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High flyin’ . . .

Posted: May 31, 2017 in Hear This . . . . !

Listen here to this week’s Cruising with The Commissioner:

Well, if you were ever in any doubt, we are most certainly living in ‘interesting times’. There have been plenty of national and international events to capture our attentions, but nothing could divert us from our rummaging time in the Cruising Library . . . and very worthwhile it was too.

We pulled out a very earlyCruising #2012 track from Trini Lopez, definitely more rock & roll than his later easy listening style. We also found something by blues and jazz singer, dancer, and drummer, Sonny Parker, who was a one time member of vaudeville act Butterbeans & Susie. He spent many years with Lionel Hampton’s band . . . but we played his own recording ‘She Sets My Soul On Fire’.

Several of this week’s choices came through suggestions of others. So, there were a few grateful acknowledgements, including Thom Hickey for his great piece on his Immortal Jukebox about Jackie Wilson, to our good pal Jamie Dell’Apa down there in New Orleans for turning up some great sides by The Jolly Jax . . . and we found another that they cut for Cookin’ Records in 1968. . But, before all that, we kicked off down the road with ‘Puddin’ . . . a little 1957 Imperial 45 from Ernie Freeman . . .

The Right To RockTrini Lopez
Puddin’ – Ernie Freeman
She Sets My Soul On Fire – Sonny Parker
The Right To Rock – Trini Lopez
Baby Workout – Jackie Wilson
Stumbling Block – Champion Jack Dupree (King) 1961
Tiphe Tina – The Jolly Jax (Cookin’) 1968
Zip Boom – The Supremes
Love Me – The Woodside Sisters
High Flyin’ Baby – The Harptones
I Saw Her Standing There – James Booker

Girls & GuitarsPatty Reese
Awesome Sauce – Patty Reese

Much Too Much
When I See Ya! – TT Grace
You Got What I Like – Cliff Bennett & The Rebel Rousers
Red Hot – Big Boy Pete
Dear Dad – Dave Edmunds
I Do Believe – Clyde McPhatter
Tick Tock – The Medallions
Much Too Much – The Hollywood Flames
There are some out there in Cruising land who thinkTT Grace we will soon run out of names for our Girls & Guitars feature . . . but it hasn’t happened yet. This week our spotlight fell on Patty Reese, who hails from Colesville, Maryland and has been leading her band and gigging around America with an award winning mix of blues, soul and rock influenced numbers. To show off her talents, we chose a track from her latest album ‘Let In The Sun’ and her very New Orleans flavoured ‘Awesome Sauce’.

Our doo wop stop this week caught up with an Old Town 45 called ‘Zip Boom’ which the label credits to a short lived, mid 50s vocal group called The Supremes, but the original members of The 50s Supremes say this is not them on this recording . . . and no one seems to know who it is . . . so if you do, please tell. Matt The Cat also got a cheer from here for his recent profile of vocal group The Harptones, who turned up on our playlist in their own right and backing the Woodside Sisters on their version of ‘Love Me’.

The Cruise Mobile took a trans Atlantic trip for some fine rocking there from Swedish band TT Grace and then some home grown rocking from the UK’s Cliff Bennett & The Rebel Rousers, Big Boy Pete (aka Peter Jay) and guitar ace Dave Edmunds. Then, to take us heading for home we had the good company of The Medallions and the Hollywood Flames. Then we were parking up the Cruise Mobile and giving it a quick polish so its all ready for the our next adventure together. So, until the next time we go Cruising with The Commissioner . . . remember . . . have fun!

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on 31 May 2017

Listen here to this week’s edition of The Blues Come Calling:

Well, a big bluesy welcome to this week’s edition of The Blues Come Calling and they came calling loud and clear. So, there was plenty of good stuff to choose from, including a preview of Dani Wilde’s new album, ‘Live at Brighton Road’, The Tanya Piche Blues Band’s ‘Wolf Woman Blues’. Micki Free with ‘Tattoo Burn’ and Jim Gustin & Truth Jones’ ‘Memphis’. There were some new faces too, like Dominic Schoemaker, who hails from Luzern and was causing a stir on the Swiss Blues scene even before his debut album ‘Downtown Stories’.

