Give it up . . .

Posted: July 2, 2019 in Hear This . . . . !

Listen here to this week’s Cruising with The Commissioner:

Well, June came and went without any ‘busting out’ being obvious . . . . but the trusty Cruise Mobile did travel plenty of miles in pursuit of gigs and festivals  . . . which largely avoided the rains that fall on the plains.  These diversions were most welcome, given the extent of political posturing in recent times. So, with a cheery wave from down the road, we rolled by in the Cruise Mobile with nothing short of precision timing, together with a seat saved especially for you, just so we can all go Cruising with The Commissioner.

This week’s playlist came together in rather piecemeal fashion, but Dave Bartholomew’s ‘The Monkey Speaks His Mind’ was an early choice and it came with a big thanks to Cruising #3006bThom Hickey and his Immortal Jukebox for suggesting it . . . . displaying, as Thom says, wit and wisdom in its lyrics and a driving one chord melody. Another well known name from New Orleans crept into our choices, in the form of Dr John, offering another sly view on the mysteries of life, with his ‘How Come My Dog Don’t Bark (When You Come Around)’. Demonstrating our affection for tenuous links, we followed Dr John with Doc Pomus, who wrote a few songs with Dr John and if he’d stuck around it would have been Doc Pomus’s birthday this past week so it seemed appropriate to play one of his . . . and we chose ‘Give It Up’.

Texas also got well represented, with our Girls & Guitars focus on Carolyn Wonderland and then The Nightcaps, a Texas band that was pretty influential in their day and our good pal Wendel Williams pointed us to their 1960 Vandan 45 ‘Thunderbird’ . . . along with an article about how the band lost the rights to this original number by them when it got covered by another Top Texas band. But, before any of that, we kicked off down the road with The Tube City Kings and their take on an old favorite, ‘Rib Joint’ . . .

Gone Too LongWillie Headen
Rib Joint – The Tube City Dukes
St Loo – The Night Riders
Help Each Other Romance – The Drifters with Ben E King & Lavern Baker
Fun On A Saturday Night – Willie Headen
Don’t Try – The Tangiers
Thunderbird – The Nightcaps
Deep In The Heart Of Texas – Geraint Watkins & The Dominators
Gone Too Long – Mike Berry & The Outlaws
The Girl Can’t Help It – Billy Bremner & The Refreshments
Dynamite – Cliff Richard
Let’s Rock While The Rockin’s Good – Cuddly Dudley

Girls & GuitarsCarolyn Wonderland
Swamp – Carolyn Wonderland

Give It Up
The Monkey Speaks His Mind – Dave Bartholomew
How Come My Dog Don’t Bark (When You Come Around) – Dr John
Give It Up – Doc Pomus
Greetings (This Is Uncle Sam) – The Monitors
Ice – The Penguins
Big Blon Baby – Larry Page & the Saga Satellites
Wanna Jean – Henry Shead Sr

Well, our rummaging in the Cruising Library this Doc Pomusweek turned up a few worthy of UK contributions to the music we love here, including the great Geraint Watkins & The Dominators, Mike Berry & The Outlaws with ‘Gone Too Long’, Billy Bremner & The Refreshments, Larry Page & the Saga Satellites and a couple of ‘names’ who appeared on Jack Good’s ground breaking TV show ‘Oh Boy’, Cliff Richard and Cuddly Dudley . . . . who was probably the first black UK rock & roller on TV.

Our Doo Wop Delights featured The Penguins with an up-tempo number that followed a Motown group . . . and if you didn’t think Motown did doo wop, then our choice from The Monitors will change all that!

We knew that time was running out, so we had to turn the Cruise Mobile for home and taking us all the way home was a little Fernwood 45 from singer and actor Henry Shead Sr . . . possibly not the catchiest name to appear on a record label, but well worth picking up if you come across a copy, especially if it’s ‘Wanna Jean’. Then, we were parking up the Cruise Mobile and waving a cheery farewell, ever hopeful that we’ll meet again, same time, same place next week. So, until the next time we go Cruising with The Commissioner . . . remember . . . have fun!

Broadcast by Miskin Radio
on 2 July 2019

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