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Listen here to this week’s edition of The Blues Come Calling:

Well a big bluesy welcome to this week’s edition of The Blues Come Calling and if you like the blues, then we came with a pile of the best of them . . . . and we headed off down the blues highway with another preview track from the forthcoming new album by Walter Trout. This track had a guest appearance by Kenny Wayne Shepherd, who’s been playing some UK gigs lately and sounding good with Walter Trout on ‘Gonna Hurt Like Hell’.

There were plenty of other new releases from Califonia artists too. Firstly, from the Santa Barbara area, The Paradise Kings, who are known for their hi-octane live shows, and it shows through on their new album ‘Controlled Burn’ and they mix in a little humor too on ‘I’d Sing The Blues If I Had ‘Em’. Secondly, we something from veteran Southern blues man, Johnny Ray Jones, who, after many years of performing, finally got to release his debut album with the apt title ‘Feet Back In The Door’, with some good ole Southern soul and blues.

While Sister Rosetta Tharpe popped up on Pinetop’s Pick this week, the blues library was subject to a little extra rummaging this week to find a rather fine version of Mississippi John Hurt’s, ‘Candy Man’, delivered with charm and grace by John Renbourn. Much covered bluesman, Tommy McClellan also turned up with his 1942 Bluebird recording of ‘Blue As I Can Get’. But, what really inspired our trip to the library was to find who had also recorded the very fine blues ballad we played recently by the late Lonnie Mack, called ‘Falling Back In Love With You’. It turns out there are quite a few, including our choice by Saffire (The Uppity Blues Women).

I’d Sing The Blues If I Had ‘Em
Gonna Hurt Like Hell – Walter Trout (feat. Kenny Wayne Shepherd) (We’re All In This Together -2017)
I’d Sing The Blues If I Had ‘Em – The Paradise Kings (Controlled Burn – 2017)
Hard Times Won – Johnny Ray Jones (Feet In The Back Door – 2017)
Candy Man – John Renbourn (John Renbourn – 2001)
The Mexican End – Jim Allchin (Decisions – 2017)
First Time I Met The Blues – Jeff Dale & Jeff Stone (The Southside Lives – 2017)
Untrue – Anni Piper (Texas Hold ‘Em – 2007)

Pinetop’s Pick
That’s All – Sister Rosetta Tharpe (Every Time I Feel The Spirit – 2016)

In The Grooves In The Grooves – Susan Cattaneo (feat. Bill Kirchen) (The Hammer & The Heart – 2017)
Falling Back In Love With You – Saffire (Uppity Blues Women) (Old, New Borrowed & Blue – 1994)
Mojo Potion No 61 & 49 – Stacy Jones (Love Is Everywhere – 2017)
Ride Of Your Life – Kenny Wayne Shepherd (Lay It On Down – 2017)
Blue As I Can Get – Tommy McClellan (Tommy McClellan Vol.2 – 2005)
Devil Gone Fishin’ – Antry (Devil Don’t Care – 2017)
G & L Jump – Bill Perry (Fire It Up – 2001)

As you may have detected already, there’s a recent release that I keep
going It’s Jim Allchin’s album ‘Decisions’ and we pulled out another mighty fine number from it this week, ‘The Mexican End’. Among the other recent new releases is an album called ‘The Southside Lives’ and it features Jeff Dale and Jeff Stone, who grew up on the South Side of Chicago, which may have inspired their distinctive take on the ‘First Time I Met the Blues’.

Now, ‘the ladies of the blues’ got well represented here this week, with the sultry tones of Australia’s First Lady of Blues, Anni Piper with ‘Untrue‘, the welcome return of Susan Cattaneo with her album ‘The Hammer & The Heart’, another visit from multi instrumentalist Stacy Jones with ‘Mojo Potion No 61 & 49’ and, not forgetting, Saffire (The Uppity Blues Women).

We dipped back into Kenny Wayne Shepherd’s new album ‘Lay It On Down’ for a well-honed track called ‘Ride Of Your Life’ and guitarist/singer and harp player, Antry, was back with another track from his excellent debut album ‘Devil Don’t Care’, which brought us to our last choice for this week’s show . . . some blazing guitar instrumental from the great Bill Perry. So, a big thanks for your good company this week, here’s hoping we’ll meet again the next time The Blues Come Calling. Until then . . . remember . . . have fun!

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Back in business . . .