We pulled out a number from Canadian bluesman Anthony Gomes and those who know his electric blues rock style may have been surprised at our choice of a very nice acoustic track titled ‘Hamhock Booty’ from his 2014 album ‘Rebel Blues’. For the fans of scratchy blues, we featured Alden Bunn (better as Tarheel Slim) with his 1951 Apollo 45 called ‘Baby I’m Going To Throw You Out’. But, before all that, we kicked off the show with our sad tribute to the late Gregg Allman . . . . his music and the memories live on . . .
.steve kozak-cd-cover-3
Cuttin’ In
Midnight Train – Gregg Allman (w. James Cotton) (Modern Blues – 2016)
Cane Sugar Sweet – Steve Kozak Band (It’s Time – 2017)
Hamhock Booty – Anthony Gomes (Rebel Blue – 2014)
Cuttin’ In – Mike Sanchez (Just Can’t Afford It – 1999)
London And L.A.- Tanya Piche Blues Band (Wolf Woman Blues – 2017)
Awesome Sauce – Patty Reese (Let The Sun In – 2017)
I’m Gonna Play The Honky Tonks – Professor Louis & The Cromatix (Crowin’ The Blues – 2017)
Baby I’m Going To Throw You Out – Tarheel Slim (Apollo 45 – 1951)
Pinetop’s Pick
The Night Time Is The Right Time – The Animals & Sonny Boy Williamson

Deeper Than Black
Memphis – Jim Gustin & Truth Jones (Memphis – 2017)
Killer Diller Blues – The Alabama Shakes
Deeper Than Black – Dani Wilde (Live At Brighton Road – 2017)
Tattoo Burn – Micki Free (Tattoo Burn – Redux – 2017)
Shaker Down Below – Boogie Patrol (Man On Fire – 2017)
Alley Cat – Dominic Schoemaker (Downtown Stories – 2017)

Now, if you’ve seen the TV show ‘The American Epic Sessions’, you’ll have
heard  some contemporary musicians playing their versions of American blues classics. One of those bands featured is The Alabama Shakes, which was a good excuse to hear their version of Memphis Minnie’s ‘Killer Diller’. But, the Shakes didn’t have it all their way, because Professor Louis & The Cromatix were also tapping into the ‘seasoned’ gems with their take on Marie Adams’ ‘I’m Gonna Play The Honky Tonks’.

There were also some very welcome visits to the playlist from The Steve Kozak Band, some steamy and sultry stuff from Maryland’s own Patty Reese and some excellent stuff there from Boogie Patrol. Their number, ‘Shaker Down Below’, had all the hallmarks of Paul Butterfield in his prime. So, if that sounds good to you, go check out their latest album ‘Man On Fire’.

As ever, all too soon, the end of the show crept up on us and before we were ready, we were having to say our farewells. So, with a big thanks for listening to this week’s show, let’s look forward to meeting again the next time The Blues Come Calling. Until then . . . have fun!

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on 28 May 2017

Is it true . . .

Posted: May 24, 2017 in Hear This . . . . !

Listen here to this week’s Cruising with The Commissioner:

Well, it’s not been a good week for cheery news, so we took refuge in the Cruising Library and tried to focus our thoughts on our quest for great music to include in our playlist for this week’s Cruising with The Commissioner. It proved to be just a little harder to concentrate, but we did find some forgotten gems and a few surprises along the way.
There were several ‘thank Cruising #189you’s this time around to those who have brought us some great music recently, or pointed us to tasty treats in prospect. Our good pal Johnny Alpha got an honorable mention for pointing us to a particular Tom Waites’ song. Band leader Marc Stone, got mentioned in dispatches for tipping us off about  Swedish band ‘Louisiana Avenue‘ and there were a couple of other Swedish entries in our playlist from The Beat From Palookaville and Johan Blohm & The Refreshments.

