On Broadway . . .

Posted: March 10, 2016 in Hear This . . . . !


Listen here to this week’s edition of Down at Kokomo’s:

Well, the elements have been more than a little unpredictable this week, so the regulars Down at Kokomo’s will have appreciated the familiar surroundings, some of the usual faces and a great selection of music. So, we greeted them warmly, settled them in and rolled out our customary hospitality and it all seemed to go very well.
We opened our playlist with a classic from Billy Preston, which set the mood right for a Billy-Preston-Billys-Bag-2001-FLACmore than a few to fill the floor when The Blossoms delivered one of their biggies, followed by a really spirited R&B version of an early Beatles song by Rudy Rotta. Then, there were plenty more good sounds to take us through to the midnight hour.

Billy’s Bag – Billy Preston
That’s When The Teardrops Start – The Blossoms
Love Me Do – Rudy Rotta
On Broadway – Leroy Emmanuel
Climbing Up A Hill – Steve Muskrat
This Is How A Heart Breaks – Joe McBride
A Satisfied Feeling – Mary LoveLEROY-EMMANUEL-TRIO-2012-Things-a-man-needs1
Well, the midnight hour was clearly in sight when Miss Rosie was gliding past the tables here and throwing a cheery smile as she cleared away the glasses . . . . And as the sounds of Mary Love started drifting away, so did the friendly faces. A few genial exchanges with Antoine at the door and then they were gone. So, we very much hope everyone enjoyed their visit Down at Kokomo’s and we’re taking a break now to refurbish Kokomo’s. So, until the next time we all meet up Down at Kokomo’s . . . . remember . . . .have fun!


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