Silk satin & lace . . .

Posted: June 22, 2017 in Hear This . . . . !

Listen here to this week’s Cruising with The Commissioner:

Well, as we prepared for this week’s Cruising with The Commissioner, the temperatures around the Grand Duchy soared and we were grateful for the inviting environs of the Cruising Library, which offered a few degrees of relief and endless rummaging opportunities. So, we put our time to good use and emerged with an armful of treats for our playlist, plus a few suggestions from some friendly faces, like Matt The Cat with a gem by 50s vocal group The Royals, The Shake with something from New Orleans own Bruce Cloud, Jamie Dell’Apa with Bobby Darin’s ‘Mighty Mighty Man’, thencruising-3001 Cruising Crew members Pete & Diane for spotting a doo wop track playing on a restaurant sound system by Pennsylvania group, The Dreamlovers.

This week’s choices were peppered with reminders of an excellent gig by Mike Sanchez & his excellent band, who gave us a rocking good time at London’s famous 100 Club this week. The evening was full of great R&B numbers which had the crowd stomping and cheering and the the dancers looking even more dangerous than The Cruisettes. But, we kicked off the show with Ernie Freeman and his 1958 Imperial 45 ‘Jamboree’ . . .

All Night LongMike Sanchez - You Better Dig It
Jamboree – Ernie Freeman
Mighty Mighty Man – Bobby Darin
Highway 60 – Mike Sanchez & His Band
All Night Long – The Royals
Staring Down The Barrel Of The Blues – Tommy Dardar
Lucky Is My Name – Bruce Cloud
Yama Yama (Pretty Mama) – Mike Sanchez
Safronia B – Calvin Boze
Fever – Trini Lopez
All Shook Up – Eddie Cooley & The Dimples

Girls & GuitarsDebbie Bond - Winds of Change
Winds of Change – Debbie Bond

Wow Wow Wee
Silk Satin & Lace – Ray Scott
Cricket Champions – Lord Kitchener
When We Get Married – The Dreamlovers
Wow Wow Wee – The Angels
I Know – Lulu Reed
Everybody’s Got A Buick – Mike Sanchez & His Band
Forty Cups of Coffee – Bill Haley & His Comets
Rock Around The Clock – Li’l MillettSpecialty

This week’s Girls & Guitars feature focused on American blues singer and guitarist, Debbie Bond. She’s out on tour now promoting her new single called ‘Winds of Change’ . . . which just happened the our choice this time round.

Long time members of the Cruising Crew will know that I have a soft spot for some big band calypso, especially by Lord Kitchener, who was one of those to leave the Caribbean to settle in the UK and he brought with him his enthusiasm for cricket, which was demonstrated well on our choice, ‘Cricket Champions’.

Long before we were ready, Mr Merlot was raising his eyebrows and nodding towards the clock, so we reluctantly, turned the Cruise Mobile for home with Bill Haley and ‘Forty Cups Of Coffee’ and then a familiar title, ‘Rock Around The Clock’, but probably not the version we played by New Orleans own Li’l Millett.

Then we were home safe and sound, the Cruise Mobile’s parked up and polished, all ready for next week when we hope you’ll join us again to go Cruising with The Commissioner. Until then . . . remember . . . have fun!

Broadcast by Cruising Radio
on 21 June 2017

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