We doffed our figurative caps to Thom Hickey and his Immortal Jukebox blog for suggesting Big Joe Turner, while Big Jay McNeely was the subject of an excellent feature by Matt The Cat on his Juke In The Back Show this week.

The UK was represented by long-time Cruising favourites, Mike Sanchez & His Band, along with the wonderful Diz Watson of Diz & the Doormen. But, before all that, we kicked off down the road with The Big Jamboree doing Big Jamboree . . . followed by Tyler Yarema exploring one of those great mysteries of life . . .’Why Did God Make Boogie Woogie’ . . . .

Big JamboreeTyler Yarema
Big Jamboree – The Big Jamboree
Why Did God Make Boogie Woogie – Tyler Yarema
Telephone Call From Istanbul – Iquattrocentocolpi
Louisiana Avenue – Oh Mama
Is It True – The Beat From Palookaville
Babes & Buicks – Mike Sanchez & His Band
Miss Bombilla Brown – Diz Watson
All That Wine Is Gone – Big Jay McNeely
Bump Miss Susie – Big Joe Turner

Girls & Guitars
Get Liquored Up With Me – Sarah & The Tall BoysSarah & the Tallboys - live-in-chicago

A Little Too Late

I Wanna Know Why – Roland Cooke
Long Way – Johnny Sketch & The Dirty Notes
Now, Baby Ain’t That Love – Phil Bo (Shane)
Lana Lee – Johan Blohm & The Refreshments
A Little Too Late – The Wanderers
Sugar Mama – The Orbits
Shout – The Isley Brothers

Our Girls & Guitars feature this week, focused on Sarah Johnny Sketch& The Tall Boys, a band led by singer and guitarist Sarah Potenza, who started out in Chicago and later moved base to Nashville. But, they didn’t forget their roots, because in 2011 they went back to record a live album in Chicago that included our choice . . .‘Get Liquored Up With Me’.

Among those getting cheery thanks this week, was our Ambassador to The Islands, Susan Bowman. She is a big fan of New Orleans band leader Johnny Sketch, who happens to have a new album out, simply called ‘Sketch’, so we dedicated a track from it titled ‘Long Way’.

Now, we were fighting time towards the end of the show and we only just managed to squeeze the last three choices . . . all from vocal groups . . . New Yorkers, The Wanderers, Mississippi group, The Orbits and, finally, The Isley Brothers. Each had their own story about these recordings, but the Cruise Mobile nearly didn’t make it ack in time. The Isleys ensured finished with a flourish, just as we parked up the Cruise Mobile and got to say a very fast farewell. So, until the next time we go Cruising with The Commissioner . . . remember . . . have fun!

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on 24 May 2017

Blues mobile . . .

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Listen here to this week’s edition of The Blues Come Calling:

Well a big bluesy welcome to this week’s edition of The Blues Come Calling . . . and there are plenty of treats in store here, including the new EP release by Janiva Magness, ‘Blue Again’ which provided a very fine opening number, ‘Tired Of Walking’. There were plenty of other new releases that popped up in our playlist. One album that’s been getting lots of plays around here lately is the new album, ‘Bone Rattler’, by The Bridget Kelly Band, stuffed full with 22 excellent tracks and if you’ve not heard the new album by The Tanya Piché Blues Band before, we remedied that this week with her newly released album ‘Wolf Woman Blues’. If you haven’t found it yet, you might try looking for the latest album by Guy Berlanger ‘Traces & Scars’ and we gave a taster from it this week’s playlist.

