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Posted: August 9, 2017 in Hear This . . . . !

Listen here to this week’s Cruising with The Commissioner:

Well, this week the weather may have been unpredictable around the Grand Duchy, but with our customary precision, we rolled by in the trusty Cruise Mobile at the appointed time and place to offer the warmest of welcomes to one and all and an enthusiastic invitation to jump aboard for another musical adventure that we continue to call . . . Cruising with The Commissioner. Then, barely waiting for you to sit back in the seat saved especially for you, we launched into ‘All Night Diner’ by Santo & Johnny and followed fast with The Cadillacs, and their 1957 take on a Chuck Willis song ‘Sugar Sugar’ . . . . with not an Archie to be seen anywhere.

Certain members of the Cruising Crew may have spotted Mike Robinson’s 1960 Vibro 45Cruising #3012b ‘Lula’ as something that’s frequently on the setlist of UK R&B band leader, Mike Sanchez and his band. So, it was a good excuse to play another favorite by Mike ‘Babes & Buicks’. Another UK name who’s been promoting the 50s R&B sounds that we like here is Diz Watson and back in 1983 when Dr John was on a UK tour, he recorded a live album in London with some UK musicians . . . and surprise, surprise, those musicians were the much esteemed Diz & The Doormen. That album is a bit of a collectors item, but it finally arrived in the Cruising Library and we shared a track on this week’s Cruising playlist.

Now, there were a few ‘thank you’s’ this week, including Neil Pelligrin for suggesting a rarely heard number by Bobby Charles called ‘Mr Moon’. Our good pals Larry Grogan and Wendel Williams both got a shout out for helping with some background on singer and dancer, Round Robin and American TV show where he appeared, ‘The Lloyd Thaxton Show’. For those with unrestrained rhythmic tendencies, we invited them to have their dance step chart laid out on the floor to join Round Robin and ‘Do The Slauson’.

Babes & Buicks Babes & Buicks
All Night Diner – Santo & Johnny
Sugar Sugar – The Cadillacs
Lula – Mike Robinson
Babes & Buicks – Mike Sanchez & His Band
Right Place, Wrong Time – Dr John
Come On Let’s Go – Chuck Dallis
Bulmoose – Bobby Darin
Mr Moon – Bobby Charles
Do The Slauson – Round Robin

Girls & Guitars
Bourbon Street – Bex MarshallBex-Marshall-The-House-of-Mercy

Jockey Full Of Bourbon – Carlos & The Bandidos
Swinging Hula Girl – The Blue Hawaiians
Hillbilly Blues – Clear Waters
I’ll Never Stand In Your Way – The Four Tophatters
Gee – The Pixies Three
My Girl Ivy – Jimmy Witherspoon & The Quintones
Yama Yama Pretty Mama – Richard Berry

Our Girls & Guitars feature this week focused on Bex Marshall, who grew up in Devon,the-pixies-three-gee-1964 UK. She says that as a child she was given plenty of encouragement to sing and at 11 years old she got a very pleasant surprise when one of her uncles gave her a 1963 Gibson Hummingbird. To demonstrate how she put it to good use, we went back to her 2012 album ‘House of Mercy’, which is where we found our choice ‘Bourbon Street’.

Our ‘Doo Wop Stop’ included the 1956 Cadence 45 ‘I’ll Never Stand In Your Way’ by The Four Tophatters, which had been a 1953 hit for Joni James. The Tophatters version sounds like their lead vocalist may have heard Elvis’s earlier demo track of the song. We followed that with Pennsylvania girl group, The Pixies Three with their 1964  version of the Crows earlier hit ‘Gee’.

A couple more shout outs came later in the show in the direction of Jamie Dell’Apa and Matt The Cat. Jamie pointed us to a great number with a hint of Chuck Berry called ‘HillBilly Blues’. It was recorded back in the 50s for Chicago’s Atomic H records and credited to Clear Waters & His Band, which turned out to be Eddie ‘The Chief’ Clearwater. Thanks also went to Matt The Cat & his Juke In the Back Show for reminding us of rocking gem by Jimmy Witherspoon, his 1956 Atco recording with vocal group the Quintones, ‘My Girl Ivy’. Then we finished with a flourish, as Richard Berry took us all the way home with a big favorite here ‘Yama Yama Pretty Mama’. Then, we parked up the Cruise Mobile, gave it quick polish, gave everyone a cheery wave and hoped we would all meet again soon. So, until the next time we go Cruising with The Commissioner . . . remember. . . have fun!

Broadcast by Cruising Radio
on 9 August 2017

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