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Listen here to this week’s Cruising with The Commissioner:

If you heard the low rumble of the Cruise Mobile in the distance, then you might have guessed it was heading in your direction and bringing with it another chance to go Cruising with The Commissioner. This week we set off on our musical adventure with some familiar faces in the form of The New Champs with ‘Sax Boogie’ and followed with a real rocking piece of R&B from Ivory Jackson, ‘I’m A Country Boy’. Soon after, Irma Thomas turned up with a very appropriately titled 1964 Richard Berry song, ‘Moments To Remember’ . . . and you may think there are more moments in current events that are better forgotten. Cruising #3003

Perhaps, we should get our acknowledgments up front now, because there have been some helpful pointers along the way, including Matt The Cat with his Juke In The Back show featuring the original 50s New York vocal group The Diamonds, who only ever released 3 singles on the Atlantic label during 1952 and ’53 and then faded from the music scene by 1955. We played their 1952 single ‘Call Baby Call’. We also gave a respectful nod towards Neil Pelligrin for pointing us to a 1962 Minit 45 from a son of the Crescent City, Ernie K Doe.

Our rummaging in the Cruising Library this week turned up a couple covers by significant pianists. The first was an unlikely cover of one of the many 50s hits by Buddy Holly & The Crickets, from rocker Esquerita, famed for his frantic vocals and wild piano playing. The second came from James Booker with his take on Fats Domino’s ‘All By Myself’. If you’ve had a little over exposure to Mr Domino’s version, then like me, you may have found Mr Booker’s version a refreshing alternative.

Moments To RememberNew Champs
Sax Boogie – The New Champs
I’m A Country Boy – Ivory Jackson
Wake Up Baby – King Pleasure & The Biscuit Boys
Juke Box Boogie Woogie Chick – Snookum Russell
Get Out Of Here – Ernie K Doe
Moments To Remember – Irma Thomas
Mr Low Love – Terry Thomas

Girls & Guitars
Back In Business – Beverly ‘Guitar’ Watkins

Hooked Beverly Watkins (2)
Call Baby Call – The Diamonds
Maybe Baby – Esquerita
All By Myself – James Booker
One & One Is Two – The Weeklings
No Money Down – Jules Blattner
One Day Next Year – The Heartbeats
Crazy Crazy Party – The Cues
Hooked – Eilen Jewell
Come On Home – Eddie Lang
Have Mercy Miss Percy – Long Tall MarvinWeeklings

This week, the spotlight of our Girls & Guitars feature focused on Beverly ‘Guitar’ Watkins, who hails from Atlanta in Georgia and was playing in various local bands in high school. Soon after, she was recruited into Piano Red’s Houserockers and toured across America. But, to show off her talents, we pulled out one of her own 1998 albums and this is rather fine title track of the album ‘Back In Business’.

This week, we found one of those lost songs of the Fab Four, penned by Paul McCartney and given away, ‘One & One Is Two’. It got recorded by American band The Weeklings and may have gone down well with our Ambassador to The Islands, Susan Bowman, who’s a bit of a Fab Four fan. Our ‘Doo Wop Stop’ started with The Heartbeats, followed by The Cues and a number destined to please our good pal Pete Hall who’s a bit of a fan of The Cues.

While we listened to a 1956 RPM 45 from Eddie Lang, we had to turn the Cruise Mobile for home and getting us all the way home was Marvin Philips (one half of the successful 50s singing duo Marvin & Johnny) under the name Long Tall Marvin with his 1956 Modern release, ‘Have Mercy Miss Percy’. Many may have doubted it, but we got back safe and sound, in time to park up the Cruise Mobile in its usual place, all ready for the next time we go Cruising with The Commissioner. So, until then . . . . remember . . . . have fun!

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the-blues-come-calling-header-blogsize (Revised)

Listen here to this week’s edition of The Blues Come Calling:

Well a big bluesy welcome to this week’s edition of The Blues Come Calling and we came with an armful of new releases, a few ‘seasoned’ favorites and possibly one or two surprises, which we kicked off with one of the great contemporary slide guitarists, Roy Rogers. His playing has been described by one music buff as “sounding the way good bourbon tastes, smooth and with a kick”.