There were a couple of happy returns this week . . . one for fans of Billy Boy Arnold with the re-release of his 1979 album with UK band, The Groundhogs. Then, there was guitarist Mike Bloomfield, whose 1973 recording with his long term collaborator Mark Naftalin is available again on the Shady Grove label and it includes our choice this week . . . ‘I Will Always Love You’.
Cut That Out Janiva Magness - Blue Again
Tired Of Walking – Janiva Magness (Blue Again – 2017)
Don’t Stay Out All Night – Billy Boy Arnold (Checkin’ It Out – 2017)
Cut That Out – Junior Wells (Cut That Out – 2016)
I Will Always Love You – Mike Bloomfield & Mark Naftalin (The Record Plant ‘73 – 2017)
I’m So Tired – The Bridget Kelly Band (Bone Rattler – 2017)
Gotta Leave This Man – Tanya Piche Blues Band (Wolf Woman Blues – 2017)
Fine Little Mama – Professor Louie & The Crowmatix (Crowin’ The Blues – 2017)
Pinetop’s Pickterry-robb-cool-on-the-bloom
No Love For Sale – Lonnie Johnson (The Vinyl Masters: Blues By Lonnie Johnson – 2016)
Please Don’t Go
Soggy Foot Rag – Terry Robb (Cool On The Bloom – 2016)
Walking The Back Streets & Crying – Little Milton (Walkin’ The Backstreets – 1981)
Digitized – The Marc Stone Band (Live In Europe – 2017)
See The Light – Guy Belanger (Traces & Scars – 2017)
Claw Machine Wizard – Left Lane Cruiser (Claw Machine Wizard – 2017)
Blues Mobile – Kenny Neal (Bloodline – 2016)
Baby Please Don’t Go – Justin Johnson (Drivin’ It Down – 2017)Kenny-Neal

Terry Robb is no stranger to our playlists here and he was back again with a wonderful ragtime piece called ‘Soggy Foot Rag’. Then, there was a distinct change of style to some urban blues from Little Milton, New Orleans’ own The Mark Stone Band and blues-rock band Left Lane Cruiser who hail from Fort Wayne, Indiana. But, there was a big surprise this week when a long-time colleague revealed that bluesman Kenny Neal was a member of his family . . . so with a big cheer from here to Jackie and David, we played Kenny Neal’s ‘Blues Mobile’.

Well, all good things have to come to an end, but before the sands of time finally ran out, we got to play out with the very impressive guitar work from Justin Johnson and his take on ‘Baby Please Don’t Go’. Then it was over and we waved everyone a cheery farewell. So, until the next time The Blues Come Calling . . . remember . . . have fun!

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on 21 May 2017

Ooh Wow. . . . .

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Listen here to this week’s Cruising with The Commissioner:

Well, the environs of the Grand Duchy are looking pretty colourful lately, due in no small measure to the fine weather after a cool and damp start to the Spring period. But, we had a little less time to enjoy it this week, because we took a little trip to Berlin . . . so, our rummaging time in the Cruising Library was fairly limited, but fruitful, as you can judge for yourselves with this week’s Cruising with The Commissioner.

A few acknowledgments are due this week, Cruising #2021including a classic piece of doo wop from Johnny Adams and big thanks to Jamie Dell’Apa for pointing us to a 1965 single featuring The Crescents with The McMillan Sisters. We also found a song we know well by Joe Jones . . . but this was an excellent cover by the much missed Frankie Ford.

The keen-eared will have spotted more sounds of New Orleans, including Fats Domino and a song that I’m grateful to Matt The Cat for suggesting Lloyd Price with his 1953 Specialty 45 ‘Where You At’. But, before all that, we set off on this week’s Cruising with The Commissioner with Jerry Lee Lewis, rocking out with a favourite here, ‘I’m On Fire’.

