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Posted: December 16, 2014 in Hear This . . . . !

Listen here to this week’s show:


Well, all seemed to be unusually well prepared here for the festive season, so we were in very good spirits to wish cheery greetings to one and all, as we started our cruise. Although it may have been cold outside, there was a very warm welcome here and, as ever, we had an excellent playlist and our regular visit from Johnny Alpha. The Cruise Mobile was all fired up and we’d kept a seat saved especially for you, just so we could all go Cruising with The Commissioner.Cruising #76

One of the joys of the past week was discovering a handful of 45s that we brought back from a recent expedition around the local music shops . . . . and forgot about. So, there was a very happy reunion when we found them and there were several that got into this week’s playlist. At one point, against better judgement, we had to turn off the alarms and sensors to play The Hollies’ French version of their otherwise perfectly good hit ‘We’re Through’!

Now, some time ago we were at a local gig and enjoyed a singer sitting in for a few numbers on stage. The singer was Brian Cushion, who gave us some fine vocals and nice harp playing on that occasion. So, we were surprised and delighted to get a CD of his, sent from our pals John & Chris in Australia. The album was titled ‘Notes From The Attic’ and good stuff it is too. So, we lifted a track from it for our playlist and chose Brian’s interpretation of ‘Good Morning Blues’. . . . and if you like it too, it’s well worth finding the album. But, to get us on our way, we kicked off down the road with The Soul Orchestra and some hard driven organ work from a young Mac Rebennack (long before becoming Dr. John) and we followed on with another 1962 number by Louis Jordan . . .and we rolled on from there . . . .

Cruising in good company . . . .Mac Rebennack
The Point – Mac Rebennack & The Soul Orchestra
Workin’ Man – Louis Jordan
Wigglin’ & Gigglin’ – Jimmy Ricks
I Still Love You – The Seven Souls
Man In A Million – Sidney Barnes
Just Another Heartache – Little Ritchie
We’re Through (French lyrics) – The Hollies
Baby Never Say Goodbye – The Bo Street Runners
I Ain’t Got You – The Chocolate Watchband
Maybe I Could Be Your Girl – Fiona Boyes
Shook, Shimmy & Shake – Wynder K FrogFiona Boyes 2
Hi Heel Sneakers – Brian Knight
Cerveza – Cherry Wainer

Killer Diller Korner . . . . with Johnny Alpha
Empty Heart – The First Four

Cruising in good company . . . .
Gentlemen Of The Park – Episode Six
On Our Way – Neighbourhood Children
I’m Comin’ Home – Dee Dee Sharp
Scandalous & A Shame – Blind Joe TaggartYou Better Dig It
Good Morning Blues – Brian Cushion
Sugar Coated Love – Lou Ann Barton
The Queen – Big Ella
Ain’t Gonna Walk Your Dog No More – Otis Williams & The Charms
Pain – Little Flint
Take It Baby – The Showmen
Sally Go Round The Roses – The Ikettes
Just A Little Misunderstanding – Johnny Williams
She Can Rock – Mike Sanchez & His Band

We hit a bluesy mood for our Girls & Guitars feature and this week, we went back for another listen to Australian blues guitarist and singer, Fiona Boyes. She’s a daughter of Melbourne, where she grew up and developed her musical skills. In 2011 she recorded album called ‘Blues for Hard Times’ and we chose a track that has some very nice guitar-work on it, ‘Maybe I Could Be Your Girl’ . . . . so, you can make up your own mind.

The Cruising time machine took us back to 1928 for this week’s dip into the scratchy blues bag. Our focus was on country bluesman, Blind Joe Taggart, who was described by long time buddy, Josh White, as a mean-tempered man. However, in October of 1928 Josh White accompanied Joe Taggart at a recording session and you can hear them both doing call and response on a song from that session, ‘Scandalous & A Shame’.

When time was running out on our cruise, we were intent on getting in something by Mike Sanchez and his band, who were on our giglist this past week . . . . . and a rocking good gig it was too. So, we went home in style with ‘real’ R&B from Mike with his take on a Little Ike original from 1959, ‘She Can Rock’. Then it was all over for another week, but we will be back . . . . and until the next time we go Cruising with The Commissioner . . . . remember . . . . have fun!


  1. The Spongeman says:

    Top show TC 🙂

  2. The Vikster says:

    Fab show TC, wish I’d been able to listen live. Particular favourites this week were: We’re Through (French lyrics) – The Hollies, I Ain’t Got You – The Chocolate Watchband, Good Morning Blues – Brian Cushion, and Ain’t Gonna Walk Your Dog No More – Otis Williams & The Charms. More please!

    • So pleased you enjoyed all those, in particular. We had fun pulling those together and there was even a hint of seasonal spirit around this week. So, who knows what we’ll have next week . . . . perhaps one or two more obscure festive toons!

      Have fun!

  3. Arfa Pinetop says:

    Well that Blind Joe Taggart one was really scratchy Emp, but as you say, all those recordings are.

    Now Episode Six . . . . thank Gawd we weren’t subjected to Episodes 1 – 5 also.  As for Neighbourhood Children, if they lived in my neighbourhood, I’d have the Social Services onto them.

    But the rest got the thumbs up Emp, so Santa will be a calling on you.

    Have a cool yule . . . all the Fest!

    PS My mate has just sent me a DVD entitled “Rockpalast 1979”. Not watched it yet but believe it features Johnny Winter.

    • Most esteemed Arfa

      It’s just so reassuring to know that we’re both back on good form! Thanks for a great kick-start to the season of goodwill. We’ll be throwing ourselves in at the deep end tonight, although we’ll have a respectful moment for Joe C . . . then anything goes . . . . and some come back!!!

      Have a good one and give our regards to King Herod at your reunion! 🙂

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