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Posted: April 10, 2017 in Hear This . . . . !


Listen here to this week’s edition of The Blues Come Calling:

Well, a big bluesy welcome to another edition of The Blues Come Calling and we come to you this week with a playlist full of very tasty slice of the blues, which kicked off there with a something you probably won’t hear that on any other blues show . . . . a bluesy version of a Beatles song, courtesy of the The Blues Beatles . . . but there’s a good chance that Coco Montoya will pop up, because he’s got a new album out, called ‘Hard Truth’, so it got its place on this week’s playlist.

It’s been a very good week for gigs around here, with Mike Zito and others on UK tours. Mike was on our giglist this past week and looking like he and the crowd were having great fun. It was just the same with The Blues Band showcasing tracks from their latest live album ‘The Big Blues Band Live’ (which was recorded some years ago and only recently discovered again). Then, there was the much awaited London date by Australian Vika Bull and a sensational gig it was too. She brought her own excellent R&B band from Oz to give us an evening of the great recordings by the late Etta James.

A casual look at the upcoming tour dates, showed Billy Walton and his band are back so we gave another taste of what you can look forward to with the title track of his latest album ‘Wish For What You Want’.

You Can’t Do ThatBlues beatles
You Can’t Do That – The Blues Beatles (Get Back To The Blues – 2016)
Before The Bullets Fly – Coco Montoya (Hard Truth – 2017)
Wasted Time – Mike Zito (Make Love Not War – 2017)
Tonky Boogie – Forrest Sykes (Chess Blues – 1992)
I’m Your Witchdoctor – Mark Doyle & The Maniacs (Pushin’ – 2012)
Hello Stranger – Samantha Fish (Chills & Fever – 2017)
One For The Highway – James Booker (Classified – 2013)
Let Me Down Easy Freddie King (Freddie King Is A Blues Master – 1969)

Pinetop’s Pick
Waded In The Water Trying To Get Home – Blind Joe Taggart (Blind Joe Taggart Vol 2 – 1992)
.Big Blues Band
Wish For What You Want
Strange Things Happening Everyday – Vika Bull (At Last – 2016)
Tell Me – Frankie Oliver (Tell Me single – 2017)
I Can’t Tell It All – The Blues Band (The Big Blues Band Live – 2017)
Key To the Highway – John Campbelljohn (Under The Blue Covers – 2009)
The Road To Oblivion – Bobby Messano (Bad Movie – 2017)
Wish For What You Want – Billy Walton (Wish For What You Want – 2014)
Tall Boogie – Moreland & Arbuckle (Seven Cities – 2013)

We didn’t forget to have a little dip into the scratcBad-Movie-Cover-1024x931hy blues bag and this week it produced a little gem by one of those rather obscure figures in the blues world, pianist Forrest Sykes. He gave us some scorching piano playing with his a 1948 recording for the Aristocrat label, titled “Tonky Boogie”. Even Arfa Pinetop pitched in with a really scratchy choice from Blind Joe Taggart.

Occasionally, there’s a pleasant surprise from an unexpected source and new single by Frankie Oliver ‘Tell Me’ was just that . . . . a taste of the blues that’s doing well in the mainstream charts. So, we put it in our playlist, along with a preview of the forthcoming album by Bobby Messano, ‘Bad Movie’. But, the end of the show crept up on us and we decided to play out this week with ‘ Tall Boogie’ from the great blues duo, Moreland & Arbuckle. Then it was all over . . . just time to say a big thanks for taking a listen to this week’s show and hope that we’ll meet again the next time The Blues Come Calling . . . until then . . . . remember . . . . have fun!

Broadcast by Cruising Radio
on 9 April 2017

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