Then we lined up a few new releases, starting with ‘Stomp Jump Boogie’ from Seattle based, multi-instrumentalist, Stacy Jones. Then came guitarist/singer and harp player, Antry with an excellent debut album, ‘Devil Don’t Care’, which we will return to, for sure. Another gem came from the Jon Spear Band, who hail from Central Virginia and whose new album, ‘Hot Sauce’ includes a superb version of ‘Natchez Burning’. The Jake Leg Jug Band were back, all the way from the cotton fields of Stoke on Trent, and bringing with them another track excellent track from their latest album ‘Break A Leg’.Stacy Jones (Love Is Everywhere

After several taster tracks from Kenny Wayne Shepherd’s new album, ‘Lay It On Down’, the whole album was released this week and it includes the excellent ‘Down For Love’. Now, The Halley DeVestern Band describe themselves as “the number one blues band in New York City”, which maybe so, judging by the title track of their new album ‘Keep On Playin’.

Dreamin’ At The Juke 
Dreamin’ At The Juke – Roy Rogers (Blues On the Range – 1989)
Stomp Jump Boogie – Stacy Jones (Love Is Everywhere – 2017)Jon Spear Band - Hot Sauce
Devil Don’t Care – Antry (Devil Don’t Care – 2017)
I Be’s Trouble – Muddy Waters (Down On Stovall’s Plantation – 2011)
Love, Life & Money – Johnny Winter (3rd Degree -1986)
Natchez Burning – The Jon Spear Band (Hot Sauce – 2017)
I Can’t Dance (With Ants In My Pants) – Jake Leg Jug Band (Break A Leg – 2017)

Pinetop’s Pick
Mean Old Bed Bug Blues – Furry Lewis (Furry Lewis – His Best 22
Recordings – 2017)

Picture This
Down For Love – Kenny Wayne Shepherd (Lay It On Down – 2017)Antry - Devil Don't Care Cover
Falling Back In Love With You – Lonnie Mack (Strike Like Lightning – 1985)
Keep On Playin’ – Halley DeVestern Band (Keep On Playin’ – 2017)
Picture This – Debbie Davies (Blind Pig Presents: California Blues – 2015)
The Healer – Carlos Santana & John Lee Hooker (The Healer – 1989)
Just Plain Sick – Jim Allchin (Decisions – 2017)

We paid a visit to Stovall’s Plantation for something recorded there by a youthful Muddy Waters, which will have please the scratchy blues fans no end. There were a few other celebrated names appearing on our playlist, including Lonnie Mack with  lovely blues Halley DeVestern Band (Keep On Playin'called ‘Falling Back In Love With You’ from his 1985 album ‘Strike Like Lightning’, along with a Little Willie John song from the late great Johnny Winter.

Debbie Davies popped up with the title track of her 1993 album, ‘Picture This’ and we took the occasion of Carlos Santana’s birthday to reprise his 1989 collaboration with John Lee Hooker on ‘The Healer’. Then, the last choice for this week’s show was a blazing boogie woogie instrumental from Jim Allchin’s latest album ‘Decisions’.

So, a big thanks for taking a listen to this week’s show and until the next time The Blues Come Calling . . . remember . . . have fun!

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Listen here to this week’s Cruising with The Commissioner:

Well, this week, the Gran Duchy has been witness to some very changeable weather and even more changeable world events. It inspired brief moments of bizarre fantasy, where Mr Merlot & The Cruisettes actually looked like potential world leaders . . . . now there’s a thought! Fortunately, it faded from our semi-consciousness, as that familiar sound came heading down the road, which must have given a big hint that it was time again to jump aboard the Cruise Mobile, grab the seat saved especially for you and set off on another adventure, Cruising with The Commissioner.

Cruising #3004bThis week there was a lot of rummaging in the Cruising Library and Mr Merlot was particularly pleased, because after many sleepless hours in the Cruising Library, he came back with a big smile and a copy of Johnny Otis’s ‘Big Time Scoop’. There was also Merrill E Moore’s version of ‘Rock Island Line’, which positively rocks down the track and a lost gem by Jerry Raines, his cover of Dixieland Rock, which stayed in the vaults of Drew-Blan Records until it was discovered years later by an enthusiast looking for more of Jerry’s stuff . . . . and we’re glad he did!

Along the way, we pulled out a classic Lightning Slim song, given a great rocking treatment version delivered there by Lee McBee & The Passions . . . and wouldn’t you like to be one of the Passions . . . . we can think of at least one person who would . . . and it isn’t Mr Merlot! Jimmy McCracklin appeared as the producer of Betty Bibbs’ ‘Enough For Everybody’ . . . . which just might be a theme for our Cruising adventures. But before all that, we kicked off this week’s musical journey to ‘who knows where’ with a rocking instrumental ‘The Toast’ from the New Champs . . .

