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Posted: November 20, 2016 in Hear This . . . . !


Listen here to this week’s edition of The Blues Come Calling:

Well, welcome back to another edition of The Blues Come Calling and if it’s your first visit, be assured you’re definitely in the right place for a whole hour of the blues. Getting off to a lively start, we featured Thorbjorn Risager and The Black Tornado, who were on our giglist this past week and putting on a superb show, including our opening number ‘Play On’. They’ve got a new album due for release in January 2017, so we’ll be looking out for that. Then to demonstrate some versatility, I dipped back into the archive (but not too far in blues terms) to pull out a 1983 album by Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble. That was the year that saw the release of their album ‘The Real Deal’ which included our choice, ‘Love Struck Baby’.

Among the new releases was the sixth album by Blue Touch, called ‘Nothing Left To Hide’, which has some hard rock numbers, as well as some light melodic numbers including ‘Smiling In The Rain’ which has been much enjoyed here. Another new release came from guitarist Terry Robb, with his new album ‘Cool On The Bloom’ and showing off his great ragtime playing on ‘Grama Jean’. The ‘happy returners’ also included Australian guitarist and singer Anni Piper with an early track from her 2009 album titled ‘Two’s Company’ and proving that she’s been sounding good for a long time now.

Now, you might not have expected to hear from Zoot Money on a blues show, but  we found ’Jack Tarr Blues’ on his latest album ‘The Book Of Life . . . I’ve Read It’ and enjoyed it. You can catch Zoot on tour currently and so is Marcus Malone, with a new album out soon, but until it arrives I decided to play the title track of his 2011 album ‘Let The Sunshine In’.

Play Onblue-touch-nothing-left-to-hide
Play On – Thorbjorn Risager & The Black Tornado (Too Many Roads – 2016)
Love Struck Baby – Stevie Ray Vaughan (The Real Deal – 1983)
Smiling In The Rain – Blue Touch (Nothing Left To Hide – 2016)
Grama Jean – Terry Robb (Cool On The Bloom – 2016)
Live To Play – Anni Piper (Two’s Company – 2009)
Jack Tar Blues – Zoot Money (The Book Of Life . . . I’ve Read It – 2016)
Let The Sunshine In – Marcus Malone (w. Alan Glen) (Let The Sunshine In – 2011)

Pinetop’s Pick
Nobody Knows You When You’re Down & Out – Billie & Dedezoot-money-the-book-of-life Pierce (New Orleans Living Legends – 2014)

Loosen Up
That Will Never Do – Otis Rush (Ain’t Enough Coming In – 1997)
1000 Years – Rebecca Downes (BeLive – 2016)
Perpetual Blues Machine – Keb Mo’ (Just Like You – 1996)
Loosen Up – Mick Clarke (The Best: 20 Favourite Tracks – 2016)
Six Wheel Chaser – Piano Connection & Marcs Boogie (Boogie Woogie & Blues – 1999)
Robert Johnson Told Me So – Tom Principato (Robert Johnson Told Me So – 2013)
It was good to hear Otis Rush again on top form with ‘That Will Never Do’ and Rebecca Downes was back to show off her really impressive voice on ‘1000 years’. When it was first released, I played quite a few tracks from Keb Mo’s latest live album ‘That Hot Pink Blues Album’ and I thought one of the songs that might have crept into that setlist, and didn’t, was ‘Perpetual Blues Machine’, so I pulled it out to demonstrate its credentials.

Someone who has been bluesing it up since the 60s is Mick Clarke and his current label Rockfold have put together 20 tracks which have just been released under the title ‘The Best: 20 Favourite Tracks’. I found a copy and played ‘Loosen Up’. But time was running out, so we rounded off the show with a little piano boogie from Piano Connection & Marcs Boogie and with the title track of Tom Principato’s 2013 album ‘Robert Johnson Told Me So’. Then it was time to collect up the records and CDs and head for the door, but not before thanking you for your good company and hoping you enjoyed this week’s playlist sufficiently, to come back again, same time, same place, next week, when I’ll be back with another armful of great blues to share with you. So, until the next time The Blues Come Calling . . . remember . . . . have fun!

Broadcast by Cruising Radio
on 20 November 2016

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