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The Blues Come Calling - poster #2

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Well, cheery greetings from this end . . . . because we’re back again with another edition of The Blues Come Calling and if you like the blues, you’re definitely in the right place . . . . So stick around and take a listen . . . . And we kicked off with Little By Little from Steve Roux & The Brass Knuckle Blues Band . . . and it rolled on very nicely from there . . . .

Little By Little – Steve Roux & The Brass Knuckle Blues Band
Fat & Forty – Memphis Slim
In The Depths Of Love – Bobby Messano
Keep On Truckin’ – Bert Deivert
Play It Cool – Freddie King
High Rise – Savoy Brown
Big Joe Williams – Bottle Up & Go
I’m Gonna Quit You Pretty Baby – Silas Hogan

Well, as Silas Hogan faded into the distances, it signalled that the sands of time had definitely run out for us this week. So, if you liked what you heard on our playlist, then here’s hoping we can enjoy your good company again next time The Blues Come Calling. Until then . . . . . . Have fun.

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The weather here in the Grand Duchy has taken a turn for the better and there have been some fine evenings relaxing in the open air with a glass of something cool and tangy (with leaves in it) and the requisite accompanying playlist. Our cheery postman has ensured some notable gems have dropped through the Cruising 52letterbox here at Cruise Control and, doubtless, they will feature in our playlists over the weeks to come

This week we found space to celebrate the birthdays of Joe Cocker and Pete Townsend, but anyone hoping to hear Little Jimmy Osmond’s ‘Long Haired Lover From Liverpool’ on our playlist may have been deeply disappointed. However, we kicked off this week’s adventure with King Pleasure & The Biscuit Boys and ‘Big Girl’ . . . .

Cruising with no particular place to go . . . . Beyond_the_sea_78444
Big Girl – King Pleasure & the Biscuit Boys
Ain’t That Just Like A Woman – Lloyd Price
Hey Little Girl – Big Boy Bloater
Irresistible You – Bobby Darin
Splish Splash – Kevin Spacey
It Will Stand – The Olympics
Charlene – The Jets
Tchoupazine Triangle – Dave Ferrato
Your True Love – Dave Edmunds
Get Rhythm – Rosie Flores
Tell Me Baby – Garnet Mimms & the EnchantersLater_on_Decatur_cover_photo
My Oh My – Billy Floyd
Right Now – Ray Scott & The Scottsmen
Put Yourself In My Place – Delroy Wilson

Killer Diller Korner . . . . with Johnny Alpha
The Worm – Bill Doggett

Cruising with the hipshakers . . . .
Can’t Stop Now – Ferris Wheel
On With The Show – The Idle Race
Pictures Of Lilly – The WhoWily Bo Walker 2
Further On Up The Road – Joe Cocker
Angel Baby (Don’t You Ever Leave Me ) – Darrell Banks
I Got To Go Back (And Watch That Little Girl Dance) – Otis Redding
The In Crowd – Dobie Gray
Rendezvous Des Cheminots – Wily Bo Walker
Baby I Wanna Play House – Arthur Gunter
Our Man In Havana – The McCoy Boys
Oh Babe – Jimmy Preston
Livin’ Lovin’ Wreck – Jimmy Page

Our Girls & Guitars feature this week threw the spotlight on singer and guitarist, Rosie Flores. She spent much of her early years growing up in California and became a member of several local bands. But it was from her solo album, ‘Girl Of The Century’, that we chose her take on the old Johnny Cash number ‘Get Rhythm’. Meanwhile, we found a little scratchy blues for the afficiados from Arthur Gunter with his 1954 Excello 45 ‘Baby I Wanna Play House’ that got covered by Mrs Presley’s favourite son.

All too soon, it was time for our last track which came from one of the UKs celebrated guitar slingers, Jimmy Page, with his own take on The Killer’s hit ‘Livin’ Lovin’ Wreck’. Then it was all over.

So, until the next time we go Cruising with The Commissioner . . . . . remember . . . . . have fun!

Listen here to this week’s show:

Well, despite some good company and some good gigs, the past week has had more than a little sadness, because we got the news of the passing of B.B. King. He had not been at all well in recent times, so it was less a surprise, than a deep sense of the end of an era. We were glad we caught him last year, appearing in his home town of Indianola and, Cruising #118for our tribute, we went back to one of his much acclaimed albums . . . . Live at Regal, where he opened up with his signature ‘Everyday I Have The Blues’. We followed that with a much later collaboration between B.B. and Joe Cocker for the album ‘Deuces Wild’. So, like for many others, the thrill is gone!

Well, there was much action around Cruise Control this week, because we received a ceremonial visit from our good pal Arfa Pinetop. He came with a handful of blues tracks, which spanned from their scratchy origins to the 60’s charts, along with a few revelations of past personalities.

