What the hell is goin’ on

Posted: March 6, 2016 in The Blues Come Calling

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Listen here to this week’s edition of The Blues Come Calling:

Well, we arrived in time (but only just) for this week’s edition of The Blues Come CallingPaul Thorn - What The Hell Is Goin’ On and with a pile of records and CDs and I was counting all the friendly faces being there too. So, with a small flourish, we launched a whole hour of the blues, starting with a big favourite from Buddy Guy and his spirited version of ‘Show Me The Money’ . . . and it all rolled on from there!

There were plenty of new releases and previews of forthcoming releases, as well as a few old favourites. On the subject of ‘old’ favourites, we caught up again this week with the esteemed Arfa Pinetop, who arrived with a debonair saunter and cheeky smile . . . but then, he already knew his choice for this week’s choice on Pinetop’s Pick .
.Johnny Winter - The Progressive Blues Experiment

Everbody Knows
Show Me The Money – Buddy Guy (Skin Deep – 2008)
Make It Up – Lachy Doley (Live at Mitchell Creek – 2016)
What The Hell Is Goin’ On – Paul Thorne (What The Hell Is Goin’ On – 2012)
Save That Roach For Me’ – Adam Franklin (Til I Hear You Talkin’ – 2012)
It’s My Own Fault – Johnny Winter (The Progressive Blues Experiment – 1968)
Everybody Knows – GT Boos Band

Pinetop’s PickErica Guerin - Never Too Late
Walk Right In – Gus Cannon

Bet Your Life
Sticking To My Guns – Erica Guerin (Never Too Late – 1993)
Now That The Magic Has Gone – Eddy Wilson’s Blues Band (Ultimate Collection – 2014)
Key To The Highway – Big Bill Broonzy, Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee (This is the Blues – 1959)
Bet Your Life – Paul Carrack (Soul Shadows – 2016)Paul Benjaman Band - Sneaker
Sneaker – Paul Benjaman Band (Sneaker – 2016)
I Want to Be Loved – Muddy Waters (Hard Again – 1977)
Good Morning Little Girl – The Paul Butterfield Band (What’s Shakin’ – 1966)

Well, time nearly beat us this week! I had a small panic and quickly re-calculated the running times, but it all worked out OK. So, with an added sense of purpose, I got ready to head for the door, but not before clearing up the records and CDs, putting the smiling picture of the station boss back on the wall and waving everyone a cheery farewell . . . then playing out with the Paul Butterfield Blues Band’s version of ‘Good Morning Little Schoolgirl’. So until the next time The Blues Come Calling . . . . have fun!


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