Jump, jive & harmonise . . .

Posted: March 1, 2017 in Hear This . . . . !

Listen here to this week’s Cruising with The Commissioner:

Well, this week we arrived at the appointed hour with a big cheer and a timely invitation to escape from the everyday humdrum and embark on a real adventure to who knows where, with you know who. For this Cruising with Commissioner, we came clutching some juicy gems from the archives suggested by soundtracks from a couple of 50s films, featuring Big Joe Turner, Fats Domino and Roy Hamilton.cruising-3002
Now, Fats Domino happened to be celebrating a birthday this past week. So, our best wishes went to him, along with big thanks to Thom Hickey’s for a great piece about Fats on his Immortal Jukebox blog.  Big thanks also went to Russ & Gary’s and their The Best Years of Music blog for pointing us to the clip of Roy Hamilton doing ‘Here Comes Love’ from the 1958 film ‘Let’s Rock’.

Our playlist boasted ‘Jump Jive & Harmonise’, a 1967 Whittier 45 from East LA band Thee Midnighters (not the Hank Ballard band . . . this band spell ‘The’ with two Es) and if you see a good copy in some dusty box somewhere, snap it up and tell the guru of the grooves, Larry Grogan at his Funky 16 Corners , because he may make you an offer! But, before that, we set off on our cruise in the company of King Curtis with ‘Blowing Of Steam’ . . .

Blowing Off Steamfats-domino-here-comes-fats-v-550502
Blowing Off Steam – King Curtis
Get High – La Melle Prince
Lipstick Powder & Paint – Big Joe Turner
Honey Child – Fats Domino
Here Comes Love – Roy Hamilton
Something Else – Chet ‘Poison’ Ivey & His Fabulous Avengers
Jump, Jive & Harmonise – Thee Midnighters

Girls & Guitars
Don’t Doubt My Love – Liz Mandeville
Crazy With Youthee-midnighters
Walking The Dog – Rufus Thomas
Roll With Me Henry – Vika Bull
Please Say You Want Me – The Schoolboys
The Big Bounce – Shirley Caddell
L&N Special – Christine Kittrell
Johnny B. Goode – Big Daddy ‘O’
Still Got The Blues – Chuck Berry
About That Girl Called Lou – The Cadillacs
Crazy With You – Jeanette & Decky

This week, our Girls & Guitars spotlight fell on Liz Mandeville, vika_bull_-_at_last_the_etta_james_story_cd__01665_1478656910_400_400who hails from Wisconsin, but later gravitated to Chicago, where she established her reputation with her band The Blue Points. To show off her talents, we chose ‘Don’t Doubt My Love’ from her 2014 album, ‘Heart ‘o’ Chicago’.

Now, back in 2013 an album appeared titled ‘At Last’ and it was a very fine tribute to the great Etta James by Australian chanteuse, Vika Bull. Now it’s an adventurous project to cover well known songs by one of the great R&B voices of our time, but Vika excelled at it and we played her version of Etta James’ ‘Roll With Me Henry’.

Now, we are shameless about following others in pursuit of good sounds for our Cruising playlists and this week was no exception! We pulled out a couple of Chuck Berry songs after listening to the first of a multi-part feature on Mr Berry by Matt The Cat on his excellent Juke in the Back Show. Soon after those choices, we found ourselves heading, full tilt, for home with a 1958 Aladdin 45 from Jeanette Baker and Johnny Flamingo, as Jeanette & Decky, with ‘Crazy For You’. Then it was all over for another week. We parked up the Cruise Mobile, ever hopeful that you will waiting eagerly the next time it rolls by to take you Cruising with The Commissioner. Until then . . . remember . . . have fun!

Broadcast by Cruising Radio
on 1 March 2017




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