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Posted: January 13, 2015 in Hear This . . . . !

Listen here to this week’s show:


With the news of the past week, we were tempted to pull together a playlist exclusively by artists or songs about Charles, or Charlie, but we thought that would cause us to linger too long on dark and disturbing deeds. Instead, we raided the pending tray and lined up some of the delights that our cheery postman has brought us recently.

Cruising #2006One of the joys of this week that came though the letterbox was a 2014 album by Katie Bradley called ‘The Anchor Baby Sessions’ . . . . she’s a very fine singer and a pretty mean blues harp player too. http://katiebradleyblues.com/ The album features some very fine guitar-work from Dudley Ross and although it was difficult to choose between the tracks, we chose a track from it called ‘One Day’ . . . . and we might just be returning to that album again soon. We also lined up a great Bay-Tone 45 that we’ve been chasing for a while by Vernon & Jewel , ‘It Hit Me Where It Hurts’, as well as Jackie Wilson & Linda Hopkins with their Brunswick release ‘Say I Do’.

The alert and attentive members of the Cruising Crew will remember that a couple of week’s back, we played a song that was featured in the TV series ‘The Newsroom’ and at the time we promised to dig out the soulful version by Solomon Burke. Well, we like to keep our promises and so we went a-rummaging and found it on his 2012 album called ‘The Last Great Concert’ and the song was ‘That’s How I Got To Memphis’.

So, at the appointed time, we arrived in the Cruise Mobile eager for a whistle-stop tour through some of the best in rock, soul and ‘real’ rhythm & blues and there was a seat for everyone who was ready to jump on board, throw caution to the wind and take a chance on Cruising with the Commissioner. We started with the great Paul Williams and his 1961, 7 Arts single ‘Back To Back’ and we were soon in the mood to boogaloo. So, we followed up with Titus Turner and ‘Knock Me A Kiss’ and more . . . .

Cruising down along the cove . . . . . Solomon Burke
Back To Back – Paul Williams
Knock Me A Kiss – Titus Turner
Right Now – Ray Scott & The Scottsmen
The Clap Hands Song – T Bird & The Breaks
The Pot’s On Strike – Jesse Hill
Hey – Barbara Mercer
Ain’t Love Wonderful – The Fantastic Four
That’s How I Got To Memphis – Solomon Burke
Cuttin’ In – Timi Yuro
Fed Up – Rita EngedalenKatie Bradley
Rosalyn – David Bowie
Sorry She’s Mine – The Small Faces
Brown Eyed Girl – Reel Big Fish

Killer Diller Korner . . . . with Johnny Alpha

Bogatini -The Four Instants

Cruising for the distant lights . . . .
Promised Land – Jerry Lee Lewis
Subterranean Homesick Blues – Bob DylanRay Byrne
It’s A Groovy World – The Lollipop Fantasy
Nobody Like My Baby – The Dennisons
End Of The Road – The Idle Race
M & O Blues – Willie Brown
One Day – Katie Bradley
Holding On (With Both Hands) – Geno Washington
Ain’t Love Good Ain’t Love Proud – Cliff Bennett & The Rebel Rousers
I Can’t Stand It – The Spencer Davis Group
Keep On Running – Jackie Edwards
It Hit Me Where It Hurts – Vernon & Jewel
Say I Do – Jackie Wilson & Linda Hopkins
Lights Out – Ray Byrne

Our Girls & Guitars feature this week focused on Norwegian singer and guitarist, Rita Engedalen, who has released three albums to date and we chose the track, ‘Fed Up’, from her Grammy Award winning 2006 album ‘Heaven Ain’t Ready For Me Yet’. Meanwhile, we had to rolling up our sleeves to do a little digging in the Cruising blues bag for this week’s scratchy blues track from Willie Brown. Although he is now regarded as one of the influential blues artists of the 1930s and a pioneer of delta blues, he only recorded four sides for Paramount records in the 1930s and we played his “M & O Blues.

As the sands of time were running out for us on the show, we remembered a piece of frantic rock recommended by Thom Hickey, a new member of the Cruising Crew and very welcome he is too. We knew re rated this one, because he says so on his excellent website ‘The Immortal Jukebox’ http://theimmortaljukebox.com/  and it was Ray Byrne with ‘Lights Out’. But, before we turned out the lights in Cruise Control, we extended our customary invitation to come back next week, when we’ll call by, same time, same place, with a seat saved especially for you. So, until the next time we go Cruising with The Commissioner . . . . remember . . . . have fun!



  1. The Shake says:

    Great show Commissioner. Shame about the chatroom, but you kept the Tuesday night spirit right on track.

  2. The Vikster says:

    Thanks for the music TC. Always excellent, but especially fun this evening. 🙂

  3. The Spinmeister says:

    Wow! A name check over the Faces, and a celebratory 50th anniversary playing of Subterranean Homesick Blues. What a lucky boy, I am. A most enjoyable show, Commish.

    I’m off to warmer climes for a month in a few days, where I will be wearing sandals, though still can’t afford the scandals. So will listen in, from afar.

    All the best – and keep spinning!

  4. Arfa Pinetop says:

    Well I must be in a good mood. Could be something to do with the box set of legends of Country Blues I’ve just acquired. I enjoyed the show Emp some nice stuff apart from that flower power lovey dovey . . . . oh sorry I’m in a good mood, so that’s enuff of that.

    Willy Brown nice and wouldn’t it be lovely to hear ‘Rosalyn’ by the PTs . . . . remember they only made 2 good singles!

    Yes, it will be fab gear to hear the Katie lady again especially playing harp.

    Went to the Scotsboro Boys yesterday excellent show.

    • Most esteemed Arfa

      ‘In a good mood’ . . . . what will the folks at The Samaritans do now? They’ll be making sure there are no more box sets of Country Blues in any local shops, for fear of being put out of business permanently. Of course, you do not reveal HOW you came to ‘acquire’ your box set of legends of Country Blues . . . . which may be very wise!

      Glad you liked the Willie Brown track and I seem to recall Willie Brown being a character in the film ‘Crossroads’ ( not the one with Noel Gordon and the shaky scenery).

      You just never know when you might hear Rosalyn by the PTs again on our cruises, but I am reliably informed that the PTs made more than 2 good singles and I am not minded to argue that point!

      Be assured, Katie Bradley will appear again on our playlists soon and we’ll find something with her playing harp. In the meantime, have fun!

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