There were a few birthdays and events to remember this week and our giglist included a power-house performance by Dana Fuchs, which is certain to remain with us a good while. But we got the whole show started with the help of the ‘Georgia Peach’, Little Richard and an old Johnny Cash number, ‘Get Rhythm’ . . . . and it all rolled on from there . . . .

Cruising where we please . . . . gene-pitney-shes-a-heartbreaker-1968-8
Get Rhythm – Little Richard
Ah-Who – Bad Carrol
Roll Like A Big Wheel – Olive Brown
She’s A Heartbreaker – Gene Pitney
Sinner Not A Saint – Trini Lopez
Nature Boy – Bobby Darin
A Rockin’ Good Way – Vernon & Jewel
Move On – Lisa Mann
Fever – Carlos & The Bandidos

Three From Me . . . . . with Arfa Pinetop
To The Pines, To The Pines – Bascom Lamar LunsfordLisaMann-MoveOn-Cover-275x246
In The Pines – Leadbelly
Black Girl – The Four Pennies

Cruising with the top down . . . .
One Way Love Affair – Willie Hill
You Send Me – Otis Redding
That’s When The Tears Start – The Blossoms
Water – Geno Washington & The Ram Jam Band
Famous Blue Anorak – Bubblegum Lemonade

Killer Diller Korner . . . . . With Johnny Alphabbking_live_at_the_regal
Tired Of Trying, Bored With Lying & Scared Of Dying – Manfred Mann

Cruising with friends . . . .
In Need You – The Geers
Everyday I Have The Blues – B.B. King
Dangerous Mood – B.B. King & Joe Cocker
Peanuts – Little Joe & The Thrillers
Just A Little Boy Blue – Johnny Preston
I’m In Love Again – Dee Dee Sharp
Somewhere Down the Line – Little Johnnie Taylor
There Ain’t Enough Room To Boogie – Tyrone Hibbs & The Hip-Shakers

Our Girls & Guitars feature this week focused on Lisa Mann, who has produced some impressive albums to date. We took a listen to several before we decided to play the title track from her 2014 album ‘Move On’ . . . . and we may return to her material for future shows.

The Cruisettes were much in evidence during the last two numbers in the show which included a much sought after 1963 Vocalion 45 from Little Johnnie Taylor, followed by the very aptly titled ‘There Ain’t Enough Room Her To Boogie’ and never a truer word was said! So, we went home in style with Tyrone Hibbs & The Hip-Shakers and ever hopeful that there will have been plenty in our playlist to entice you back again next week. As ever, we’ll be here, same time, same place next week to take you on another vaguely supervised adventure, when we go Cruising with The Commissioner. Until then . . . . Have fun!

The Blues Come Calling - poster #2Listen here to this week’s show:

Well, we’re back . . . . with another edition of The Blues Come Calling and if you like the blues, you’re definitely in the right place. Now, the passing of BB King has certainly left a sense that The Thrill Is Gone and we kicked off with Tino Gonzales and his uptempo version of that very song . . . .

The Thrill Is Gone – Tino Gonzales
Paying The Cost To Be The Boss – B.B. King
You Upset Me – The Fins
Blakes Rag – Mike Bloomfield
Playing The Blues, Paying The Price – Midnight Club Blues Band
Be Careful What You Do – John BrimBuddy Guy Skin Deep
Tough On Me Tough On You – Chris Farlowe
Help Me – Chantel McGregor
Show Me The Money – Buddy Guy

Our playlist had a selection of old and new, closing with blues legend, Buddy Guy and a track from his 2008 Skin Deep album. So, if you enjoyed our choices, here’s hoping we’ll see you again, same time, same place, next week . . . . when the Blues Come Calling once again. Until then . . . have fun!
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21 May 2015

Listen here to this week’s show:

Well, the election is over and, whether the outcome is your liking, or not, it certainly didn’t stop the preparations for this week’s Cruising with The Commissioner. Indeed, there was plenty in our social diary to claim our attentions, including a number of gigs, starting with our first encounter with Hat Fitz & Cara. They gave us a spirited show, with some excellent vocals and percussion from Cara Robinson and some equally excellent guitar work and vocals from Hat Fitz. They’ve produced several albums and we had a look through them, settling on their track ‘Shakedown’ for our playlist.cruisin12

There was another name on our giglist and an new album launch by Scottish band King King, led by the kilt wearing Alan Nimmo. They packed out London’s Jazz Cafe and a great show it was too. For our playlist, we chose a track from their new album ‘Reaching For The Light’, called ‘You Stopped The Rain’. And we weren’t done yet, because we found ourselves at Camden’s, Dublin Castle, for a fun evening with our good pal Johnny99 and the other guys in Supurbia. It was well worth the trip and, afterwards, it sent us back through their catalogue of songs to find something for our playlist, which happened to be a track on their 2007 album ‘Hee Hoo Wood’, called ‘28” Screen’. We also caught a local gig by visiting Arkansas artist, Sleepy LaBeef, and a solo session by UK bluesman Dave Kelly . . . . Which was a good excuse to play his version of ‘Rooster Blues’.

