Cheer Up . . .

Posted: June 23, 2020 in Hear This . . . . !

Listen here to this week’s Cruising with The Commissioner:

Well, the sun has been gracing the Grand Duchy rather a lot just lately, which has made our Cruising adventures an even more enjoyable prospect. So, we arrived in the Cruise Mobile in good cheer, with a seat saved especially for you and all ready to whisk you off for another Cruising with The Commissioner. So, with practised ease, we set off down the road to ‘who knows where’ with some rockin’ R&B from Ace Cannon, Ronnie DawsonCruising #4004 and Maria Vincent blasting out of the radio.

This week, we ‘fessed up’ to a little digging in someone else’s music collection, which is always a welcome journey of discovery and made a joy when it’s someone like our good pal Jamie Dell’Apa. There were plenty of dusty gems to choose from and although it was tempting to do more, but we pulled out just a handful and promised to return another day.

Now, some amongst the Cruising Crew have been suggesting that our recent Cruising Connections have been a little ‘testing’, so this week we lightened up with three US rocking numbers by Billy The Kid, Curtis Lee and Ruth Brown. Their songs all got into the UK’s charts when they were covered by a local lad, who was this week’s link.

Hot StuffMaria Vincent & the Millionaires
Just Rockin’ & Rollin’ – Ronnie Dawson
Them There Eyes – Maria Vincent & The Millionaires
Gonna Learn To Rock – Doyle Madden
Steam Heat – Patti Page
Feelin’ All Right – Larry Dale
Let The Good Time Roll, Creole – Memphis Slim

Cruising Connections
Apron Strings – Billy The Kid
D In Love – Curtis Lee
Lucky Lips – Ruth Brown
No Turning Back – Cliff Richard & The DriftersLarkin Poe

Girls & Guitars

John The Revelator – Larkin Poe

Jukebox Rock & Roll
Drugstore Rock & Roll – Janis Martin
Fall Guy – Titus Turner

Doo Wop Delights
A Kiss & A Vow – The Nitecaps
Cheer Up – The Five Fleets

Enough Is EnoughRockin' Dopsie
They All Asked About You – Rockin’ Dopsie Jr
Another Bachelor – The Adventurers
Enough Enough – The Refreshments

This week, our Girls & Guitars feature came with a ‘two for one’ bonus, because it turned its spotlight on sisters Rebecca and Megan Lovell, who hail from Atlanta and front American roots rock band, Larkin Poe. They have established a reputation for strong southern harmonies, heavy electric guitar riffs, and slide guitar, all of which has seen them often touted as “the little sisters of the Allman Brothers”. As an example, we featured their version of ‘John The Revelator’.

Hopefully, our Doo Wop Delights brought some joy to those who share a love the sounds of those 50s vocal groups. This week we featured a soulful ballad by The Nitecaps and then an upbeat number by The Adventurers, appropriately titled ‘Cheer Up’. Further along the way, we gave a respectful nod in the direction of Cruising Crew member, Thom Hickey, who pointed us to The Meters ‘They All Asked About You’, which got big smiles from Mr Merlot and yours truly. So, when we came across another version by Rockin’ Dopsie, there was no question that we had to slip it into this week’s playlist . . . and we did!

But, all too soon, our Cruising time was running out and we had to turn the trusty Cruise Mobile for home. We got back home safe and sound in the company of Swedish rockers, The Refreshments, with a number that brought a knowing nod or two from Mr Merlot, ‘Enough Is Enough’. Then it was all over and we parked up the Cruise Mobile, all ready for the next time we go Cruising with The Commissioner. Until then . . . . remember . . . . have fun!

Broadcast by Miskin Radio
on 23 June 2020


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