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Posted: April 30, 2017 in Hear This . . . . !


Listen here to this week’s edition of The Blues Come Calling:

Well, we came back this week with another bundle of the best of the blues around . . . and far more than we could fit into our time together when The Blues Come Calling. Now, that’s not a complaint, but cheery reflection of how much good blues is around at the moment . . . and long may it continue. So, the devotees of scratchy blues may have been a little disappointed this week that they were not indulged, but there’s always next week.

Our choices from the pile of new releases this week, included those by Elvin Bishop (Elvin Bishop’s Big Fun Trio), The Marc Stone Band (Live in Europe), Malaya Blue (Heartsick), Delta Moon (Cabbagetown), Tom Walker (Into Space’), Justin Johnson & his 3-String Shovel Guitar (Drivin’ It Down), Dave Hunt (100 Horses) and Bobby Messano (Bad Movie). Impressive stuff from all those artists indeed!

There was a little unintended synergy in three of our choices this week. They were all picked on their own merits, but they each had a link that was worth mention. One of the joys of the week was hearing from New Orleans band leader, Marc Stone. He, kindly, sent a copy of his new live album with his band, recorded in Austria and called ‘Live in Europe’. . . . which has been getting a lot of plays here recently. Now, if you’re around New Orleans, there’s a good chance you’ll catch Marc Stone playing live with Benny Turner, who’s big brother was Freddie King. . . . and all three were the choices on this week’s playlist. But, before any of those, we kicked off our playlist with a Little Walter tune from The Rolling Stones, picked up the ‘best blues album’ award this past week. So, respects to them . . .

Driving It DownMarc Stone Band - Live in Europe
Just Your Fool – The Rolling Stones (Blue & Lonesome – 2017)
Honey Babe – Elvin Bishop (Elvin Bishop’s Big Fun Trio – 2017)
She Was Pretty – The Marc Stone Band (Live In Europe – 2017)
I Can’t Leave – Benny Turner (When She’s Gone – 2015)
Sing Together – Delta Moon (Cabbagetown -2107)
Sweet Angel – Tom Walker (Into Space – 2017)
Cranking It Up – Justin Johnson (Driving It Down – 2017)

Pinetop’s Pick
King Guitar – Michael Messer (King Guitar – 2006)

That’s AlrightTom Walker
Sending Me Angels – Miller Anderson (Bluesheart – 2016)
I Thought We Had This – Bobby Messano (Bad Movie – 2017)
That’s Alright – Freddie King (King of the Blues – 1995)
Heartsick – Malaya Blue (Heartsick – 2017)
Jumping At Shadows – Mike Anderson (Blues For Gary – 2017)
Doghouse – Dave Hunt (100 Horses – 2017)
Shake Your Moneymaker – The Paul Butterfield Blues Band (The Paul Butterfield Blues Band – 1965)

As I said on the show this week, every so often there’s a moment when an event brings a particular song to mind and this past week it was a song by Miller Malaya BlueAnderson, which was brought to mind by news from our good pal Arfa Pinetop and so it was dedicated to Jill.

If your taste in blues includes the more soulful styles, then that’s just what you got from 22 year old Tom Walker with his song ‘Sweet Angel’ from his latest album ‘Into Space’. Malaya Blue was there too, with her own brand of classy, soulful blues of the type that fills her latest album ‘Heartsick’. It has had more than its fair share of plays here since it arrived and more is expected.

A great treat this week was the high energy guitar piece, Cranking It Up’, from Justin Johnson. It was his playing playing of this number on his 3-String Shovel Guitar that featured in his video which went Viral with over 30 million views in the first week it was posted! Then, there was something for those who may remember the UK’s great one man blues band, Duster Bennett. Back in the 60s his flame burned brightly on the blues scene, but sadly not for long enough. But, he left behind some fine recordings, most particularly, ‘Jumping At Shadows’. It’s a song of his that’s been covered many times . . . Peter Green covered Duster Bennett’s original, Gary More covered Peter Green’s version and this week we played Mike Anderson’s cover of Gary Moore’s version, which pops up on a new compilation called ‘Blues For Gary’.

As ever, our time together with the blues slipped away rather too quickly and we were soon playing out with something from one of those 60s blues albums that has never lost its impact or reputation. This was the first Elektra album by The Paul Butterfield Blues Band, with all those great names amongst its members, including Mike Bloomfield with showing off his slide guitar work on Shake Your Moneymaker. So, with thanks for your good company this week’s show, we parted with yours truly hoping to meet up again, the next time The Blues Come Calling . . . until then . . . have fun!

Broadcast by Cruising Radio
on 30 April, 2017

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