Where You At Jerry_Lee_Lewis_-_I'm_On_Fire
I’m On Fire – Jerry Lee Lewis
Ooh Wow – Roy Montrell
I Won’t Cry – Johnny Adams
Here You Come Again – The Crescents with The McMillan Sisters
You Talk Too Much – Frankie Ford
Gumbo – Eddie Cochran
Down In Mexico – The Pelicans
Yes, It’s You – Little Margie
Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans – Fats Domino
Where You At – Lloyd Price

Girls & GuitarsDonna Hopkins
Anything – Donna Hopkins

Jump Back
Love Makes The World Go Round – Barbara Lewis
Coming Back To You – The Royal Jokers
Dixieland Rock – Max Merritt & The Meteors
Who’s Foolin’ Who – The Chromatics
She Can Rock – Little Ike
Jump Back – Lost Dog Found
When Are You Coming Home – Chubby Newsome
Lovey Dovey/ You’re So Fine – Bunny Sigler44 shakedown
Ella Mae – 44 Shakedown

This week, our Girls & Guitars feature focused on Donna Hopkins, who was born and raised in Alabama and followed in the footsteps of a family of musicians, to become a seasoned performer, sharing the stage with the likes of Derek Trucks, Joe Bonamassa, Stevie Wonder, and Robert Cray (to name just a few). To show off her talents, we chose ‘Anything’ from her 2003 album ‘Free To Go’.

We turned up some ‘popcorn’ by The Royal Jokers . . . who were previously known as The Serenaders, The Muskateers, then the Royals but our choice was from them as The Royal Jokers with ‘Coming Back To You’. To confirm our international credentials, we pulled out a tasty treat from one of the early rock and rock bands of New Zealand . . . Max Merritt & The Meteors.

There was some fine doo wop from Bob Williams & The Chromatics with their 1955 release ‘Who’s Foolin’ Who’, then a little something from Little Ike, who was Isaac Hamilton and he cut a frenzied 45 for Nashville’s Champion Records 1959, very much in the style of Little Richard. Then, Mr Merlot started doing that winding up signal, but we managed to fit in a few more before 44 Shakedown took us home with the Louis Jordan classic ‘Ella Mae’.

All good things have to come to an end and this week’s Cruising adventure was no exception. So, with thanks for your good company along the way, we said our farewells, ever hopeful that we’ll all be back again the next time the Cruise Mobile rolls by with a seat saved especially for you. So, until the next time we go Cruising with The Commissioner. . . . remember . . . . have fun!

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Listen here to this week’s edition of The Blues Come Calling:

Well, a few more summer-like days have brighten this week, as well as the arrival of some excellent new blues releases to keep our ears happy. There have been a few distractions this past week, but we still managed a little fruitful rummaging in the archives for some of those forgotten gems . . . several of which found their way into the playlist for this edition of The Blues Come Calling.

One of the welcome arrivals this week was the new album by The Bridget Kelly Band, which a 22 track, double album for release this month and impressive stuff it is too. We also revisited one of those preview albums that’s now due for release. It came from Birmingham’s Big Wolf Band who’s debut album, “A Rebel’s Story”, is being released on Monday 15th May.

Now there’s plenty of electric blues among the new releases, so it’s good to see that acoustic blues is still thriving too. To make the point, Dave Arcari was back with a collection of live performances recorded at Scotland’s Buchanan Memorial Hall and it’s due for release on 1 September. We also found something for those who like a little scratchy blues and it came from one of the first to play bottleneck blues guitar, of Furry Lewis. . . his 1927 Vocalion recording of ‘Falling Down Blues’.

Into The Wild BlueBridget Kelly Band
Ain’t Missing You – The Bridget Kelly Band (Rattlin’ Bones – 2017)
I Don’t Love You – Big Wolf Band (A Rebel’s Story – 2017)
Stagolee – Dave Acari (Live at the Buchanan Memorial Hall – 2017)
She Knows How To Rock Me – Taj Mahal & Keb Mo (TajMo – 2017)
Dark Angels – Roy Rogers (Into The Wild Blue – 2015)
Falling Down Blues – Furry Lewis (Furry Lewis (1927-1929) – 2003)
Maydell – The Allman Brothers Band (Hittin’ The Note – 2003)
Pretty Mama – Steve Mayone (Sideways Rain – 2017)

Pinetop’s Pick
Basehead – Corey Harris (Greens From The Garden – 1999)Allman Brothers Band (Hittin_ The Note