I Got It Merrill E Moore
The Toast – The New Champs
I Got It – Diz & the Doormen
Ain’t That Lovin’ You – Eddie Riff
Rock Island Line – Merrill E Moore
Rooster Blues – Lee McBee & The Passions
Enough For Everybody – Betty Bibbs
Tremble – Malcolm Dodds

Girls & Guitars
Two Horns and Two Wings – Michelle Malone

Nothing But Fine Michelle Malone
Mississippi Number One – Eden Brent
Dixieland Rock – Jerry Raines
They Said It Couldn’t Be Done – Alvin Robinson
Big Time Scoop – Johnny Otis
Mr Moonlight – Dr Feelgood & The Interns
I Ain’t Guilty – The Crawford Brothers
You Ain’t Nothing But Fine – Rockin’ Sidney
Poppa Stoppa – Pee Wee Crayton
Dig Everybody, Dig That Boogie – Roy Hall
Good Golly Miss Molly – The Valiants

This week’s Girls & Guitars feature focused on Dr Feelgood - Mister MoonlightAmerican singer/songwriter and guitarist Michelle Malone. She’s been in the music business for over 20 years and released a string of albums, to date, and our choice was ‘Two Horns and Two Wings’ from her 2003 album ‘Stompin’ Ground’.

Now, fans of the fab four will know well the song ‘Mister Moonlight’ and we thought it was about time to dig out the original by Dr Feelgood & The Interns . . . . which became something of a cult favorite among many British R&B bands, including those lads from Liverpool.

We said a Big thanks to Matt The Cat for reminding us of the Crawford Brothers with their 1957 Aladdin 45 ‘I Ain’t Guilty’. We also gave a nod in the direction of our good pal Arfa Pinetop for suggesting Rockin’ Sidney’s original version of ‘You Ain’t Nothing But Fine’.  Another ‘notable’ in our playlist was a1951 Modern records release by Pee Wee Crayton, dedicated to New Orleans radio presenter Clarence Haman, known as ‘Poppa Stoppa’, which just happened to be the title of the song. Then, before we knew it, the Cruise Mobile was heading for home with some frantic accompaniment from The Valiants. So, once the Cruise Mobile was parked up, we gave everyone a cheery wave, ever hopeful that we’ll meet again the next time we go Cruising with The Commissioner. Until then . . . . have fun!

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What’s inside . . .

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Listen here to this week’s edition of The Blues Come Calling:

Well here we are again with a big bluesy welcome to our weekly gathering of the best of the blues, which we call The Blues Come Calling. We arrived just in time with a pile of CDs and records, which (in reality) we had very little prospect of fitting into our hour together. But, we were undaunted and kicked off with a topical title from Billy Walton & his band, ‘It Ain’t True’. Billy & his band were on our giglist this week, playing that one and Red Butler were there too, playing tracks from their forthcoming new album with a setlist that also included the crowd pleaser, ‘Show Me The Money’.

There were some welcome returns to our playlist this week, like Scandinavian band, the Jelly Roll Men, who changed their name from ‘Nine Fingers’ for their new album ‘Jelly Roll Shuffle’ and still sounding good with ‘Pontiac Blues’. Katie Bradley & Chris Corcoran also made a welcome return with another something from their current album ‘C’est La Vie’ and the girls were also represented by Carolyn Wonderland with ‘To Be Free’ from her new album ‘Moon Goes Missing’. Dave Arcari waved the flag for Scotland with his new single, ‘Givers & Takers’, from his latest album,’Live at the Memorial Hall’.

There were some new names, to surprise and delight, including the Jake Leg Jug Band, who may sound like something from the Southern States of America around the 30s, except that they hail from the UK’s Stoke on Trent and may have raised a few smiles with ‘I Had To Give Up Gym’ from their latest release ‘Break A Leg’. Another of the new releases we’ve been enjoying here this week, came from The John Pagano Band with their new album ‘ One More Round’ which we may be returning to soon, but for the moment we featured ‘Trouble On Heels’.