The wonderful Thelma Houston popped up with her great version of ‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash’, because it was her birthday during the week, but kicked off down the road with Sleepy LaBeef and his 1963 single for Wayside records, Tore Up . . . .

Cruising in good company . . . .Sleepy Labeef
Tore Up – Sleepy LaBeef
Fools Fall In Love – The Drifters
Time To Boogie – Jamie Oldaker
Rooster Blues – Dave Kelly
Jumping Jack Flash – Thelma Houston
Tie Me Tight – Bob Kayli
Misery – Kenny Lynch
It’s My Party – Helen Shapiro
Memphis Has Got The Blues – Rita Chiarelli
You Stopped The Rain – King King
Your True Love – Carl PerkinsRita Chiarelli (2)
I Wish It Would Rain – The Techniques

Killer Diller Korner . . . . . with Johnny Alpha
Hoochi Koochi – Dora Hall

Cruising where we please . . . .
Let It Rock – Jeff Lynne
Stairway To Heaven – Robyne Dunn
28” Screen – Supurbia
She Loves You Too – The Patriots
The Games People Play – Bettye LaVettereachingforthelight-300x300
Sweet Situation – LaRoux
Let’s Go Riding – Freddie Spruell
Jingle – Down on the bayous
Shakedown – Hat Fitz & Cara
Whoa Whoa (I Love Him So) – Nikki Blu
Little Things Mean A Lot – Antoinette
I Got Eyes – Johnny ‘Guitar’ Watson
You’re Humbuggin’ Me – Lefty Frizzell
I Get The Blues When It Rains – Alonzo Stewart

Now, it was Thom Hickey’s blog, The Immortal Jukebox, that inspired our choice of the Beatles song by Kenny Lynch. The song, ‘Misery’, was actually written for Helen Shapiro, who was the headliner on the Beatles first UK tour, but she never recorded it because her producer didn’t like it. But, she did record the song ‘It’s My Party’ long before Leslie Gore had ever heard the song and we took the opportunity to dedicate it to anyone who left a party this week in tears or otherwise.

This week’s Girls & Guitars feature brought something from Canadian singer and guitarist, Rita Chiarelli. She began performing in Ronnie Hawkins’ band in the early 1980s and went on to develop a successful solo career, which has produced 9 albums to date. We chose ‘Memphis Has Got The Blues’ from her 2001 album ‘Breakfast at Midnight’. Meanwhile, our dip into the scratchy blues bag pulled out something by Delta Bluesman, Freddie Spruell. He was born in 1893 and he is generally regarded as the first Delta bluesman to be recorded with his Okeh release of “Milk Cow Blues” in June, 1926. But we chose his best known number Let’s Go Riding’.

Before we realised, our cruising time was over, but we played out with ‘I Get The Blues When It Rains’ by Alonzo Stewart and got back to Cruise Control, ever hopeful that there was sufficient good stuff in our playlist to tempt you back again, same time same place, next week. But, until then, remember . . . . . . . . Have fun!

P.S. A big thanks to Jamie Dell’Apa at New Orleans WWOZ for inviting The Commissioner to his ‘broadcast table’ for his Saturday night show ‘Blues In the Night’ . . . . great fun!


The Blues Come Calling - poster #2

Well, greetings one and all . . . . and we’re back again with another edition of The Blues Come Calling and if you like the blues, you’re definitely in the right place . . . . so check out our playlist, which has some rocking stuff, some nice Piedmont blues and a few new and old tunes suggested by our giglist this week. But, we kicked off with a great blues from Fleetwood Mac featuring the much revered Peter Green

Lazy Poker Blues – Fleetwood Mac
Short Ribs – Sugar Ray & the Bluetones
Step It Up & Go – Blind Boy Fuller
Living On Sunday – Dana Fuchs
Wiley Ways – Hat Fitz & Cara
Just A Little Lie – King King
The Man I’ve Never Known – Supurbia
Baby What’s Wrong – Lonnie Mack

Well, all too soon, the sands of time ran out on us, but if you liked what you heard on this week’s playlist, then I hope there’s a chance we can enjoy your good company next time The Blues Come Calling. Until then . . . . . have fun!

