Back in a Cadillac . . .

Posted: May 29, 2016 in The Blues Come Calling

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Listen here to the latest edition of The Blues Come Calling:

Well, here we are, back again and ready to rustle up an hour of the best of the blues on The Blues Come Calling. So, if you like the blues, you’re definitely in the right place and, believe me, there’s plenty of new blues releases popping up just lately, which must be a healthy sign for the blues, generally. The show features new stuff by Sari & The Engine Room, The Bluesbenders, The Alex P Suter Band, The Jon Storey Band and Albany Down. . . . and there’s more, but that will have to be for the next show.

Since the last edition of the show, I’ve been rummaging in the dark dusty corners of the blues library and found a few great albums that blinked in the light. Indeed, we started off with one of those from Coco Montoya and ‘Back In A Cadillac’, which first appeared back in 2002, but has re-appeared on a recent compilation titled ‘Feelin’ Good Blues’. Then, we went back to 1993 for a track from the wonderful Larry McCray . . . my choice was ‘Not That Much’ and I found it on his 1993 album Delta Hurricane. . . and so can you . . .

Dangerous mood . . . Albany Down (The Outer Reach
Back In A Cadillac – Coco Montoya (Feelin’ Good Blues – 2015)
Not That Much – Larry McCray (Delta Hurricane – 1993)
Don’t Ya Tell – The Alex P Suter Band (All For Loving You – 2016)
Shake What Your Mama Gave You – Henry Butler & Corey Harris ( Feelin’ Good Blues – 2015)
Stop In The Name Of Love – Sari & The Engine Room
Dangerous Mood – Paul Cox (Good To Me – 2005)
Like A Bullet – Albany Down (The Outer Reach – 2016)

Pinetop’s Pick . . . . with Arfa PinetopThe Jon Storey Band (Blues & Rocket Fuel
Come Back Baby – Doctor Ross

Shufflin’ the blues . . .
Stumblin’ Blind – The Jon Storey Band (Blues & Rocket Fuel – 2016)
Rocket 88 – Bob Hall & George Green (Shufflin’ The Blues – 1991)
Saturday Night – Steven Troch (Nice & Greasy -2016)
Wild Turkey – The Bluesbenders (Gargoyle Schmargoyle – 2016)
Dust My Broom – Freddie King (Getting Ready – 1971)
Talking Woman Blues – The Blues Band (Itchy Feet (Remastered) – 2012)The Blue Chevys (Turn It Back
Lovin ‘ Fool – The Blue Chevys (Turn It Back – 2016)

Now, you can’t really ignore an album called ‘Gargoyle Schmargoyle’, so we didn’t. It’s the latest album by The Bluesbenders and we played ‘Wild Turkey’ from that album, along with a welcome preview track from the forthcoming new album, ‘The Outer Reach’, by London-based band, Albany Down. The album is more rock than blues, but I did think track ‘Like A Bullet’ had more of a bluesy feel, so we played that.

A big thanks to The Alex P Suter Band for pointing me to their new album ‘All For Loving The Bluesbenders (Gargoyle SchmargoyleYou’, which I’ve much enjoying since it arrived here. The tracks offer various shades of the blues and I particularly liked one called ‘Don’t Ya Tell’. . . and I hope you do too.

The latest album by The Jon Storey Band, called ‘Blues & Rocket Fuel’, has plenty of great listening, including my choice from it,‘Stumblin’ Blind’. But, all too soon it was almost time to go, so we squeezed in ‘Lovin’ Fool’, a raucous and rocking little number from The Blue Chevys’ new album titled ‘Turn It Back. Then it was all over for another week . . . just time to say our farewells and hope that you’ll be here the next time The Blues Come Calling. Until then . . . remember . . . have fun!

Broadcast by Cruising Radio
on 29 May 2016

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