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Posted: February 26, 2017 in Hear This . . . . !

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Listen here to this week’s edition of The Blues Come Calling:

Well, a very bluesy welcome to this week’s edition of The Blues Come Calling and a very busy week it’s been too. Along with some enjoyable social events, there’s been a flurry of new blues releases and news of upcoming shows and tours to keep my interest. In the end, there were too many great choices to fit into this week’s playlist, so next week’s listening is already looking good.

Our sample of the new releases included, the forthcoming album by The Chris Bergson Band, demonstrating some mighty fine playing on their first studio album, titled ‘Bitter Midnight’. For those who have a passion for ‘swampy’ blues, we featured a track from a forthcoming album ‘Long Lie’ by London band Two 5, founded by Rob McElroy and Andy Burke and delivering what they describe as 21st Century Whiskey Barrel Blues. There was a big shout out to Dave Thomas for sharing tracks like ‘Sitting On Top Of The World’ from the new album, ‘Big Blue’, by Dave and Hugh Gregory as Shortstuff. Then, there was the welcome return of Guy Verlinde & the Houserockers, with their new album titled ‘How How How’, featuring some high-energy blues with a mix of old school Chicago style and contemporary sounds.

But, before all that, we kicked off the show with some rocking blues courtesy of Brighton’s Lenna & The Snakemen with ‘Leave It To Lee’ from their latest album ‘Black & Blue’ and we stuck with the girls for two more, each from a Lisa. First was Lisa Mann with ‘My Father’s House’ and then Lisa Lystam, leading The Lisa Lystam Family Band on a track from their latest album ‘Give You Everything’ . . . and they pretty much did just that on ‘Lately’.
Leave It To Lee – Lenna & The Snakemen (Black & Blue – 2016)
My Father’s House – Lisa Mann (Hard Times & Bad Decisions – 2016)
Lately – The Lisa Lystam Family Band (Give You Everything – 2016)
Bitter Midnight – The Chris Bergson Band (Bitter Midnight – 2017)
Little Boy Blue – Robert Lockwood Jr (Trouble Hearted Blues – 2003)
Honest Man – Matt Andersen (Honest Man – 2016)
Loved Another Woman – Mike Ross (Jenny’s Place – 2016)
That’s Cold – The Texas Topcats (Hot Rhythm & Cool Blues – Texas Style – 1992)

Pinetop’s Pickthe-chris-bergson-band
Bottle Up & Go – Alfred ‘Snuff’ Johnson (Black Cowboys Blues & Church Songs – 1988)

I Gotta Sang The Blues – Thornetta Davis & Kim Wilson (Honest Woman – 2016)
Waiting For So Long – Two 5 (Long Lie – 2017)
Wine Woogie – Marvin Phillips
Sitting On Top Of The World – Shortstuff (Big Blue – 2017)
Fool That I Am – Vika Bull & The Essential R&B Band (At Last – 2013)
Snap! – Guy Verlinde  & The Houserockers (How How How – 2017)two-5-long-lie
Poor Man’s Blues – Chicago Rhythm & Blues Kings (Chicago Rhythm & Blues Kings – 1999)

There was something to savor for those who like a little ‘scratchy blues’ in their listening diet, with ‘Little Boy Blue’ by Robert Lockwood Jr (or as some prefer to have it, Robert Jr Lockwood). Then Arfa Pinetop turned up with something from a more obscure bluesman, Alfred ‘Snuff’ Johnson, who didn’t record anything until his latter years and we heard his take on ‘Bottle Up & Go’ from his 1988 album ‘Black Cowboys Blues & Church Songs’.

This past week included a thoroughly enjoyable visit to the Rye Delta in Kent, with some rummaging in the town’s most excellent record shop and one of gems in the racks was a compilation called ‘Juice Head Baby’, which boasted something from Marvin Phillips called ‘Wine Woogie’. Our rummaging didn’t stop there either, because our rummaging in the archives here turned up a fine compilation of Texas blues called ‘Hot Rhythm & Cool Blues’ which features a track by The Texas Topcats, who happen to include our good pal Wendel Williams, so with not a second thought, we played The Texas Topcats with ‘That’s Cold’.

Now, back in 2013 Australian chanteuse, Vika Bull released a very fine tribute album to the great Etta James. An adventurous project, to cover well known songs by one of the great soul and R&B voices of our time, Vika Bull excelled at it and for those as impressed as me, you can catch her live, because she’s coming to the UK soon with her whole band.

With plenty more of the ‘good stuff’ still in the pending tray, time was running out as we cued up the rocking ‘Poor Man’s Blues’ by The Chicago Rhythm & Blues Kings. So, there were some quick farewells and the hope that we can all meet again the next time The Blues Come Calling. Until then . . . remember . . . have fun!

Broadcast by Cruising Radio
on 26 February 2017


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