About Cruising Radio

Cruising Radio is an independent production resource focused on the development of specialist music programmes for broadcast. This website provides some background to the origins and objectives of Cruising Radio.

Cruising Radio was created by Dennis Roberts out of a passion for rock, soul, blues, ‘real’ RnB music and more. An ever growing record collection and early DJ work in clubs, pubs and corporate functions sowed the seeds that were later to flourish into radio programme production.

Currently, Cruising Radio produces the following programmes that are broadcast on various radio stations:

  • Cruising with The Commissioner
  • The Blues Come Calling
  • Down at Kokomo’s
  • Through ‘Til Midnight

The music content of these programmes reflects the rich legacy of rock, soul, blues and RnB music of pioneer radio DJs such as Wolfman Jack, the Emperor Rosko, Mike Raven, John Peel, Paul Jones and others. As music radio developed, each of these individuals contributed significantly to popularising this music, whilst also shaping and influencing the style of modern radio DJs.

Access to music of all kinds has never been greater or easier than it is today and it is easy to underestimate the influence of the radio DJs of the 50s, 60s and 70s in introducing their audiences to the strands of music that were far from mainstream or sufficiently popular for national airplay.

So, Cruising Radio aims to promote the same spirit and share these strands of music, along with the curiosity and enthusiasm that has kept this music alive across the years. If it’s here and it is being played on Cruising Radio, it’s because we like it like that!

  1. Hamish Davidson says:

    An excellent site – and one I’ll be sure to follow. Congratulations. H

  2. Mandy says:

    Look forward to listening each week. Really good, keep up the good work. Lil_Sis

  3. Pete Newton says:

    Pete from Supurbia here. Great site and I’ll be sure to listen in regularly.

  4. Many thanks for spinning my new single “Dog Without A Bone” on “The Blues Come Calling”

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