Dig right in . . .

Posted: February 5, 2016 in Down at Kokomo's


Listen here to this week’s edition of Down at Kokomo’s:

Well, for many of us, the evening had started extremely well and there was no question that we’d see out the night Down at Kokomo’s. So, there were plenty of high spirits to fuel the Quincy Conservegood times in prospect and there were plenty of friendly and familiar faces and some very fine sounds courtesy of The Commissioner, helping us on our way to the midnight hour.

We kicked off our play list with an instrumental that set the mood right here, featuring top UK saxman Pete Thomas with his instrumental ‘Hard Hat’ and that quickly identified the early groovers, who took full advantage of the room on the dance floor and things just got better . . . . .

Hard Hat – Pete Thomas
Somebody Stole My Thunder – Quincy Conserve
Who Told You – The Soul Snatchers
Back Seat Lover – Mayer Hawthorne
Everyday I Have The Blues – The East Coast Jazz Band (Ft Birgitte Laugesen)
If You Want Me To Stay – The Baker Brothers (ft Hamish Stuart)
Mook LoxleyDig Right In – Mook Loxley

So many were up and grooving that they didn’t notice Miss Rosie clearing the bar and gliding around the tables to clear up, because all too soon it was nearly tomorrow and time to say our goodbyes. But, we played out with our old friend Mook Loxley and something the groovers certainly know how  to do Down at Kokomo’s . . . . ‘Dig Right In’. So, if you enjoyed your visit Down at Kokomo’s this week, we hope we’ll have the pleasure of your company, same time same place next week . . . . until then . . . . remember . . . . have fun!

Broadcast by Miskin Radio
on 4 February 2016

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