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Posted: August 3, 2017 in Hear This . . . . !

Listen here to this week’s Cruising with The Commissioner:

Well, this week has brought plenty of surprises and welcome encounters. We caught up with quite a few of the Cruising Crew, so there were friendly faces, plenty of laughs and some new additions to the Cruising Library. So, we were in good spirits as the time approached to go Cruising with The Commissioner and a big thanks goes out to those who’ve given us comments on the show recently and for the suggestions for our future playlists.

We kicked off down the Cruising #3009road this week with vocal group The Five Keys and a favorite of theirs here, ‘My Pigeon’s Gone’. To get us up to full cruising speed, we followed up with one of the great names of New Orleans 50s recordings, sax man Lee Allen and his band with ‘Hot Rod Special’. Chuck Dallis was in there too, with a 1965 Marvel 45 ‘Good Show But No Go’ and then one of the suggestions that had us rummaging in the Cruising library for New Jersey group The Four Tophatters with their 1955 Cadence 45 ‘45 Men In A Telephone Booth’.

If you remember the 60s group The Walker Brothers, then you’ll know the name Scott Engel and maybe think of him as a blue eyed soul singer. If you do, you might be surprised to hear him in an earlier, more rocky style with his 1958 Orbit 45 ‘Good For Nothing’. There was another surprise in store for fans of ‘The Prince of Darkness’, Lou Reed. We found an early recording of his under the name Lewis Reed in a doo wop mood with his 1962 Norton single ‘Your Love’ . . . and respects go to our good pal Jamie Dell’Apa for pointing us to that one. Unlike those two numbers, if you happen to know anything about Los Angeles group The Fanatics, then please get in touch, because we discovered their Skyways 45 ‘Oogly Googly Eyes’ and we want to know more about them.

Hot Rod SpecialLee Allen
My Pigeon’s Gone – The Five Keys
Hot Rod Special – Lee Allen & His Band
It Ain’t The Meat – The Swallows
Do The President Twist – Lula Reed & Freddy King
Good Show, But No Go – Chuck Dallis
45 Men In A Telephone Booth – The Four Tophatters
Oogly Googly Eyes – The Fanatics
Good For Nothing – Scott Engel
Your Love – Lewis Reed

Girls & Guitars
I Wish I Was In Memphis – Sally-Ann WhittenSally Anne Whitten

Oooh Wow
Long Way – Johnny Sketch & The Dirty Notes
I Laughed – The Jesters
Why Oh Why – The Clickettes
Fever – Barbara English
Oooh Wow – Lily Moe & The Barnyard Stompers
Give It Up Little Girl – Tyrone Hibbs & The Hip Shakers
Nothin’ Shakin’ (But The Leaves On The Trees) – Eddie Fontaine
The Girl Can’t Help It – Little Richard
Justine – Don & Dewey
.Lily Moe
Now, this week’s Girls & Guitars feature, focused on Australian singer and guitarist Sally-Anne Whitten. She hails from New South Wales and has developed a style that’s been described as a blend of swampy blues, R&B, southern rock and West Coast country. She recorded an album in 2012 called ‘Sell My Soul’, which is where we found our choice ‘I Wish I Was In Memphis’ . . . . and many do!

There was something to please our Ambassador to The Islands, with Johnny Sketch & The Dirty Notes reminding us that it’s it’s a ‘Long Way’ to Hawaii and even longer on to New York, which is where we found the artists for this week’s ‘Doo Wop Stop’. First up was New York group The Jesters, who got together at high school in Harlem around 1955 and by 1958 they had broken up. Their final 45 was ‘I Laughed’, which was our choice. Then, we followed on with another New York group, who were known as The Fashions and The Avalons, but we played a 1958 Dice 45 of theirs as The Clickettes.

The connoisseurs of 40s and 50s R&B, we might have been scratching their heads to place a couple of our choices. They had that authentic 50s R&B sound and style, but were recorded in the noughties. First of these was recorded in 2013 by Swiss band Lily Moe & The Barnyard Stompers, with Tyrone Hibbs & The Hip Shakers following up with ‘Give It Up Little Girl’. Then we were thinking about heading for home with a couple of artists who were featured in the film ‘The Girl Can’t Help It’ . . . Eddie Fontaine and Little Richard. So, we arrived back from our adventure in fine form, with big smiles and looking forward to the next time we can go Cruising with The Commissioner. Until then . . . remember . . . have fun!

Broadcast by Cruising Radio
on 2 August 2017 eir

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