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Posted: August 6, 2015 in Down at Kokomo's

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Listen here to this week’s show:

Well, Antoine was at the door and pretty busy welcoming folks to Kokomo’s . . . Big Mama Montse
and, as ever, whether you arrived by accident or design, there’s always very good company and plenty of fine sounds to take us through to the midnight
hour. Our soundtrack, as we headed for tomorrow, included some fine organ work from Enri and his tune ‘The Performer’ . . . . and more . . . .

The Performer – Enri
Confessin’ The Blues – Big Mama Montse
Hurt By Love – Inez & Charlie Foxx
Ingrid Lucia - Almost BlueCherry Red – Little Richard
Almost Blue – Ingrid Lucia
Jump – Paul Anka
Keep Your Business To Yourself – Pearl Woods
Gumbo Ya Ya – Mook Loxley

It was relaxed evening with a few energetic souls taking to the dance floor to
show  us a few moves and by the time we got to play Mook Loxley’s ‘Gumbo
Ya Ya’, we  knew the midnight  hour was close. By then, behind the bar, Miss
Rosie was looking at the clock and  taking last orders at the bar . . . . so thenMook Loxley
it was time to wind things up Down at Kokomo’s. Jazzy G was reaching for his
coat and Antoine was at the door seeing  everyone out . . . . but, just time to
say thanks for your good company and until  we see you again soon Down At
Kokomo’s . . . .  Have fun!

Broadcast by Miskin Radio
6 August 2015

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