Breaking up the house . . .

Posted: April 26, 2017 in Hear This . . . . !

Immortal JukeboxListen here to this week’s Cruising with The Commissioner:

Well, this week brought news of a national shortage of hummus, which may generate sobbing and wailing in some quarters, but here in the Grand Duchy it was greeted with ecstatic indifference. Of course, at the time we were deep in the dusty boxes rummaging for those tasty treats to include in the playlist for this week’s Cruising with The Commissioner. In the end, we found more than we could get into our Cruising time, so the pending tray earned a few more to foster.Cruising #3004

Well, our good pal Jamie Dell’Apa set us off in search of a few of those ‘Louie Louie’ derivatives, because he presented a pretty comprehensive showcase of such songs with ‘that chord progression’ . . . . but we found a couple to add to the pot, starting with a song we played last week by Otis Redding, but this time it came from The McCoys . . . ‘I Got To Go Back & Watch That Little Girl Dance’. We followed that with another much covered song, written Bill Medley and recorded by The Righteous Brothers . . . . ‘Little Latin Lupe Lu’.

Before that, we kicked off down the road with Roy Milton & His Orchestra and his 1957 King 45 ‘Succotash’, which was guaranteed to get your feet tapping and then along came Jump 4 Joy to inspire a little more movement with ‘Breaking Up The House’ . . .

I Got To Go BackMcCoys
Succotash – Roy Milton & His Orchestra
Breaking Up The House – Jump 4 Joy
Question – Roscoe Shelton
Gonna Send You Back To Georgia – Timmie Shaw
Louie Louie – Otis Redding
I Got To Go Back (And Watch That Little Girl Dance) – The McCoys
Little Latin Lupe Lu – The Righteous Brothers

Girls & Guitars
Sorrow – The Prissteens

Well AlrightPrissteens
Wake Me Up Before You Go Go – The Boppers
The Royal Boogie – Joe Krown Trio
Up On The Roof – Ike & Tina Turner
Open Up Your Heart – Eugene Church
Pitter Patter Boom Boom – The Jaye Sisters
I Got Tore Up – Don Julian & The Meadowlarks
Cool Disc Jockey – Boyd Bennett & His Rockets
Lipstick, Powder & Paint – Roger Chapman
Ooh Wee Baby – Roger Ceresi’s Allstars
Well Alright – Little Richard

Now this week’s Girls & Guitars spotlight fell on guitarist and vocalistIke & Tina Tina Canellas, who was a one time member of The New York-based band The Prissteens. Along with the rest of The Prissteens, Tina signed with Almo Sound Records in the late ’90s to record their debut album, ‘Scandal, Controversy & Romance’. It included our choice, a version of the McCoys song ‘Sorrow’,

We could not resist including one little ‘find‘ . . . . something from The Boppers that was almost guaranteed to get the George Michael fundamentalists protesting outside Cruise Control . . . a version of ‘Wake Me Up Before You Go Go’. After which, we quickly headed off to meet our Ambassador to the Islands and play some great boogie woogie piano by the much admired New Orleans keyboard man Joe Krown . . . . ‘The Royal Boogie’.

There was one song that attracted particular attention this week, including a very fine mention on Thom Hickey’s Immortal Jukebox blog this past week, Jamie Dell’Apa played a version on his Saturday Night In New Orleans and it even got a credit by Simon Cowell. The song was ‘Up On The Roof’ and we pulled out the version by Ike & Tina Turner, which may get a thumbs up from our good pal DJ Leyton Rocks, because it came from their album ‘Funkier Than A Mosquito’s Tweeter’!

All too soon, there were some familiar faces and places coming into view, which confirmed that we had to turned the Cruise Mobile for home. Then it was Little Richard taking us all the way back to where we started . . . and we got there just in time too. We parked up the trusty Cruise Mobile with practiced ease and gave it a quick polish ready for next week’s Cruising with The Commissioner. So, until then . . . remember . . . have fun!

Broadcast by Cruising Radio
on 26 April 2017

  1. Thom Hickey says:

    Thanks for the mention! Thom

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