It Ain’t TrueBilly walton CD
It Ain’t True – The Billy Walton Band (Soul of A Man – 2017)
Show Me The Money – Red Butler (Live – 2017)
Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City – Walter Wolfman Washington (Sada – 1991)
Givers & Takers – Dave Arcari (Live at Memorial Hall – 2017)
Pontiac Blues – Jelly Roll Men (Jelly Roll Shuffle – 2017)
Crawling Up A Hill – Beverley Skeete (Unchained – 2008)
Sugar Baby – Hamilton Loomis (Basics – 2017)
How Blue Can You Get – John Campbelljohn (Under The Blue Covers – 2003)

Pinetop’s PickLucky Peterson
When The Levee Breaks – Magic Slim & James Cotton (All Blues’d Up – Songs of Led Zepplin – 2011)

Give Up Gym
Never Coming Back – Lucky Peterson (Long Nights – 2016)
What’s Inside – Haymarket Riot (The Healing Blues Vol 1 – 2016)
Baby In The Corner – Katie Bradley and Chris Corcoran (C’est La Vie – 2017)
To Be Free – Carolyn Wonderland (Moon Goes Missing – 2017)
Had To Give Up Gym – The Jake Leg Jug Band (Break A Leg – 2017)
Trouble On Heels – John Pagano Band (One More Round – 2017)Jake Leg Jub Band
Dream About You – Andy T Band (featuring Alabama Mike) – (Double Strike – 2017)

We got news of the new album expected August from Hamilton Loomis. . . . and for those of an impatient disposition, we played the new single from that album ‘Sugar Baby’. But, if you happen to catch one of Hamilton’s UK gigs during July & August, you can pick up a pre-release copy of the whole new album, ‘Basics’.

Multi-instrumentalist, Lucky Peterson, is playing some live dates next month in the UK, which inspired us to dig out something of his, which happened to be his acoustic flavoured ‘Never Coming Back’. We also found a favourite track, ‘What’s Inside’, by North Carolina band Haymarket Riot, which had a sad tale to go with it . . . . but we won’t dwell on that here. New Orleans’ own Walter Wolfman Washington was back with his excellent take on ‘Ain’t No Love In The Heart of The City’. But, time was soon running out and we had leave quite a few choices in the pending tray for next week.

We barely any time to say a big thank you for the good company on this week’s show, before we were playing out with The Andy T Band and their ‘Dream About You’, from  their latest album ‘Double Strike’. So, until the next time The Blues Come Calling . . . . remember . . . . have fun!

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Let ‘em roll . . .

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Listen here to this week’s Cruising with The Commissioner:

Well, around the Gran Duchy the weather has proved as changeable as political fortunes this week. But our spirits have been kept high with a thoroughly enjoyable music festival, some local gigs and encounters with some friendly faces. We had a flying visit from our Cruising Ambassador to the North West Territories, our good pal Arfa Pinetop and some long-time pals from ‘another life’.

None of this socialising distracted us (too much) from our preparations for this week’s Cruising #3008bmusical adventure. So, just when you thought it was safe to cross the road, the Cruise Mobile came rolling down the road at speed and barely slowing down to let folks jump aboard . . . . but they did! So, we began yet another musical adventure to ‘who knows where’ with ‘you know who’ . . . which, with complete lack of innovation, we still call Cruising with The Commissioner.

This week our fun and frolics included a selection of song about ‘Shirley’, although probably not all about the same girl. It opened with Shirley & Lee’s, ‘Shirley Come Back To Me’, then Bobby Lee Trammell, with ‘Shirley Lee’ featuring James Burton on guitar. Rosco Gordon followed and we closed the ‘Shirley fest’ with a great favourite here, courtesy of Mike Sanchez & His Band. But before that, we got this week’s cruise underway with sax man Joe Houston and the aptly titled ‘Blow Joe Blow’ . . . .
.Joe Houston
Walk Right In
Blow Joe Blow – Joe Houston
The Prove My Love To You – Joe Jones
She Walked Right In – Morris Pejoe
Little Mary – Fats Domino
Shirley Come Back To Me – Shirley & Lee
Shirley Lee – Bobby Lee Trammell
Surely, I Love You – Rosco Gordon
Shirley – Mike Sanchez & His Band
Big Boy Pete – Don & Dewey

Girls & Guitarsclarefree
Can’t Slow Down – Clare Free

Where You At Jack
Sugar Baby – The Jacks
Ay Te Te Fee – Clifton Chenier
Sugar Bee – The Balham Alligators
Act Naturally – Buck Owens
I Cried – Jivin’ Gene & The Jokers
One Day Next Year – The Heartbeats
Be My Girl – The Nitecaps
Where You At Jack – Little Mummy
Let ‘Em Roll – King Pleasure & the Biscuit BoysBalham Alligators

This week, our ‘Girls & Guitars’ feature focused its spotlight on singer songwriter and guitarist, Clare Free. She’s a singer songwriter and guitarist who first picked up the guitar at age 17 and says she was influenced by artists like Albert Collins, Luther Allison and Buddy Guy. She’s served her time in a long list of bands and played with some notable names along the way. But she decided to go solo and released her first solo album in 2010. She’s recorded three albums to date and we chose her track, ‘Can’t Slow Down’ from her latest album.

