Don’t you just know it . . .

Posted: June 7, 2017 in Hear This . . . . !

Listen here to this week’s Cruising with The Commissioner:

Well, the sun has been around the Grand Duchy just lately to cheer the days, just when we needed some good cheer. We’ve had to vigilant about electioneering callers and ever more wistful about the halcyon days when you could vote for Bill Boaks or Screaming Lord Sutch. Back then, you could still be clear about the difference between fantasy and reality. Of course, then, there was no new series of House of Cards to blur the edges and unnerve you even more! But, rest assured, none of this distracted us from our preparations for this week’s Cruising with The Commissioner.


Our rummaging in the Cruising Library turned up some more forgotten gems that we dusted off and much enjoyed hearing again. There were some new additions to bring to your ears and some excellent suggestions from others to make it another eclectic mix of music to take with us, wherever the Cruise Mobile chose to go.

There was a respectful nod in the direction of Thom Hickey and his Immortal Jukebox, for his little profiles of Arthur Alexander and Carl Mann, both of whom made a welcome return to our playlist this week. There was another respectful nod, this time, in the direction of Jamie Dell’Apa for bringing us The Gaylettes with a little taste of the Caribbean on that famous Trojan label and our good pal Johnny Alpha also got an honorable mention for pointing us to those early rock & roll recordings by Trini Lopez and we were easily tempted to play another! Inspired by Matt The Cat’s feature on Little Willie John, we pulled out one of his numbers that doesn’t get the plays it deserves.

Say Yeahlittle-rachel-turns-red-hot
Go Bully Some Other Gal – Little Rachel & The Hogs of Rhythm
Groovin’ – Ben E King
Shake! Shake! – Jump4Joy
Mona Lisa – Carl Mann
Your Lover Man – The Fabulous Fleetones
Say Yeah – Sammy Salvo
Everyday I Have To Cry – Steve Alaimo
Go On Home Girl – Billy Swan
Anna – Arthur Alexander
New Orleans Piano – Eddie Zip
Don’t You Just Know It – C.J. ChenierArthur Alexander

Girls & Guitars
High On Your Love – Dani Wilde

Sticking With You
Here Comes That Feeling – The Gaylettes
Who Put The Benzedrine in Mrs Murphy’s Ovaltine – Harry Gibson
Sinner Not A Saint – Trini Lopez
Love Letters In The Sand – Diz & The Doormen
I’m Sticking With You Baby – Little Willie John
Sister Jenny – Johnny Fuller
Mary – The Tick Tocks
.Harry Gibson
Our Girls & Guitars feature this week turned the spotlight on UK lady of the blues, Dani Wilde, who’s been on our giglist before now and has a new album out called ‘Live at Brighton Road’ which included our choice for the playlist . . . ‘High On Your Love’.

Now, wherever it goes, the Cruise Mobile seems to find its way rather easily to New Orleans. This week, there was some very fine New Orleans piano from Eddie Zip, a zydeco version of a Huey ‘Piano’ Smith number by C.J. Chenier & The Red-Hot Louisiana Band and the much admired Diz Watson and The Doormen doing a New Orleans flavoured version of a Pat Boone hit, just as Mr Domino might do it.

There was a particular moment of breathless enthusiasm on our cruise, when we played a great favourite by Harry ‘The Hipster’ Gibson. It was probably his most celebrated recording and the one that ‘killed off’ his career back in more sensitive times . . . but you’ve just got to love a song called ‘Who Put The Benzedrine in Mrs Murphy’s Ovaltine’.

Our cruising adventure could have happily continued much longer, but the sands of time were running out and Mr Merlot was predictably pedantic about our timekeeping. So, we turned the Cruise Mobile for home with the help of The Tick Tocks and ‘Mary’. Then, it was all over. We we’re parking up the Cruise Mobile, giving it a quick polish so its ready for the next time we can all go Cruising with The Commissioner. Until then . . . remember . . . have fun!

Broadcast by Cruising Radio
on 7 June 2017

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