Pack, shack & stack . . .

Posted: February 1, 2017 in Hear This . . . . !

Listen here to this week’s Cruising with The Commissioner:

Well, the environs of the Grand Duchy have looked a little gray, damp and chill this week and the news seems full of break ups, break downs and break outs. But, our spirits were kept high by the good music and kind messages from the friendly faces out there in Cruising land. This certainly helped to inspire some enthusiastic rummaging in the Cruising Library for this week’s playlist and our choices had their fair share of UK related ‘toons’ and artists, as well as some visitors who were influenced by this music or came to record in the UK.
We started off with a few gems from the 50s UK rockCruising #2007 scene, including our opener from Art Baxter & His Rock ‘n’ Roll Sinners, the colourful Wee Willie Harris and Don Lang & His Frantic Five. We kept that Brit link going with something current from the talented Si Cranstoun and one of the great UK R&B bands, The Big Town Playboys with their take on Jimmy McCracklin’s ‘The Wobble’, the original of which popped up on both Jamie Dell’Apa’s and Neil Pelligrin’s radio shows.

We celebrated some visitors, who came to record in the UK, which included names like Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, Bo Diddley and Champion Jack Dupree. Of course, the UK’s musical exports became highly influential in the 60s and beyond and our Ambassador to The Islands, Susan Bowman, revealed she is a fan of the fab four. So, we let Mr Merlot do his patented thought transfer therapy to help folks imagine for a moment what the fab four might have sounded like, if they covered Led Zeps ‘Stairway To Heaven’. But, before all that we kicked off down the road with Art Baxter & His Rock ‘n’ Roll Sinners . . . .

Stairway To Heavenart-baxter-his-rock-n-roll-sinners
Art’s Theme – Art Baxter & His Rock ‘n’ Roll Sinners
Lollipop Mama – Wee Willie Harris
Rock-A-Billy – Don Lang & His Frantic Five
The Wobble – The Big Town Playboys
Your Kind Of Love – Screamin’ Jay Hawkins
Don’t Want No Lyin’ Woman – Bo Diddley
Shim Sham Shimmy – Champion Jack Dupree
Stairway To Heaven – The Beatnix
Girls & Guitars
Drive My Car – The Donnas
Where ‘Yat
Vegas Baby – Si Cranstoun
Pack Shack & Stack – Billy Nelson & The Five Wings
Mailman Blues – Lloyd Price
Get Out Of My Life – Aaron Neville
So Swell When You’re Well – Fats Domino
Run Rose – Billy Miranda
My Baby – Chuck Willis
Sandy – The Colonaires
Where ‘Yat – Colin James
old-school-packEven our Girls & Guitars feature had a fab four flavour this week, because our spotlight fell on girl singer and guitarist, Brett Anderson, who was a member of Californian all-girl rock band, The Donnas. We found a track by the Donnas on the 2005 Rubber Soul tribute compilation ‘This Bird Has Flown’, with Brett up front on ‘Drive My Car’.

To demonstrate our well established abilities to jump genres, cross musical frontiers and steer in and out of time zones on our cruises, there were some tasty treats from Manhattan’s 50s vocal group, The Five Wings and Billy Nelson with a number called ‘Pack Shack & Stack’. The Big Easy was represented by the great Lloyd Price, along with Aaron Neville and Fats Domino, and we followed on with a Checker 45 from Billy Miranda and the last Chuck Willis single released by Atlantic records after his untimely passing in 1958.

Eventually, we had to turn the Cruise Mobile for home with The Colonaires and when Colin James arrived to ask ‘Where Y’at’, we looked around and found he had brought us home safe and sound. So, with a sigh, we parked up the cruise mobile for another week, ever hopeful that you’ll have had such fun on this week’s adventure that you’ll want to do it again next week. In anticipation, we’re already planning our next playlist for when we roll by in the Cruise Mobile, same time same place next week and rest assured there will be a seat saved especially for you. But, with a big smile and a wave, Mr Merlot, The Cruisettes and yours truly headed off for the after show party. So, until the next time we go Cruising with The Commissioner . . . remember . . . have fun!

Broadcast by Cruising Radio
on 1 February 2017


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