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Posted: October 6, 2015 in Hear This . . . . !

Cruising #2026b

Listen here to this week’s show:

Well, as we planned for the next Cruising with The Commissioner, the national and international events of the week made it ever more attractive to seek the serenity and calm of Cruise Control. There is a strange comfort in the familiar disarray there, although this only becomes evident when Mr Merlot and The Cruisettes are occupied elsewhere. But, I should say that this past week has not been without incident in Cruise Control and one such moment involved digging out the big capacity portable hard drive to do some long overdue backing up. This, inevitably, inspired some browsing and a welcome reunion with some of the music files that had faded from memory . . . until now!

One gem came from The Ted Taylor Four with a 1960 instrumental called M.1. It featured the, then, innovative keyboard developed by Selmer Instruments called the clavioline, which would re-appear two years later with The Tornados on Telstar. Whilst we bow humbly to those who know far more about such keyboards, it sounded like there may have been a clavioline on another track too by Belgium group, Les Diaboloques, called ‘Jackie’.

This week our playlist gave us a musical glimpse into the dark and shadowy places of New Orleans courtesy of the Big Easy’s own Dave Ferrato. This was his number, Tchoupazine Triangle, from his very fine album ‘Later on Decatur’ . But we kicked off this week’s cruise with Christer Sjogren and his take on King Creole and followed with another cover of an Elvis song by Dave Edmunds, suggested by Shakin’ Sharon.

Shim Sham Shimmy . . . .Joey & The Jivers
King Creole – Christer Sjogren
Return To Sender – Dave Edmunds
Shakin’ Mother For Ya – Joey & The Jivers
Shim Sham Shimmy – Champion Jack Dupree
Ella Mae – Louis Jordan
Ticket To Ride – Wee Willie Walker
Shouting Out Love – The Emotions
I’ve Lost You – James Royal
What Am I Supposed To Do – Grainne Duffy
We Got A Thing That’s In a Groove – The Capitols
Tchoupazine Triangle – Dave FerratoLater_on_Decatur_cover_photo
Guess I Lose – JJ Cale
I Put A Spell On You – The Crazy World of Arthur Brown
Jamaican Ska – Byron Lee & The Dragonaires

Somethin’ Else . . . .
M.1. – The Ted Taylor Four
Jackie – Les Diaboliques
Love To Love You (& Tonight Pigs Will Fly) – Caravan
Cocaine Blues – Bob Dylan
Lovingly Yours – The Mockingbirds
Sticks & Stones – Dean & Jeantony-colton-and-the-big-boss-band-further-on-down-the-track-abcparamount-2
Cannon Boogie – Ace Cannon
Somethin’ Else – Little Richard & Tanya Tucker
Coming Right Back – Soul Patrol
For This I Thank You – Gino Parks
Further On Down The Track – Tony Colton
You Don’t Know What You Mean To Me – Sam & Dave
My Love – Ronnie Jones
Let The Good Times Roll – Bunny Sigler

Now our Girls & Guitars feature this week was inspired by seeing that Grainne Duffy is touring again and promoting her new live album. She hails from Co Monaghan in Ireland and been singing and playing on the blues circuit since 2007 and delivering some pretty good stuff too! Her new album is called Grainne Duffy Live and we chose her on stage version of ‘What Am I Supposed To Do’.

We pulled out a few Mod favourites from ‘must be played’ pile for the end of our cruise, including Tony Colton’s ‘Further On Down the Track’ and Ronnie Jones’ 1965 Decca 45 ‘My Love’. Then Mr Merlot started raising a bushy eyebrow and nodding theatrically in the direction of the clock, so we headed for home with a great little floor filler from Bunny Sigler and his 1967 Cameo Parkway 45 ‘Let The Good Times Roll’. Then we parked up the trusty Cruise Mobile for another week and waved our fond farewells in the hope we’ll all be back again, same time same place next week to go Cruising with The Commissioner. Until then . . . . have fun!

Broadcast by Miskin Radio
8 October 2015

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