Carry Me Down
I’m A King Bee – Moreland & Arbuckle (Promise Land Or Bust – 2016)
Carry Me Down – Mark Flanagan (The Chosen Few – 2001)
Hoodoo Lounge – The Hoodoo Loungers (Hoodoo Lounge – 2013)
Big Road Blues – Alexis Korner’s Blues Incorporated (Kornerstoned – 2006)
Whole Lotta Gravy- Blues Patrol (Man On Fire – 2017)
Buck Dance – Terry Robb Acoustic Trio (Acoustic Blues Trio – 2008)
Jump In My Cadillac – Roy Gaines (Blues For Life – 2014)

Blues duo Moreland & Arbuckle popped up with Slim Boogie_Patrol_-_Man_On_Fire_2017Harpo’s classic ‘I’m A King Bee’ and it brought a little sadness, because the news is that guitarist Aaron Moreland is leaving the duo to spend more time at home with his family, so we wished him well.

Now, our recent giglist included a thoroughly enjoyable evening with Jools Holland & His R&B Orchestra, and opening the evening was the band’s guitarist Mark Flanagan doing a solo spot with some very nice slide guitar. So, we pulled out his solo album ‘The Chosen Few’ to provide an example of what he sounds like. Sadly, I never got to see Alexis Korner’s Blues Incorporated live, but we did celebrated his influence on the UK blues scene with his take on Big Road Blues and I’m pretty sure that had Duffy Power on harp.

Canadian was well represented this week by Canadian band ‘Boogie Patrol’ with a track from their newly released studio album called ‘Man On Fire’ and Canadian born guitarist Terry Robb also made an appearance with a little ragtime piece called Buck Dance. Then we were heading home with Roy Gaines and a suitably uptempo number called ‘Jump In My Cadillac’ . . . . but not before saying our thanks for taking a listen to this week’s show and hoping that we’ll meet again the next time The Blues Come Calling. Until then . . . remember . . . have fun!

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Get with it . . .

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Listen here to this week’s Cruising with The Commissioner:

Well, our friends in France are welcoming their new leader after an intense and eventful election and the UK has it own national elections shortly too. So, there have been plenty of diversions and discussions to consume our thoughts and time. But, nothing was going to stop us being ready with a very warm welcome as we rolled by in the Cruise Mobile for this week’s Cruising with The Commissioner.

One of the joys of the week was revisiting the TV documentary about the famous Muscle Cruising #185Shoals recording studios and musicians. Just to prove that we were paying close attention, we dug out the first record cut in those now famous studios . . . . Arthur Alexander with ‘You Better Move On’. Knowing our Ambassador to The Islands is a bit of a fan of the Fab Four, we dug out a version of ‘Hey Jude’ by Toots & The Maytals which also may have pleased those amongst the Cruising Crew who like a little ska and reggae.

To get our musical adventure underway, we kicked off down the road with Artie Lewis & The Terry Tyler Orchestra and their 1958 Oklahoma 45 ‘Supposin’ . . . . then we were well on our way . . . .

You gotta go . . . .Duke Robillard
Supposin’ – Artie Lewis & The Terry Tyler Orchestra
Get With It – Pearl Galloway
I Ain’t Mad At You – The Duke Robbilard Band
Problem Child – Roy Orbison & The Teen Kings
You Gotta Go – Bobby Hebb
The Shape You Left Me In – Gene Simmons
A Little You – Dakota Staton

Girls & Guitars
Reason To Be – Grainne Duffy

You better move on . . .Grainne Duffy
You Better Move On – Arthur Alexander
Hey Jude – Toots & The Maytals
Rad Gumbo – Little Feat
I Got Loaded – Lil’ Bob & The Lollipops
It’s A Cryin’ Shame – The Five Keys
I Still Love You – Fats Domino
Teenage Wedding – Johnny Angel
Hands Off – Betty Everett
I Don’t Know What You Got – James & Bobby Purify
I Need Your Lovin’ – The Diaboliques
Right Around The Corner – The Five Royales
Roberta – Frankie FordThe 5 Royales

Our Girls & Guitars feature this week focused on a new album release by Irish singer and guitarist Grainne Duffy. She hails from County Monaghan in Ireland and she’s got a new album out now, but we went back to her 2015 Live album, which included ‘Reason To Be’.

