They All Asked For You . . .

Posted: November 24, 2018 in Hear This . . . . !

Listen here to this week’s Cruising with The Commissioner:

Well, here in the Grand Duchy, we can’t say we haven’t had a very good summer and there are still occasional sunny days to remind us, which makes our search for our playlist choices even more enjoyable. So, when the appointed time arrived, the Cruise Mobile came down the road with plenty of great music on the radio and the customary seat saved especially for you . . . just so we could all go Cruising with The Commissioner. We kicked off this week’s cruise with Buddy Lucas and his Orchestra doing the ‘Gee Gee Walk’ and with a revs of the engine, we headed off for who know where in the very good company of Vikki Nelson.
There was some swinging Cruising - you might be surprised 7R&B from Swedish band, Sweet Emma & The Mood Swingers, with ‘Lost In Los Olas’, followed by King Perry, a well known jazz saxophonist, who also made some great R&B recordings like his 1956 ‘Come Back Baby’. Then, there was a little taste of Charlie Gracie which was followed with an invitation to join us in Caribbean mood for a calypso song, given a new twist by Gary US Bonds. There was grateful thanks to Cruising Crew member, Johnny Alpha, for pointing us to Jimmy Sedlar’s version of ‘Shorty’s Got To Go’ . . . . a hard to find treasure on the Big M label.

There are more little treasures in this week’s Cruising Connections, with choices inspired by the wonderful Thom Hickey, who has had many a mention over the years for his most excellent blog ‘The Immortal Jukebox’. This week’s trio of tracks started off with with a great New Orleans favourite and featured someone who grew up with Huey Smith and Sugar Boy Crawford and by 1949 was playing with ‘The Shuffling Hungarians’ when he got play on Professor Longhair’s original 1949 recording of Mardi Gras In New Orleans. He also appeared on Huey Piano Smith’s, ‘Don’t You Know Yokamo’ and was there playing behind Irma Thomas on her 1958 hit ‘Don’t Mess With My Man’. So, full marks were awarded to all who spotted that the common link was saxman, Robert Parker, who went on to solo success with his song ‘Barefootin’. As an extra thank you to Thom Hickey, we found Robert Parker’s take on a favourite song of Thom’s, ‘They All Asked For You’.

Shorty’s Got To GoSweet Emma & The Mood Swingers
Gee Gee Walk – The Buddy Lucas Orchestra
I Was A Fool For Leaving – Vikki Nelson
Lost On Los Olas – Sweet Emma & The Mood Swingers
Come Back Baby – King Perry
I’m A Fool That’s Why – Charlie Gracie
Coconut Woman – Gary US Bonds
Shorty’s Got To Go – Jimmy Sedlar

Cruising Connections
Mardi Gras in New Orleans – Professor Longhair
Don’t You Know Yokamo – Huey Piano Smith
Don’t Mess With My Man – Irma ThomasCharlie Gracie
Barefootin’ – Robert Parker
They All Asked For You – Robert Parker

Girls & Guitars
Person To Person – Erja Lyttinen

Doo Wop Delights
So Hard To Laugh, So Easy To Cry – The Titans
Gosh But This Is Love – The Classics

Sure Look Good To Me
Sally Go Round The Roses – The IkettesPerson To Person - Erja Lyttinen
Gonna Wait For My Chance – Ike Turner & His Kings of Rhythm
Sure Look Good To Me – Otis Riley
Janet Leigh – Kieron McDonald
Screamin’ Mimi Jeannie – Mickey Hawks

This week, our Girls & Guitars feature, focised its spotlight on Finnish lady of the blues, Erja Lyytenen who delivers some impressive slide guitar work and vocals that range from near pop numbers through to gutsy old style Chicago blues . . . and to give you a flavour of the latter, we played her take on the Elmore James number ‘Person To Person’.

For those who share an affection for those vocal groups of the 50s, this week’s Doo Wop Delights featured two Los Angeles groups. Gonna Wait For My Chance - Ike Turner & His Kings of RhythmFirst up were The Titans, who formed in 1956 and released their Vita 45 in 1957, titled ‘So Hard To Laugh, So Easy To Cry’, which was a song they performed in the cult rock film ‘Bop Girl Goes Calypso’. Then, we heard from The Classics, with their 1958 Class 45 ‘Gosh But This Is Love’ which was the first of only two releases by the group.

Many of the Cruising Crew will know the song ‘Sally Go Round The Roses’ as a 1963 hit for girl group The Jaynetts. The song has been covered many times since, but the first of those covers came in 1965 from The Ikettes. At the time, they were Vanetta Fields, Jessie Smith and Robbie Montgomery. Then, feigning some sort of sophistication and co-ordination, we followed The Ikettes with a great rocking treat from their mentor, Ike Turner, ‘Gonna Wait For My Chance’. Chancing that we had created the mood to rock out some more, we pulled out a 1958 Kappa single from Otis Riley which sounded a lot like a Larry Williams take off.

With time running out for our cruising adventures, the Cruise Mobile took us across the Atlantic to Germany to hear from Kieron McDonald, with his fixation on Hollywood and ‘Janet Leigh’. Then, all too soon we were heading for those familiar faces and places in the company of Mickey Hawks, doing some breathless rocking on his 50s story of ‘Screamin’ Mimi Jeannie’. As the trusty Cruise Mobile rolled to a stop, we were relieved to find ourselves home safe and sound from our cruise and just in time to park up it up and polish it up so it’s all ready for the next time we go Cruising with The Commissioner. Until then . . . remember . . . have fun!

Broadcast by Miskin Radio
on 24 November 2018

  1. Thom Hickey says:

    Many thanks for the kind words. Best regards Thom

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