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Posted: January 17, 2017 in Hear This . . . . !

Listen here to this week’s edition of Rocking Tonight:

Well, here we are again with a big cheery welcome to another Rocking Tonight, where we turned up with an armful of great rocking sounds to play in some very good company.

For those who like those 50s vocal groups, we brought along a little trio of tracks that rocking-tonight-3started with Eddie Cooley & The Dimples, with the delightfully titled ‘A Spark Met A Flame’, followed by New Jersey group, The Duprees and their very smooth ballad ‘You Belong To Me’ and finally The Fontane Sisters with Billy Vaughn’s Orchestra with their 1955 ‘Daddy-O’.

Now, when you are looking for playlist choices, you really can’t ignore a band called The Domestic Bumblebees . . . and we didn’t. We were also found a group called Balwin & The Whiffles, who were featured extensively on the soundtrack of the cult movie ‘Cry Baby’, including their version of the Chords 50s hit Sh-Boom . . . and done pretty well too. But, before all that, we kicked things into high gear with the rocking return of Cliff Richard and his cover of a Chuck Berry classic, followed by Danny Dean & The Homewreckers with their take on one of Cliff’s own early hits, ‘Move It’ . . . .

Rock A Whilecliff
Roll Over Beethoven – Cliff Richard
Move It – Danny Dean & The Homewreakers
Rock Awhile – The Domestic Bumblebees
Rock A While – Joe Turner
Baby Doll – Billy & Rickey
Magic Moments – Perry Como (Edit)
I Wish – The Backseat Boogie
A Spark Met A Flame – Eddie Cooley & The Dimples
You Belong To Me – The Duprees
Daddy-O – The Fontane Sisters
Baby Come Back – Johnny Rivers
I Got Stung – The Di Maggio Brothersbumblebees

Remember Then
Robot Man – Mary Jane
Will You Still Be My Girl – Lance Fortune
Crazy Bells – Gerry Dorsey

Drivin’ Home
Sh-Boom – Baldwin & The Whiffles
Bunny Boy – Cherry Tess & Her Rhythm Sparks
Jukebox Jump – Si Cranstoun
Drivin’ Home – Jack De Keyzer
It’s My Own Business – The Refreshmentsold-school-pack
The Girl Can’t Help It – Little Richard

Our playlist included a few obscurities, like one of Larry Parnes artists from the 50s, Christopher Morris, who got given the stage name of Lance Fortune and went on to have a hit with ‘Be Mine’, but he faded from the scene after that, although not before recording our featured track called ‘Will You Still Be My Girl’. Then, there was someone who went on to do very well in his later career. He started recording under his real name of Gerry Dorsey, without much success, but with a change of style and a change of name, he found fame as Englebert Humperdink. But, we played his 1959 Decca 45 ‘Crazy Bells’, back when he was Gerry Dorsey.

As well as choices from UK and US artists, we demonstrated our international credentials with Swedish rock and roll bands Cherry Tess & Her Rhythm Sparks, together with The Refreshments. Italy was represented by Backseat Boogie and The Di Maggio Brothers with some first class rhythms. Then, there was Canadian Jack De Keyzer with a timely number about ‘Driving Home’.

Well, they say time flies when you’re enjoying yourself, so it was not surprising it seemed to run out all too soon, but we did manage to squeeze in one more little gem from one of the famous sons of Macon Georgia . . . Little Richard with ‘The Girl Can’t Help It’. Then there was just enough time to thank you for your good company during the show and to hope that we may entice you back again same time same place next week. So, until the next time we go Rocking Tonight . . . remember . . . have fun!

Broadcast by Cruising Radio
on 17 January 2017

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