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Posted: September 8, 2016 in Hear This . . . . !

Listen here to this week’s Cruising with The Commissioner:

Well, there’s been plenty to keep our attentions this week and we heard from some friendly faces and long-time pals. So, our social agenda has been most enjoyable and we’ve planned a few future escapades. But, we didn’t neglect our preparations to go Cruising #116Cruising with The Commissioner. Indeed, we were aided and abetted by our cheery postman, who has continued his worthy work, ensuring that a few more tasty treats arrived here at Cruise Control to tantalise our taste buds. Amongst these, were some hard to find and long forgotten items, which will be popping into our playlists in the weeks to come.

Meanwhile, our rummaging in the Cruising Library turned up a song that’s a particular favourite of Mrs TC’s. ‘The Thrill Is Gone’. There are many versions, by many artists, including BB King’s. But, we found the original recording of the song by Texas bluesman Roy Hawkins, which he recorded for Modern records in 1951 . . . . and it got to number 6 on the American R&B charts back then.

When we finally pulled together our playlist, we had some ‘seasoned’ New Orleans R&B from Cosimo Matassa’s studios on North Rampart Street, along with a rarely played little something from Otis Redding. But, we kicked off our cruise this week in the company of Marcia Ball and her recording, ‘There’s A Party Goin’ On’ . . . . and we needed very little persuasion to keep it going . . . .

Cruising where we please . . . .marcia-ball-roadsie-attractions
There’s A Party Goin’ On – Marcia Ball
Tell Me Pretty Baby – Lloyd Price
Let’s Start A Romance – Little Joe Hinton
Itchy Koo – Hank Blackman & The Killers
Can I Get A Witness – Jo Ann Kelly
Apron Strings – Curtis Hoback
It’s Been Nice – The Everly Brothers
Louie Louie – Otis Redding
I Need Your Lovin’ – Don Gardner & Dee Dee Ford
Stop Knockin’ – Juanita Nixon

Girls & GuitarsJane Bond
Goin’ To New Orleans – Jane Bond

Cruising with the crew . . .
Abracadabra – Baked A La Ska
The Thrill Is Gone – Roy Hawkins
No Money Down – Wolfie Witcher & His Brew
It Don’t Take But a Few Minutes – The Refreshments
Put On My Shoes – Mary Ann Fisher
Cherrigale – Ed Townsend
6345789 – The Elgins
Tutti Frutti – Little Richardlittle_richard - the best

This week’s Girls & Guitars slot featured someone suggested by our good pal, The Spongeman. He pointed us in the direction of Jane Bond, a singer and guitarist now living in Austin Texas. Her recordings range from old-time country and blues, through to jazz and rock & roll. She captured a 20-month residency at Austin’s famous Continental Club and we chose a track recorded live at the club in 2006, ‘Goin’ To New Orleans’ . . . . something well worth doing.

If you’re a longtime devotee of pub rock in and around London, there’s a good chance that you’ll remember Wolfie Witcher and His Brew. They we’re enthusiastic purveyors of R&B, blues and boogie, along with a little humour, and we found a 45 by them which featured their take on the old Chuck Berry number, ‘No Money Down’. Another ‘seasoned’ rocker, Little Richard, brought us to the end of our cruise with a classic piece of New Orleans R&B, ‘Tutti Frutti’ . . . recorded nearly 61 years ago this week. Then, the Cruise Mobile rolled gently to a stop and we had to say our fond farewells . . . knowing that we’ll be back to call by for you in the Cruise Mobile, same time, same place, with a seat saved especially for you, so we can all go Cruising with The Commissioner. Until then, remember . . . have fun!

Broadcast by Cruising Radio
On 7 September 2016

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