At one point we turned the Cruise Mobile for Louisiana, prompted by the much esteemed Thom Hickey and a piece he wrote on his Immortal Jukebox blog about the origins of Zydeco music and the significant influence of Louisiana accordianist Clifton Chenier. So, we added our modest contribution to the cause with Clifton Chenier’s ‘Ay Te Te Fee’. Another taste of Louisiana came courtesy of the irrepressible Arfa Pinetop, who recounted tales of a recent gig featuring the great UK keyboard and accordian player Geraint Watkins . . . so, it was a good excuse to dig out an album by Mr Watkins with the excellent Balham Alligators and ‘Sugar Bee’.

This week, our time management got a bit lax, but we did manage to squeeze in our ‘Doo Wop Stop’, which included The Heartbeats with their 1958 Roulette single ‘One Day Next Year’ and Detroit vocal group, The Nitecaps with their 1955 Groove 45 ‘Be My Girl’. But, all too soon those familiar faces and places came into view, after we had to turn the Cruise Mobile for home and getting us all the way home was King Pleasure & The Biscuit Boys with the suitably titled, ‘Let ‘Em Roll’. So, once we parked up the Cruise Mobile, we were saying our farewells, ever hopeful that we’ll all meet again next week to go Cruising with The Commissioner. Until then . . . remember . . . have fun!

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Listen here to this week’s edition of The Blues Come Calling:

Well, a big bluesy welcome to another edition of The Blues Come Calling and the fine weather this week brought many temptations to distract from our preparations for this week’s show. There was the excellent Bures Music Festival with everything so well planned and organised to make it most memorable time, including great sets from Back Porch, Danny Bryant and King King . . . all of who get an honorable mention in this week’s playlist.

With the help of our regular guest, Arfa Pinetop, we pulled together a few very fine gems from the blues library, such as the December 1937 recording by Texas bluesman, Oscar Buddy Woods, plus BB King’s 1969 recording of ‘Heartbreaker’ . . . from his album ‘Blues On Top Of Blues’. There was Arfa’s pick ‘Fine Fine Fine’ by The Balham Aligators, featuring the great Geraint Watkins, then we dug out a 1966 gem from Steve Winwood with The Spencer Davis Group doing a great take on Bessie Smith’s ‘Nobody Knows You When You’re Down & Out’.

There were plenty of new releases too, including The Cash Box Cash Box KingsKings kicking off our hour of the blues with a track from their new album ‘Royal Mint’ . . .

Make It Move
All Night Long – The Cash Box Kings (Royal Mint – 2017)
Can’t Slow Down – Clare Free (Be Who You Are – 2010)
Heartbreaker – BB King (Blues On Top Of Blues – 1968)
The Stuff You Gotta Watch – Shannon McNally (Black Irish – 2017)
Nobody Knows You When You’re Down & Out – The Spencer Davis Group (Autumn ‘66 – 1966)
Come on Over To My House – Oscar Buddy Woods (Steel jonny-lang-signs-1Rustler – 2015)
Make It Move – Jonny Lang (Signs – 2017)
What The Cat Dragged In – Michele D’Amour & The Love Dealers (Lost Nights at the Leopard Lounge – 2017)

Pinetop’s Pick
Fine Fine Fine – The Balham Aligators (Bayou Degradable – 2014)

On The Rocks
Nothing But The Night – Kenny Wayne Shepherd (Lay It On Down – 2017)
(She Don’t) Gimme No Lovin’ – King KIng (Exile & Grace – 2017)
Beer Shack – Back Porch (Live at the Dove Street Inn – 2016)
On The Rocks – Danny Bryant (Big Live – 2017)egidio-klein-300x262
Move To Kansas City – The Jelly Roll Men (Jelly Roll Shuffle – 2017)
Money Takin’ Mama – Egidio Ingala & The Jacknives (Switcharoo – 2017)
Anything Is Better Than Nothing – Joakim Tinderholt (Hold On – 2017)
Just Coastin’ – Dave Meniketti (On The Blue Side – 1998)

Well, we were spoiled for choice with all the new releases around now, which is definitely just an observation, not a complaint. Among those releases was an album, titled Black Irish’ by Shannon McNally, which brought us a high spirited version of the old Buddy Johnson song ‘The Stuff You Gotta Watch’. Then there was the preview track ‘Make It Move’ from the long awaited new album by Jonny Lang, titled ‘Signs’, scheduled for release in August, followed by another preview track from Kenny Wayne Shepherd’s forthcoming album ‘Lay It On Down’.

