Rocking once more . . .

Posted: August 23, 2016 in Hear This . . . . !

Listen here to this week’s edition of Rocking Tonight:

Well, there was a distinct frisson of excitement as the time ticked by and the playlist tookRocking tonight 3 shape. The music had to be rocking just right to entice folks to get on their dancing shoes for an hour of Rocking Tonight. The ‘toons’ were selected with great care to provide a mix of the familiar and the obscure, some delights and a few surprises.

There were some songs suggested by some of our friendly faces, some ‘alternative’ versions of well known ‘toons’, some forgotten artists, some interesting details and the occasional moment where ‘one thing led to another’. But, it all kicked off with The Coverbeats and a rocking little instrumental called ‘Sax Boogie’ to get your feet moving yet . . . . and to be doubly sure, there was Paul Hampton and his 1958 Columbia single ‘Rockin’ Doll’.

Stay looseToreadors Trio
Sax-Boogie – The Coverbeats
Rockin’ Doll – Paul Hampton
Silk Satin & Lace – Ray Scott
Diddle I – Toreadors Trio
Be My Girl – Frankie Brent
Stay Loose Mother Goose – Freddy Bell & The Bellboys
No Mama, No Papa – Dakota Staton
You’re It – Merlene Garner
Promise – Joan Temple

Remember then
Teardrops Follow Me – The Del-SatinsMaria Vincent & The Millionaires
Sugar Baby – The Jacks

Hop Skip & Jump – The King Brothers
Frantic – Dickie Pride
Once More – Bill Forbes
Tears Of Misery – Ral Donner
Watch My Smoke – Vince Anthony & The Blue Notes
I Was Gone – Eddie The Chief Clearwater
Choo Choo Cha Boogie – Maria Vincent & The Millionaires
Dix A Billy – Lavern Baker
Ring A Ding – Craig DouglasRing A Ding - Craig Douglas
Hey Mama Boom A Lacka – Larry Collins
Sweet Little Rock & Roller – Chuck Berry

For those who remember The Collins Kids, I dug out a little Columbia 45 released in September 1962 by Larry Collins, guitarist and singer, who gained his early success on American TV and records with his sister as The Collins Kids . . . by then, our time was almost up, so we headed for home in the company of the merry Mr Berry and a song issued by Chess records in 1958 ‘ Sweet Little Rock & Roller’.

Then, there was nothing left to do but collect up the records and CDs and hope there were plenty of tasty toons in this week’s playlist to tempt you back again same time same place next. So, until the next time we go Rocking Tonight, as always, . . . . remember . . . . have fun!

Broadcast by Cruising Radio
on 23 August 2016


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