After clocking up plenty of miles on our cruise this week, we knew time had caught up with us when The 5 Royales took us right around the corner, but we managed to sneak in one more before we headed home, which we did in the very good company of Frankie Ford, Huey Piano Smith & The Clowns and ‘Roberta’. Then, we parked up the Cruise Mobile, and got ready to join Mr Merlot and The Cruisettes at the after show party, but not before giving a cheery wave to the Cruising Crew and very much hoping that we’ll have some more of their good company next week when we’ll call by in the Cruise Mobile, same time, same place, all ready to go Cruising with The Commissioner. Until then . . . . have fun!

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Listen here to this week’s edition of The Blues Come Calling:

Well, when the appointed hour arrived, we we’re back with another armful of the best blues around, which is just what you’d expect on The Blues Come Calling. There’s been plenty to capture our interests here this past week, with some more very fine new releases, some preview tracks and a few ‘seasoned’ favorites. Along the way, we rediscovered a little something recorded in Chicago in 1991 by The Pretty Things & Yardbirds Blues Band. It featured a mix of band members from the Pretty Things, The Yardbirds, and others, including Phil May on vocals, Dick Taylor on guitar, Jim McCarty on drums and augmented by guitarist and blue harpist Studebaker John with Richard Hite on bass. The album was released under the title ‘The Chicago Blues Tapes and it sounded excellent stuff here.

For the scratchy blues fans, we found a song that was first recorded and released on the Bluebird label back in 1935, by Big Joe Williams’ Washboard Blues Singers. Its success established Big Joe’s recording career and the song has since been called “one of the most played, arranged, and rearranged pieces in blues history”.. . . that Bluebird release was titled ‘Please Don’t Go’. We played Big Joe’s recording from some six years later, where he was joined by Sonny Boy Williamson. If that wasn’t enough, we also featured a little delta blues by the Gabriel Delta Band.

Before all that, we opened up with ‘Too Long Gone’ from Marcus Malone’s latest album and then King King, who were on our giglist this past week with Alan Nimmo back on top form after his recent throat troubles . . . .

Too Long Gonegabriel-delta-band-hobo-600-1
Too Long Gone – Marcus Malone (Better Man – 2017)
Wait On Time – King King (King King Live – 2016)
Ain’t Got You – The Pretty Things & Yardbirds Blues Band (The Chicago Blues Tapes – 2011)
Yours Or My Way – Kate Lush (Let It Fly – 2017)
Please Don’t Go – Big Joe Williams (Big Joe Williams & The Stars of Mississippi Blues – 2003)
Big Boss Man – Gabriel Delta Band (Hobo – 2017)
Okie Dokie Stomp – Johnny Winter (Live Bootleg Series Vol.4 – 2009)

Pinetop’s Pick
When I’ve Been Drinking – Big Bill Broonzy (Mike Taj & KebRaven’s Blues Sampler – 1969)

Juke Joint
Juke Joint – Mr Sipp (Knock A Hole In It – 2017)
Diving Duck Blues – Taj Mahal & Keb Mo (TajMo – 2017)
Hummingbird – Joe Bonamassa (An Acoustic Evening At Carnegie Hall – 2017)
Black Magic Woman – Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac (Blue Horizon single – 1968)
Peace In The Valley – Jools Holland’s R&B Orchestra with Ruby Turner (Jools & Ruby – 2015)

After the release of several preview tracks,the newJoe Bonamassa - Acoustic Evening album by Taj Mahal & Keb Mo, ‘TajMo’ was released this week and we chose something from it that Taj Mahal cut for his first solo album, way back when. This was ‘Diving Duck Blues’, which gets a rather fine reworking by the guys. Another reworking of a much covered gem came in the form of an epic version of Leon Russell’s ‘Hummingbird’ from the forthcoming double album by Joe Bonamassa called ‘An Acoustic Evening at Carnegie Hall’. The title just about sums up what it’s all about, with a real range of songs and styles and in marked contrast to Joe’s customary hard rocking electric style.