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14 May 2015

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Now, this week seems to be have been full of notable birthdays and events which popped up through our playlist. There have been plenty of birthdays for those past and present, there has been a sad farewell to soulman Ben E King, the Cinco De Mayo celebrations and, unless you’ve been hiding behind the sofa or under some blankets, you’ll have noticed that the electioneering around these parts has reached saturation point. So, plenty to inspire our musical choices this week.Cruising 68

Amongst the birthdays, we found Quo-man, Francis Rossi, Lonnie Donegan, Pete Seeger, Gene Vincent, Little Walter, James Brown and Frankie Valli (who is on our gig list soon).

We had fun looking for some less well known songs about elections and came back smiling. We found Ella Fitzgerald’s ‘Vote For Mr Rhythm’, Charlie Wood’s ‘Doin’ The Blah Blah Blah’, Sunnyland Slim’s ‘Be Careful How You Vote’ and James Brown’s ‘Bewildered’, but we set off on our musical adventure in the company of Big Al T Ork and his fine interpretation of Edwin Starr’s 25 Miles . . . .

Cruising where the road takes us . . . .ben-e-king-what-can-a-man-do-1964-2
Twenty Five Miles – Big Al T Ork
Everything’s Cool – Pork Chops
Drive It Home – The Clovers
Vote For Mr Rhythm – Ella Fitzgerald
Everyday I Have To Cry Some – Bon Scott & The Valentines
Tired Of Waiting – The Kinks
I Just Wanna Make Love To You – Francesca De Fazi
It Ain’t Right – Little Walter
Bewildered – James Brown
Peanuts – Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons
Be Bop-A-Lula – Gene Vincentthe-clovers-drive-it-home-atlantic
Just Like The Weather – Nolan Chance
What Can A Man Do – Ben E King
Snake Eyes – Alvin ‘Red’ Tyler & The Gyros

Killer Diller Korner . . . . with Johnny Alpha
Margio – Rob Hoeke

Cruising where it matters . . . .
Turn Turn Turn – The Byrds
I Must Be In Love – The Rutles
You Won’t See Me – Lonnie Donegan with Chas & DaveCharlie Wood - Flutter
A Little Bit Is Better Than Nada – The Texas Tornados
Tear Stained Letter – Jerry Williams
Be Careful How You Vote – Sunnyland Slim
You Can’t Hide – Freddy King & Lulu Reed
Knock Knock – Carol Fran
Gotta Lotta That – Gene Summers
Doin’ The Blah Blah Blah – Charlie Wood
Rocking All Over The World – Status Quo
It Don’t Take But A Few Minutes – The Refreshments

Our Girls & Guitars feature put the spotlight on Italian, Francesca De Fazi, whois a guitarist and singer with a style that has been compared by some to Bonnie Raitt and Janis Joplin. She’s produced a couple of albums that include some fine blues and on this occasion, we chose a track from her 2013 album called ‘Roman Woman Blues’ and her rather good take on ‘I Just Wanna Make Love To You’. Meanwhile, our dip into the scratchy blues bag pulled out something by bluesman, Sunnyland Slim. He was born in 1906 in Quitman County, Mississippi and in 1925, like many others, he made the journey from the rural South to the industrial North to settle in Chicago. He got to play with some of the big names in blues and we couldn’t resist playing his timely piece . . . . ‘Be Careful How You Vote’

Sadly, all too soon our 90 minutes of cruising was almost up and we had to turn for home, which we did in the company of The Refreshments and a rocking version of Chuck Berry’s ‘It Don’t Take But A Few Minutes’. We arrived back home, parked up the Cruise Mobile and after a quick polish, we were ready to come back again next week . . . . same time, same place, with a seat saved especially for you. So, until the next time we go Cruising with The Commissionerremember . . . . have fun!

Check out ‘The Blues Come Calling’


The Blues Come Calling - poster #2

Listen here to this week’s show:


Well, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, you’d better be ready when the Blues Come Calling and if you like the blues, you’re most surely in the right place. So take a listen to the first of our new shows and give us some feedback.

It all had to start somewhere, so we kicked off with Aerosmith and an old Peter Green number ‘Stop Messin’ Around’ and were soon into something old, something new, something forgotten and (most definitely) something blue. . . . as you can hear:

Stop Messin’ Around – Aerosmith
Hold Me In Your Arms – Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee
Little By Little – Katie Bradley
I Got Mine – Roy Bookbinder
You Upset Me Baby – B.B. King
Nobody Knows You When You’re Down & Out – Scrapper Blackwell
Calling Card – Rory Gallagher

We wound things up with Rory Gallagher and then it time to start collecting up the vinyl and CDs from this week’s playlist and putting them back, where they belong. If you liked what you heard, then here’s hoping we can enjoy your good company on the next occasion when The Blues Come Calling. Until then . . . . . Have fun.

The Blues Come Calling #1
Broadcast on Miskin Radio – 7 May 2015