We doffed our caps to Rhythm Bomb Records for some great releases, including The Jelly Roll Men’s new album ‘Jelly Roll Shuffle’ with the excellent ‘Move To Kansas City’, which shares the spirit of the great 1950’s blues recordings with Northern Italy band, Egidio “Juke” Ingala and the Jacknives, with their latest album ‘Switcheroo’. Norway’s Joakim Tinderholt was back with his new album, ‘Hold On’, that’s had plenty of plays since it arrived here . . . and that just about briought us to the close of this week’s show . So, with a cheery wave and a big thank you for your good company, we played out with Californian guitarist, Dave Meniketti and his great little instrumental, ‘Just Coastin’. So, until the next time The Blues Come Calling . . . remember . . . have fun!

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Hot ziggity . . .

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Listen here to this week’s Cruising with The Commissioner:

Well, with practiced precision we rolled by in the Cruise Mobile at the appointed hour to take you who knows where with you know who . . . which is our way of inviting you to join us for this week’s Cruising with The Commissioner. As ever, we came with an armful of juicy gems from the Cruising Library, along with a few items suggested by friendly faces. Included in this week’s selection were a couple of unexpected tracks thatCruising #3010b resulted from our recent venture to the coast line of Essex to see a stage show based on the story and music of The Drifters with their frequently changing membership and fortunes. The storyline was well researched, even if the music presentation needed a bit more polishing. But, it was an entertaining show and included a Clyde McPhatter number that was his first solo single after leaving the Drifters in1955, ‘Hot Ziggity’. . . and we couldn’t cruise on without hearing from The Drifters themselves, so we picked something from the newly released album by The Drifters, called ‘Kiss & Make Up’.

At one point on our adventure, we directed the Cruise Mobile to San Diego for something by rockabilly cat, Gene LaMarr & The Blue Flames and their 1958 Spry 45 ‘You Can Count On Me’ which was recorded when Gene was just 16! We stuck in that rockabilly groove for a song we know well by Jerry Reed and delivered with style by The Rob Ryan Roadshow, led by an American rockabilly artist, who, interestingly moved out to Germany to enjoy the thriving market for rockabilly music there. But first, we got rollin’ down the road with Lee Allen (who would have been celebrating his birthday this past week) and a little ‘Rockin’ At Cosimo’s’ (well where’ else) . . . .

Stickin’ WitchaLee Allen
Rockin’ At Cosimo’s – Lee Allen
Dinky Doo – Eddie Bo (Ric) 1961
Stickin’ Witcha Baby – Benny Spellman
You Can Count On Me – Gene LaMarr & The Blue Flames (Spry) 1958
When I Found You – The Rob Ryan Roadshow
Little Egypt – Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs
Elevator Operator – The Rays
Hot Ziggity – Clyde McPhatter
Kiss & Make Up – The Drifters

Girls & Guitars
The Stuff You Gotta Watch – Shannon McNallySusan McNally - Black Irish

Small Town Talk
Laura Lee – Bobby Charles
Small Town Talk – Bobby Charles
Zing Zing – The Pitch Pikes
I Can’t Stay Mad At You – Skeeter Davis
Hard Day’s Night – The Blues Beatles
Lovely Lena – Diz & the Doormen
Vip Vop – Marvin & Johnny
Run Run Mabel – Everett CarpenterBlues beatles

This week’s Girls & Guitars feature focused on New Yorker, Shannon McNally who, after graduating, pursued her musical ambitions and honed her skills as a busker on the streets of Paris. She got a contract with Capitol Records in 1997 and she’s since made 8 albums, including her latest, ‘Black Irish’, which includes our choice . . . an old Buddy Johnson number called ‘The Stuff You Gotta Watch’. But, we really couldn’t move on from Shannon McNally without mentioning that she was a longtime friend of singer Bobby Charles and it seemed an excellent link to a couple of choices from Bobby Charles himself . . . his New Orleans style ‘Laura Lee’ and his much later song ‘Small Town Talk’.

