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Posted: March 29, 2017 in Hear This . . . . !

Listen here to this week’s Cruising with The Commissioner:

Well, there were some significant events this week on the national and international scene, which may have caused some to welcome the sort of diversion that came as we came cruising round the corner in the trusty Cruise Mobile for this week’s Cruising with The Commissioner. When it comes to our music choices, we recognise the limits of no frontiers, no time zones and no genres . . . It just has to be good!
Cruising #2002
We indulged in some feverish rummaging in the Cruising Library in search of the obscure and forgotten gems that lurk there in the dark corners. We came back with a satisfied smile and a fistful of tasty treats for our Cruising adventure. One of those featured Los Angeles vocal group, The Souvenirs, who record a song called ‘Voodoo Love’ in 1958 for Ebb records, but it didn’t get released at the time and whatever the reason, it can’t have been the song or The Souvenirs performance. But, two of core members of The Souvenirs were Alvin & Edwin Johnson, who were probably better known as the writers of songs like the much covered ‘Casting My Spell’, but they were the first to record it as The Johnson Brothers . . . and we included that one in our playlist.

Now, along with those dusty choices, we added a taster track from the new (posthumous) album by Chuck Berry . . . a reminder that he was still rocking at 90 years old! Now, Chuck was not unknown for courting a little controversy with some of his lyrics, particularly on stage . . . . but probably nothing like the little something suggested by Wendel Williams from Slim Gaillard. But, before any of that, we kicked off down the road with Saturday Night Fish Fry and their take on ‘Carlton Street Boogie’ . . .

Casting A SpellLes Legendes Du Rock and Roll
Carlton Street Boogie – Saturday Night Fish Fry
Could It Be – The Chords
Big Boys – Chuck Berry
Dirty Rooster – Slim Gaillard
Tonk Game – Hank Marr
Voodoo Love – The Souvenirs
Casting My Spell – The Johnson Brothers

Girls & Guitars
You Need To Be With Me – Susan Tedeschithe-johnson-brothers-casting-my-spell-valor

Taking You There
Burnt Biscuits – The Triumphs
I Take It To My Baby – Carla Thomas
Make Me Yours – Vaneese Thomas
Walking The Dog – Rufus Thomas
I’ll Take You There – The Pioneers
Mr Blues – Damita Jo
Saturday Night Boogie Woogie Man – Mitch Woods & The Lazy Jumpers
Cadillac Boogie – Al Hill & His Love Butlers
You Made A Boo Boo – Bob & Earlet206_720x600

Now, the blues buffs out there will know that there’s a new album out now by the Tedeschi Trucks Band which is getting plenty of good reviews and it features Derek Trucks (ex of The Allman Brothers Band) and Susan Tedeschi, who was the focus of this week’s Girls & Guitars feature. She has built an enviable career as blues singer and guitarist and our choice was a track from her 1998 album, ‘Just Won’t Burn’ called ‘You Need To Be With Me’.

We featured a trio of tracks with a common link to a famous Memphis musical family. It started with a funky little instrumental called ‘Burnt Biscuits’ released on the Volt label in 1961 by the short lived Memphis band, The Triumphs whose members included a 17 year old keyboard player Marvell Thomas. Then we heard ‘I Take It To My Baby’ by his sister Carla Thomas and followed with ‘Make Me Yours’ by Vaneese Thomas. By which time everyone must have guessed their daddy was Rufus Thomas and if you want a great background piece on the Thomas family . . . check out the latest issue by Thom Hickey on his Immortal Jukebox blog, which celebrates what would have been Rufus’s 100th birthday this week. Who knows, if he’d still been around he might have joined our Ambassador to the Islands Susan Bowman and our man in New Orleans, Jamie Dell’Apa both of who regularly go walking the dog.

As the sands of time started running out fast on our cruise, our choices by Damita Jo and Mitch Woods & The Lazy Jumpers brought some unexpected accompaniment in the form of Mr Merlot & The Cruisettes, whose dance moves are definitely as good as Dick Van Dykes cockney accent! Then Bob & Earl brought us home safe & sound and after giving the Cruise Mobile a quick polish, we assembled to wave everyone a cheery farewell and the promise that there will be a seat saved especially for you to go the next time we go Cruising with The Commissioner. Until then . . . remember . . . have fun!

Broadcast by Cruising Radio
on 29 March 2017

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