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Posted: March 1, 2012 in Hear This . . . . !

Listen here to this week’s show:

Cruising with the Commissioner #48 (01.03.12)

Well, the sun came back to cheer the week and bring a new enthusiasm to our many activities, including our sifting and sorting for our next playlist and our next festival of rock, soul and real rhythm and blues, that we call Cruising with The Commission. The week was pretty ‘lively’ and we were not short of social events, cheery encounters with friends and family, and some visits to some of the choice music stores in the Grand Duchy and London. Along the way, we bagged some juicy gems for our future playlists, as well as getting along to some eagerly awaited, concerts and shows. Somehow, even a little business got done in the gaps in between.

Through all this, with the illusion of some master plan of diary programming, we were attempting to maintain the natural order and equilibrium of Cruise Control (now there’s some creative writing), but we deflected by the very welcome arrival of our good pal Johnny99. He turned up with a big smile, a bag of records and brandishing a dragon emblazoned Welsh flag . . . . just in case we didn’t know already, that it was St David’s Day on 1st March. He settled into the executive chair, positioned the microphone and proceeded to give us an appropriately Welsh flavoured ‘Three From Me’ . . . . and a fine selection it was too, as you can hear in this week’s show. Barely time for a few vittles and a bevy . . . . and he was off. So, we slipped a return ticket in his pocket to ensure he comes back soon.

Well, The Cruisettes and various members of the Cruising Crew clearly enjoyed the latin rhythms that DJ Wheeliebag brought along last week. It resulted in some ‘enthused encouragement’ to go rummaging for some excellent latin rock for this week’s playlist . . . . so we did . . . and we included Raimundo Amador (with BB King guesting) and Malo (although the internet gremlins conspired to impose an early curfew)!

So, there was plenty to grab our attention and it may have sounded a little breathless as a result (which is maybe how I always sound), but we were there on time to wish the warmest of welcomes to one and all. We rolled out the Cruise Mobile, wound the windows down and turned up the volume . . . . all ready to go Cruising with the Commissioner. Pausing only to check on the well-being of Mr Merlot, we started off on our musical adventure with Big Maybelle and her 1957 single for Savoy records ‘Rock House’ and followed on with a great new arrival at Cruise Control, Margie Day and The Griffin Brothers with ‘Sadie Green’.

We were soon up to full cruising speed and enjoying the moment, but with a playlist already jammed to capacity, sadly, there we had no space to include anything by Semprini . . . but ‘never say never’. So, here’s this week’s playlist:

Cruising for the border . . . .
Rock House – Big Maybelle
Sadie Green – Margie Day & The Griffin Brothers
Move It On Over – Bill Haley & His Comets
Ain’t Love Good, Ain’t Love Proud – Tony Clarke
Just Can’t Get Enough Of You – The Apollas
A Walkin’ Miracle – The Essex
This Gets To Me – Pookie Hudson
This Old Heart of Mine – The Isley Brothers
A Night with Daddy “G” – The Church Street Five

Three From Me . . . . with Johnny99
Something For The Weekend – Super Furry Animals
Hanky Panky Nohow – John Cale
Stay – 60ft Dolls

Cruising with friends . . . .
Supurbia – Do You Dream In Technicolor
For What Its Worth – Rush
5-4-3-2-1 – Manfred Mann
Where Do We Go From Here – Elkie Brooks
See Emily Play – David Bowie
Checkin’ Up On My Baby – John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers
I Ain’t Got You – Billy Boy Arnold
It’s Mighty Nice – The Lovejoys

Memory Lane . . . . with The Commissioner
Last Train To Clarksville – The Monkees

Cruising where the music’s playing . . . .
The Switch – Joe Brown
Lonely Teardrops – Narvel Felts
Sugar Bee – Jo-el Sonnier
Tear Stained Letter – Jerry Williams
House Of Blue Lights – Asleep At The Wheel
Since I Fell For You – Natalie Cole & Reba McIntire
Livin’ Lovin’ Wreck – Jerry Lee Lewis

Cruising for home . . . . .
Bollere – Raimundo Amador (with BB King)
Nena – Malo
You Don’t Miss Your Water – Little Esther & Big Al Downing

Well, our good pal Pete Hall was in touch during the week and recommended a couple of versions of ‘Move It On Over’ including the one from Bill Haley that we played this week. He also recommended a really interesting R&B version of the song by the Griffin Brothers from 1953. He said the Griffin Brothers version was particularly noteworthy because it contains probably the first saxophone solo on record from Gene Barge a.k.a. “Daddy G”. He played saxophone on some legendary records in the 50s and 60s and was still playing live and sounding good when I saw him a few years back in Chicago. But, I thought we should find a copy of his early outing with the Church Street Five and their recording of “A Night with Daddy “G”. We did find a copy . . . . though it proved to be a bit elusive . . . . . and I’m still looking for a better copy !!!

This week’s detour down Memory Lane took us back to December 1966, which was the UK TV audience’s first experience of a new series of music shows that would prove to be habit forming for a new generation. This was TV launch of the weekly series of programmes featuring the antics of The Monkees, featuring Davy Jones, Peter Tork, Micky Dolenz and Mike Nesmith. Despite the criticism of their musical and acting abilities, they became a worldwide success and achieved chart hits with a series of well-selected and well-honed song choices. But, yesterday part of that legend passed on, with the death of Monkees lead singer Davy Jones . . . . and he took his Last Train to Clarksville . . . . although, as the rich array of musical expertise in the chatroom pointed out, Davy Jones wasn’t the lead singer on that track . . . . but it was worth the link!

Well, the time disappeared rather too quickly and, all too soon we were heading for the last track of the evening from Little Esther & Big Al Downing, ‘You Don’t Miss Your Water’ (which has been getting plenty of plays here recently). So, whether you caught some or all of the show, we hope that the it  left you in high spirits and eager to join us again next week. . . . . when once again we can go Cruising with The Commissioner. But, if that all seems too far off, you can always get a fix from the Tuesday night mafia on Wireless FM, where they’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse and play you music you’ll never forget.

So, until the next time we go Cruising with The Commissioner . . . . have fun!

  1. Lil-Sis says:

    Thanks for yet another good show (albeit cut short due to internet problems) with some excellent sounds. I especially enjoyed the lively chat in the chat room – it was fun!

    Look forward to listening every week.


    • Glad you enjoyed it and it was good to have excellent company to share the moments. I am so much better informed now about matters relating to the Monkees . . . . what have I been missing?

      Catch the full show on the website, if you are curious about the last few tracks.

      Oh . . . . . and . . . . have fun!


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