I can’t stop it . . . .

Posted: August 28, 2015 in Down at Kokomo's


Listen here to this week’s show:

Well, there were plenty of friendly faces to greet us this week ‘Down at Kokomo’s’ and we’re always pleased to have their good company, as well as any ‘first-timers’. As usual, we had plenty of excellent music to take us through to the midnight hour, including some club favourites, a funky ‘West Wing’ memory and a few surprises too! But, we opened up with UK
band The Peddlers and a  jazzy instrumental called Horses Collar  . . . .

Horses Collar – The Peddlers
Bert’s Apple Crumble – The Quik
Bette Davis Eyes – Jackie De Shannon
Let’s Straighten This Out – OV Wright
The Jackal – Ronny Jordan & Dana Bryant
Love Love Love – Len Barry
Soulful Dress – Sugar Pie DeSanto
I Can’t Stop It – The Johnny Nocturne Band
In The Midnight Hour – Little Mac & The Boss Sounds

Well, for those up at the bar during the evening, there’s always a key test of our time-keeping when Miss Rosie starts looking at the clock. That’s a sure signal that we’re running out of time. So, we were watching and ready to greet tomorrow with some excellent Hammond sounds from Little Mac & The Boss Sounds with the inevitable ‘In The Midnight
Hour’. Then it was all over and time to wind things up ‘Down at Kokomo’s . . . . Miss Rosie was busy clearing the bar and
tables, Jazzy G was reaching for his coat and Antoine was at the door seeing everyone out. So, until we see you again
‘Down At Kokomo’s’ . . . have fun!

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