Do you dream in technicolor . . . .

Posted: December 30, 2014 in Hear This . . . . !

Listen here to this week’s show:


Cruising #191

Well, here’s hoping that you enjoyed the festive season and that Santa brought you something nice. All went well here in the Grand Duchy, but we’re a bit sad to say goodbye to 2014, because we were having such a good time. Of course, we gave some thought to our new year’s resolution, but decided to stick with last year’s . . . ‘to bring order out of chaos here in Cruise Control’ . . . . but then it is very still ‘work in progress’!

As has become customary, we took the opportunity for a review of our Cruising adventures during the past year and we prepared for a whistlestop tour through some of the tunes that have popped up on our playlists in 2014. We also picked out three of the treasured moments from Johnny Alpha’s Killer Diller Korner choices, along with some cherry picking through our Three From Me guests’ selections.

So, we arrived for this week’s Cruising with the Commissioner with far too much to fit into our playlist, but we tried and we started with the great Alvin ‘Red’ Tyler and his instrumental ‘Snake Eyes’ . . . . and it all rolled along nicely from there . . . .

Cruising in good company . . . . . snake eys
Snake Eyes – Alvin ‘Red’ Tyler
Right Eye’s Jumping – The Ray Collins Hot Club
Deep In The Heart Of Texas – Geraint Watkins & The Dominators
Rad Gumbo – Little Feat
All Night Worker – Rufus Thomas
I Take What I Want – James & Bobby Purify
Goin’ To The River – Bill & Will
Where Blue Begins – Dani Wilde
I Want To Be Loved – Muddy Waters
Talk To Me Baby – Johnny Winter & Ben HarperJohnny Winter
Wherever I Lay My Hat – Cornel Campbell

Killer Diller Korner . . . . with Johnny Alpha
Shorty’s Got To Go – Jimmy Sedlar
Seventh Son – Johnny Rivers
Baby Girl Of Mine – Bobby Sharpe

Three From Me selections
Happy – Pharrell Williams
Stop Shovin Me Around – The Delicates
Trouble No More – The Allman Brotherstommy vann (2)
Raspberry Beret – Prince
The Twist – Hank Ballard & The Midnighters

Cruising for 2015 . . . .
Shadows & Reflections – Eddie Hodges
Pretty Flamingo -Tommy Vann & The Echoes
Do You Dream In Technicolor – Supurbia
No Money Down – Wolfie Witcher & His Brew
Eyesight To The Blind – The Larks
Gumbo Ya Ya – Mook Loxley

During 2014 our Girls & Guitars feature has provided an excellent opportunity to showcase some very fine talents and, as we looked back through our past selections, we settled on one from Dani Wilde and ‘Where Blue Begins’. Amongst the our scratchy blues choices, we pulled out The Larks and their early version of ‘ Eyesight To The Blind’.

One of the joys of this past year has been catching up on the New Orleans based series Treme and it provided us with our last choice for 2014, in the form of Mook Loxley’s version of the theme tune from the series, which he calls ‘Gumbo Ya Ya’. So, until the first time we go Cruising with The Commissioner in 2015 . . . . have fun!


  1. Arfa Pinetop says:

    Thanks Emp am just listening to the last track of last nites show and I must say :

    I thought it was superb not Supurbia however I had dreams of technicolor when on the Jameson and that track had me nearly back on it !

    My reflections on Mr Hodges are for him to return into the shadows or at the very least to his greengrocers in Walmington on Sea !

    The Wolfie track is superb. Great to hear that again and the Hank Ballard version of The Twist . . . . the best I have heard. I do think Dave Edmunds Deep in the Heart of Texas is the better version as much as I love Geraint Watkins perhaps you’d play it one day ?

    Happy New Year to you and all

    • The Commissioner says:

      Most esteemed Arfa

      That Wolfie Witcher track has proved to be a great favourite with so many now. Strange that folk with quite different tastes in music all love that track. So, thanks muchly to you for pointing us in Wolfie’s direction.

      Seems that 2014 is waving goodbye, having suggested quite a few new toons to chase. For which, our cheery postman will be lending his assistance and I even found CD in the local charity shop worth buying (The Ventures). So, “that’s all good” as they say in 2012!

      I was wondering what to close the next show with and then you come along and suggest Dave Edmunds. It’s all falling into place!

      Perhaps 2015 will see you back with a few Three From Me sessions or an Arfa special.

      In the meantime. . . have fun!

  2. The Spongeman says:

    A great cruise through 2014 TC. Thanks 🙂

  3. The Shake says:

    Top show Commissioner. We really enjoyed it.

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