We squeezed in a couple of classics from the much missed Johnny Winter and much revered Peter Green. There was Johnny’s version of ‘Okie Dokie Stomp’ and Fleetwood Mac’s 1968 Blue Horizon 45 ‘Black Magic Woman’. Then it was time to wind things up for this week, which we did another memory from this week’s giglist. We had a thoroughly enjoyable evening with Jools Holland & His R&B Orchestra, who are touring the UK again now and we closed the show with one of their finale numbers, featuring Ruby Turner and a rocking version of ‘Peace In the Valley’. But, we didn’t forget to say thanks for taking a listen to this week’s show and hoping that we meet again the next time The Blues Come Calling. Until then . . . remember . . . have fun!

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on 7 May 2017

Listen here to this week’s Cruising with The Commissioner:

Well, this week our rummaging in the Cruising Library brought with it some relief from the national and international politicking. Even the antics of Mr Merlot seemed strangely more ‘normal’ by comparison, so we were glad of his timely distractions during our preparations for this week’s Cruising With The Commissioner.

There was more than a touch of deja vu in some of our choices this week, due to a little cruising-3001review of past playlists in search of a vaguely remembered number. We didn’t find what we went looking for, but we did find plenty of others that brought back good memories and a few crept into our choices here.

A few long-time members of the Cruising Crew filled some welcome moments this week and they suggested some additional gems to slip into our choices. Since it was Jazz Fest down in New Orleans this week, the Crescent City was also in our thoughts. There were a few nods in that direction with Jimmy McCracklin and a demonstration of how James Booker and Diz & The Doormen, among others, have ensured some thoroughly enjoyable trans-Atlantic music exchanges between the UK and New Orleans. Indeed, it was Mr McCracklin’s 1957 Irma 45, ‘Savoy Jump’ that started us off on this week’s cruise . . . and we never looked back . . .

Hold Me BabyI'm A Woman - Ellen McIlwaine
Savoy Jump – Jimmy McCracklin
Hold Me Baby – The Chordcats
Move With Me Baby – Big Amos Patton
Mary Lou – Ronnie Hawkins & The Hawks
Go Away – The Hesitations
That’s Where The Tears Start – Darlene Love

Girls & Guitars
I’m A Woman – Ellen McIllwaine

Gimme A Little Sign
Street Walking Woman – T Bone WalkerDiz & the Doormen
Gimme A Little Sign – Maxine Harvey
Everyone But The Right One – Helen Shapiro
Ernestine – Patience Valentine
So Deep In Love – Eddie Giles
Dang Me – Sam Hutchins
On Bended Knee – Diz & The Doormen
I Saw Her Standing There – James Booker
Baby Boy’s In Love – Jimmy Holiday
Take My Love – Little Willie John
Tune Up – Junior Walker & The Allstars
Now, not for the first time, we did some virtual James-Booker-at-Montreux-1978-Album-Cover-300x300travelling down to Nashville, for our ‘Girls & Guitars’ feature. That’s where Ellen McIlwaine was born, although she was raised in Japan, where she heard people like Ray Charles, Fats Domino and Professor Longhair. On moving to back to America, she bought a guitar and began a music career that has included recording a number of albums to date. We took a track from her 1998 album ‘Women In (E)Motion’, which shows off her fine slide guitar work and her adaptation of a Muddy Waters number, which she calls ‘I’m A Woman’.

Eventually, Junior Walker & The Allstars brought us all the way home, when we had to park up the Cruise Mobile for another week. But, all being well, we’ll be back again next week to call by for you once more to go Cruising with The Commissioner . . . until then . . . have fun!

Broadcast by Cruising Radio
on 3 May 2017