Could it be . . . .

Posted: November 2, 2016 in Hear This . . . . !

Listen here to this week’s Cruising with The Commissioner:

Well, the spooky season seems to have passed without incident here in the Grand Duchy and we brace ourselves now for the full onslaught of the Xmas sales pitch. So, you’ll probably understand why we sought sanctuary in the Cruising Library and occupied our Cruising #2005attentions searching in its the dark corners for those hidden gems and long lost treasures for our future playlists. It’s surprising what turns up on our dusty rummaging and we rarely come back empty handed. . . . this week was no exception.

If you ever worry about the longevity of the music we love around here, then take heart, because a lot of the 50s R&B and R&R songs are resurfacing now and being re-issued now and getting a new lease of life from current artists. We featured a couple of welcome recent covers from Si Cranston and Imelda May. We also ‘borrowed’ one or two very fine items from listening to our favourite radio shows.

We didn’t linger anywhere long on our cruise, because this week took us from New Orleans, to South London, from Texas to Sweden and from Tacoma to Dublin. Along the way, we tipped our hats to some friendly faces, including Larry Grogan, Jamie Dell’Apa, Dave Ferrato and the lovely Susan Bowman. But, to demonstrate our credentials, we set off on our musical adventure with the great Sam Butera & The Witnesses and a rocking little number called Swingin’ Sam . . . .sam-butera

Swingin’ . . .
Swingin’ Sam – Sam Butera & The Witnesses
Do You Love Me – Little Willie John
Ain’t Gonna Do It – Dave Bartholomew
My Own Business – The Balham Alligators
Enough Is Enough – The Refreshments
Mojo Hannah – Henry Lumpkin
Ain’t You Ashamed – Eddie Bo
Mary Lou – Si Cranston
My Man – Imelda May with Mike Sanchez & His Band

Girls & Guitarsdanaabbottband_large
Oo We La La – Dana Abbott & Her Band

Let It Rock
Gidget Goes Hawaiian – Duane Eddy
Mary Mary Lou – Sam Cooke
Could It Be – The Sh Booms
Bye Bye Baby – Little Bill & The Bluenotes
Cross Eyed Susie Lee – George Smith
Get You A Woman – Marcia Ball
Meet Me Tomorrow Night – Professor Longhair
Doom A Roca – The Debs
Let It Rock – Chuck Berry
We dug out something from ‘twang master’, Duane Eddy, and a little heard number from Sam Cooke. For the connoisseurs of doo wop, we found a 45 on the Cat label called ‘Could It Be’ by The Sh-Booms, who were previously The Chordcats and before that The Chords (who had that classic hit ‘Sh Boom’).

Our Girls & Guitars feature this week put a spotlight on California-born singer, songwriter, and guitarist, Dana Abbott, who spent some time in Chicago before moving to New Orleans. She’s made that her home and recorded her album Moonlight which provided our choice ‘Oo We La La’.
We noticed that Jamie Dell’Apa and Dave Ferrato, the-debs-doomaroca-keenposted up a little documentary recently which included mention of Little Bill & The Bluenotes, who have been performing with various lineups since 1956 and we played a 1959 flipside of theirs, ‘Bye Bye Baby’. But, by the time we got to The Debs with their 1957 Keen 45 ‘Doom A Roca’, we were running out of time. So, we turned the Cruise Mobile for home and arrived there in the company of Chuck Berry with his classic ‘Let It Rock’.

Then we said our farewells, ever hopeful we can entice you back again next week, when we’ll call by, same time, same place, with a seat saved especially for you. So, until the next time we go Cruising with The Commissioner . . . remember . . . have fun!

Broadcast by Cruising Radio
on 2 November 2016

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