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Posted: October 18, 2017 in Hear This . . . . !

Listen here to this week’s Cruising with The Commissioner:

Well, it’s been strange week . . . unusually warm days and evenings, eerie orange glow skies, to say nothing of recent world events. But, none of that deterred us from our enthusiastic preparations for this week’s Cruising with The Commissioner.

Now, you might be under the impression that we aim for some sort of themed co-ordination in the collection of music for our Cruising playlists, but the reality is that it’s usually a pretty haphazard approach. This week proved to be inspired by a whole series of unrelated influences, that came together like a collection of post it notes . . . . of course Mr Merlot is not surprised at all. Cruising #3019

Last week’s show inspired the opener to this week’s show from Louis Jordan called The Slop. Then, with some squeals from the wheels we headed off down the road with Lucky Carmichael with his 1962 PAM record label ‘Hey Girl’. While looking for something else in the Cruising Library, up popped a 1955 Spark record by ‘Mister Ruffin’, better known as “Riff” Ruffin and a one time guitarist in Elmore James band. So, that went into the playlist too.

Now, those with excellent taste in music, may have caught up with The Shake’s Out of Sight Show, where he did his bit for international relations by playing something from Italian songstress, Caterina Caselli and it inspired us to see what else she may have recorded . . . and there’s a lot, including our choice, her take on ‘Paint It Black’. Our international influences were evident too, with Netherlands band, Dee’s Honeytones and something from their album ‘Hot Damn’.

East Coast band the Starjays were in the mix, as well as, New York, eight-piece Rhythm & Blues band, The Big Heat and they were in very good company this week with Mike Sanchez and his band, who were on our giglist doing some great R&B at London’s 100 Club.

Bring It On Backdees-honeytones-300x293
The Slop – Louis Jordan
Hey Girl – Lucky Carmichael
Bring It On Back – Mister Ruffin
Oh Baby – Dee’s Honeytones
I’ll Wait – The Starjays
Paint It Black (Tutto Nero) – Caterina Caselli
Will Call – The Big Heat
One More Kiss – Mike Sanchez & His Band
Blue & Lonesome – Jimmie Lee with Jay Franks & His Rockets of Rhythm

Girls & Guitars
Stagolee – Rory BlockRory Block - Avalon
I Had A Thrill
Bad Boy – Robin Luke
Susie Darlin’ – Robin Luke
Part Of A Fool – Robin Luke
I Had A Thrill – The Cherokees
Baby Droptop – The Fabulous Pearls
What Does It Take – Chuck Carbo
Hum Baby – Little Jerry Williams
No Particular Place To Go – Chuck Berry
.Chuck Berry - No Particular Place To Go
This week’s Girls and Guitars feature focused it’s spotlight on Princeton born, Rory Block, who honed her craft in the company of some very notable players in and around the clubs and coffee houses of California. She’s released numerous acclaimed albums and we chose a track from her album, dedicated to Mississippi John Hurt with its fine example Rory’s great vocals and nice guitar work.

Our good pal Amigo, came back after last weeks show with some fascinating feedback on our profile of Big Jim Sullivan. Not only did Amigo point us to a missing Welsh connection, but also an obscure Hawaiian connection. So, to calm any protest by Welsh activists, we confirmed that Big Jim Sullivan did indeed play on many Tom Jones recordings and for 5 years in the early 70s, Big Jim performed on stage with Tom Jones at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. The Hawaiian connection came from a cover of Marty Wilde’s UK hit ‘Bad Boy’, which featured Jim Sullivan’s guitar work and got covered, with some success, by Hawaiian star Robin Luke. That led us to another little post it note, this time about talent spotter and promoter, Kimo Wilder McVay, who proved to be a fascinating fella.

We managed to fit in our Doo Wop Stop, featuring Philadelphia group The Cherokees, along with The Fabulous Pearls, who recorded ‘Baby Droptop’ for Dootone records back in 1959, but for some reason it didn’t get released back then and we’d love to know why . . . . so if you know, do tell! Then, we found time running out on us, so while Little Jerry Williams was singing ‘Hum Baby’, we turned the Cruise Mobile for home and we got all the way home in the company of Chuck Berry and his quintessential cruising song, ‘No Particular Place To Go’. Then, we parked up the Cruise mobile ready for our next musical adventure. So, until the next time we go Cruising with The Commissioner . . . remember . . . have fun!

Broadcast by Cruising Radio
on 18 October 2017

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