One for the highway . . .

Posted: March 26, 2017 in Hear This . . . . !


Listen here to this week’s edition of The Blues Come Calling:

Well, this week Summer time officially arrive and we lost an hour, which may be less of a worry than a lost day, but any complaint disappeared with the arrival of the very welcome sunshine. Of course, we were well prepared when it was time to welcome everyone to this week’s edition of The Blues Come Calling and we kicked off in great style with Mike Zito, who’s on tour here shortly and he was rocking out on that old Clarence Garlow favourite, Route 90.

I am grateful to our good pal Larry Grogan at Funky 16 Corners for suggesting something from Stevie Ray Vaughan. Larry and I were enjoying some trans Atlantic memories of a US TV show called ‘Night Moves’ and one particular episode featuring Van Dyke Parks, David Sanborn, Hirum Bullock and Stevie playing together. So, a little digging found Stevie doing that Doyle Bramhall song ‘Change It’. Still on the subject of ‘change’, Stevie Nimmo was on our giglist this week and a great show he put on too, which included ‘Changes’ from his ‘Sky Won’t Fall’ album, so that got into the playlist too.

There were new releases from Taj Mahal & Keb Mo TajMo, Hurricane Ruth and The Big Wolf Band, along with a treat for the scratchy blues fans. They had a treat this week in the form of Furry Lewis, who is alleged to be the first or one of the first to play bottleneck blues guitar. He cut his first records in 1927 for the Vocalion label and our choice, ‘Falling Down Blues’, was one of those.

Hard Rockin’mike-zito-make-blues-not-war
Route 90 – Mike Zito (Make Blues Not War – 2016)
Change It – Stevie Ray Vaughan (Soul To Soul – 1985)
Change – Steve Nimmo (Sky Won’t Fall – 2016)
Falling Down Blues – Furry Lewis (In His Prime 1927-28 – 2005)
Hard Rockin’ Woman – Hurricane Ruth (Ain’t Ready For The Grave – 2017)
Worried – Little Bobby & The Storm (Bootlegging The Blues – 2009)
Who Will The Next Fool Be – Luther Kent (The Bobby Blue Bland Songbook – 2008)

Pinetop’s Pick
Candyman – Gary Davis (At Home & Church – 1962)Luther Kent

Don’t Leave Me Here
Long Time Mary – Big Wolf Band (A Rebel’s Story – 2017)
Where Were You When The Levee Broke – Kenny Traylor (Talkin’ About The Blues – 2014)
Keeping Me Awake – Lew Jetton & 61 South (Rain – 2016)
Lights Are On But No One’s Home – Albert Collins (Cold Snap – 1986)
One For The Highway – James Booker (Classified – 2013)
Don’t Leave Me Here – Taj Mahal & Keb Mo (TajMo – 2017)
Let’s Get Back – The Delgado Brothers (Let’s Get Back – 1999)James Booker

We gave a big welcome back to Lew Jetton and his band 61 South. They’ve appeared on our playlist before and I was fascinated to learn that Lew spent many years as a TV weatherman & news caster, but he gave that up in 2007 to concentrate on his music and, perhaps it’s no small coincidence that his latest album is called ‘Rain’. Indeed, it was Lew who reminded me of a quote attributed to the late Albert Collins ‘No one gets out of here without singing the blues’ and it was certainly true of Albert, as he demonstrated for us with his lovely slow blues, ‘Lights are on but nobody’s home’ . . . on which subject I’m saying no more!

For those who have nothing by James Booker in their music collection, I hoped to convince them that you should with a play of ‘One For The Highway’. I’m a big fan of his and, in my opinion, he was a great and much underrated talent for sure.

All too soon, it was time for our last choice on the playlist, which happened to be The Delgado Brothers and ‘Let’s Get Back’. Then, it was time to tidy up and get ready to head for the door, but before taking time to thank everyone for listening and to extend an invitation to come back again the next time The Blues Come Calling. Until then . . . remember . . . have fun!

Broadcast by Cruising Radio
on 26 March 2017

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