soul and ‘alternative’ music choices)
  • Rocking Tonight (new and classic rock & roll choices)
  • Jazz Juice (the best of current and classic jazz choices)
  • Forever Fab (a showcase of music by The Beatles)
  • Mod Revolution (club favourites of the 60s Mods)
  • Motown Magic (familiar & obscure releases on the Motown and related labels)
  • Latin Lounge (a showcase of past and present music with a distinctive Latin beat)
  • Cruising with The Pirates (music from the playlists of the 60s UK Pirate Radio stations)
  • Cruising Country (new country music releases, current chart choices, recent releases & ‘seasoned’ favourites)
  • Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon (easy listening, soft rock & ‘alternative’ music choices)
  • Soul Serenade (a selection of smooth soul choices)
  • Funk & Soul Rescue (up-beat soul & funk music for dancing)
  • Northern Soul Sensation (a selection of familiar & obscure soul dancers)
  • A Hip Trip ( pop psych, freakbeat, sunshine pop, Britbeat & psychedelia choices)
  • Fill Your Head With Rock (70s rock choices typical of the music featured by ‘The Rock Machine’ compilations)
  • ‘Real’ Rhythm & Blues (‘real’ rhythm & blues of the40s, 50s, 60s & beyond)
  • Good Morning (bright, ‘good time’ music choices to start the day right)
  • Lunch Box Special (Midday selection of past & present bright, ‘good time’ music)
  • The Blues Cafe (daily 2 hour showcase of new blues releases, recent releases & ‘seasoned’ favourites)

Access to music of all kinds has never been greater or easier than it is today and it is easy to underestimate the influence of the music radio presenters, who, over the years, introduced their audiences to the strands of music that were far from mainstream or sufficiently popular for mainstream radio airplay. So, Just Cruising aims to promote the same spirit and share these strands of music, along with the curiosity and enthusiasm that has kept this music alive across the years.


  1. Hamish Davidson says:

    An excellent site – and one I’ll be sure to follow. Congratulations. H

  2. Mandy says:

    Look forward to listening each week. Really good, keep up the good work. Lil_Sis

  3. Pete Newton says:

    Pete from Supurbia here. Great site and I’ll be sure to listen in regularly.

  4. Many thanks for spinning my new single “Dog Without A Bone” on “The Blues Come Calling”

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