There was a big thanks to Thom Hickey and his Immortal Jukebox for suggesting something by Skeeter Davis . . . which we did . . . and we said a hello to Buddy in Hawaii and, possibly need to restore diplomatic relations with Ambassador to Islands for playing a ‘fab four’ number by someone else! Meanwhile, given our good pal Arfa Pinetop was paying a flying visit to Cruise Control this week, we tried to stay on his good side with a Diz & The Doormen track, ‘Lovely Lena’. Then, we knew we were running out of time, so we lined up a Marvin & Johnny number titled Vip Vop . . . then we left it to Chicago’s Everett Carpenter to get us home safely, which he did and we parked up the trusty Cruise Mobile, ready to wave our farewells. So, until the next time we go Cruising with The Commissioner . . . remember . . . have fun!

Broadcast by Cruising Radio
on 5 July 2017

House party . . .

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Listen here to this week’s edition of The Blues Come Calling:

Well, a big bluesy welcome to another edition of The Blues Come Calling and, as ever, we’ve got something old, something new, but it’s all definitely something blues. . . . and we kicked off there with ‘Rip This Joint’ from the newly released Rolling Stones album, recorded live in Texas in 1972, and the soundtrack to the film ‘Ladies & Gentlemen’.
Happily, this month has seen plenty of new blues releases, including the first live album in 12 years by legendary slide guitarist Sonny Landreth. Aptly titled, ‘Recorded Live in Lafayette’ it has over 90 minutes of acoustic and electric numbers. We also had a new release from Italy’s T-Roosters, with their third album ‘Another Blues To Shout’. Then, there was the second album from Norway’s Joakim Tinderholt with a great version of Ike Turner’s ‘Trouble Up The Road’. Micki Free was back too, with another track from his new album ‘Tattoo Burn’.
.Stones - Ladies & Gentlemen
We had a little female blues fest with new tracks from new albums by Lisbon’s Orlanda Guilande, Carolyn Wonderland, Susan Cattaneo and Robbin Kapsalis (thefemale vocalist with Washington DC band, Vintage #18). But, one of the big treats this week was a preview of the forthcoming new album by Walter Trout, which shows he’s back and firing on all cylinders. The album’s titled ‘We’re All In This Together’, featuring plenty of top name guests, including his son Jon on our choice ‘Do You Still See Me At All’.

Rip This Joint 
Rip This Joint – The Rolling Stones (Ladies & Gentlemen – 2017)
The Milky Way Home – Sonny Landreth (Recorded Live In Lafayette – 2017)T-Roosters
Lost & Gone – T-Roosters (Another Blues To Shout – 2017)
Six Wheel Chaser – Meade Lux Lewis (Giants of Boogie Woogie – 2015)
Trouble Up The Road – Joakim Tinderholt (Hold On – 2017)
Do You Still See Me At All – Walter Trout (We’re All In This Together -2017)
Back Door Slam – Susan Cattaneo (w. Davy Knowles) (The Hammer & The Heart – 2017)
Bye Bye Baby – Lazy Lester (The Complete Excello Singles 1956-1962 – 2017)
Pinetop’s Pick 
St Louis Blues – Alberta HunterWalter-Trout-Were-All-In-This-Together-1200x1190 (Chicago – Living Legends – 1991)
Come Together
Stand By Me – Guitar Slim (You’re Gonna Miss Me: The Complete Singles Collection A’s & B’s (1951-1958) – 2017)
Sin City – Orlanda Guilande (Guilande – 2017)
Come Together – Carolyn Wonderland (Moon Goes Missing – 2017)
Love Hangover – Vintage #18 (Grit – 2017)
Greens & Barbeque – Micki Free (Tattoo Burn – 2017)
House Party – The Cash Box Kings (Royal Mint – 2017)

Jasmine records got an honorable mention this week for two great compilations. The Cash Box Kingsfirst was their latest collection of 26 Excello tracks by harp player, Lazy Lester. . . who’s still touring at the age of 82. The second compilation, called ‘You’re Gonna Miss Me’ and featuring Guitar Slim with all his singles released between 1951 to 1958.

For lovers of classic boogie woogie piano, there was a treat from Meade Lux Lewis with something he recorded back in 1940, called ‘Six Wheel Chaser’. But, we closed the show with something minty fresh from the new Cash Box Kings’ new album, ‘Royal Mint’, their first for Alligator records and an Amos Milburn favourite . . . ‘House Party’. Then it was all over . . . . just time to collect up the CDs and records and say our farewells, ever hopeful that there was plenty there to entice folks back again the next time The Blues Come Calling. Until then . . . remember . . . have fun!

Broadcast by Cruising Radio
on 2 July 2017