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Posted: July 13, 2016 in Hear This . . . . !

Listen here to this week’s Cruising with The Commissioner:

Well, the week has been marked by some welcome contacts with a number of long-time members of the Cruising Crew and this inspired some entries in the social diary. The occasional sunshine around the Grand Duchy has encouraged some alfresco dining on the Cruising #217South terrace and we have tested the theory that ‘it’s the fizz that gives you whizz’. Of course, we haven’t forgotten our Cruising duties and there’s been a good deal of rummaging in the Cruising Library to pull together the playlist for this week’s Cruising with The Commissioner.

Our endeavours have rescued a few ‘neglected’ gems, discovered some obscurities and brought back a few memories, So, we were more than ready to kick off this week’s cruise with a rare venture into Maple Leaf rock, with French Canadian band Chapeaumelon and their version of ‘My Generation’. Then we were really ‘motoring’ with a favourite, recorded at Cosimo Matassa’s studios down in New Orleans, by Bobby Charles and his original recording of ‘See You Later Alligator’ . . . . and there’s more . . . . 

I Like It Like That . . . .My Generation – Chapeaumelon
My Generation – Chapeaumelon
See You Later Alligator – Bobby Charles
The Things That I Used To Do – Guitar Slim
New Orleans – Bern Elliott & The Fenmen
I Like It Like That – Don Bryant
Right String Baby, But The Wrong YoYo – The Moquettes
Handy Man – The Sparks Of Rhythm

Girls & Guitars
Grandma’s Advice – Fiona Boyes

Too Hot To Hold . . .Fiona Boyes
The Tide Is High – The Paragons
Big Girl – King Pleasure & The Biscuit Boys
Sausages, Beans, Onions & Gravy – Pete Thomas & The Deep Sea Jivers
Too Hot To Hold – Betty Everett
Forget About Me – Carolyn Crawford
My Oh My – Billy Floyd
Hey Bartender – Floyd Dixon
Hey Girl – Lucky Carmichael
In The Bottom Of My Heart – Thurston Harris

Well, for our Girls & Guitars feature this week up, our Sausages, Beans, Onions & Gravy - Pete Thomas & The Deep Sea Jiversspotlight fell on Australian Blues guitarist and singer, Fiona Boyes, who was born and raised in Melbourne, where she developed her musical skills and gained some well-earned recognition as a recording and touring artist. She has been described as one of the best women guitar players since Memphis Minnie, which you can judge for yourself with the track, ‘Grandma’s Advice’ from her 2011 album ‘Blues for Hard Times’.

There were some big smiles when we played Sausages, Beans, Onions & Gravy by Pete Thomas & The Deep Sea Jivers and the Floyds had their moment this week when we followed Billy Floyd with Floyd Dixon . . . just proving that if you wanted sophistication, one of us was in the wrong place.

Surprisingly, Mr Merlot rose above it all (for a change) and may have put in his best performance as ‘timekeeper’. So, we were well prepared to turn the Cruise Mobile for home and get everyone back safe and sound. There was a brief moment of sadness, as we said our farewells, but then some cheery smiles as we anticipated the next time we could go Cruising with The Commissioner. Until then . . . . remember . . . have fun!

Broadcast by Cruising Radio 
on 13 July 2016

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