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Posted: September 16, 2014 in Hear This . . . . !

Listen here to this week’s show:

Well, there’s been plenty to keep our attentions this week and we managed to catch up with some friendly faces too. We also heard from some folks who have been long-time pals and planned a few future escapades. So, our social agenda has been most enjoyable and . . . . there’s more in store!Cruising #186

Our cheery postman has continued his worthy work, which has ensured a few tasty treats arrived here at Cruise Control to tantalise our taste buds. Amongst these, were some hard to find and long forgotten items, which will be popping into our playlists in the weeks to come.

Meanwhile, our rummaging in the Cruising Library turned up a song that’s a particular favourite of Mrs TC’s. ‘The Thrill Is Gone’. There are many versions, by many artists, including BB King’s. But, we found the original recording of the song by Texas bluesman Roy Hawkins, which he recorded for Modern records in 1951 . . . . and it got to number 6 on the American R&B charts back then.

If you’re a longtime devotee of pub rock in and around London, there’s a good chance that you’ll remember Wolfie Witcher and His Brew. They we’re enthusiastic purveyors of R&B, blues and boogie, along with a little humour, and we found a 45 by them which featured their take on the old Chuck Berry number, ‘No Money Down’.

We managed to cram plenty of goodies into our playlist, kicking off with Roomful of Blues and ‘She Put a Spell On Me’ . . . . and there was plenty more besides . . . .

Cruising way out there . . . .Knockouts
She Put A Spell On Me – Roomful Of Blues
Gal From Kokomo – Roy Brown
Find My Way Back Home – The Nashville Teens
Any Time At All – The Fairies
Fever – The Knockouts
Don’t Be Cruel – The Upsetters
That Goes To Show You – Garnet Mimms & The Enchanters
The Boy From New York City – Mary Wells
Soulville – Aretha Franklin
Goin’ To New Orleans – Jane Bond
Lipstick Traces – Chris FarloweJane Bond
Fortune Teller – Benny Spellman
Abracadabra – Baked A La Ska

Killer Diller Korner . . . . . with Johnny Alpha
Milkcow Blues – The Kinks

Cruising with the crew . . . .
Ruby Tuesday – Twiggy
White Rabbit – Grace Potter & The Nocturnals
After Tea – Spencer Davis Group
On Our Way – Neighb’hood Childr’n
Hitchhiker – The ChucksAfter tea
She Shot a Hole In My Soul – Geno Washington & the Ram Jam Band
Do Lord (Remember Me) – Reverend Robert Wilkins
The Thrill Is Gone – Roy Hawkins
No Money Down – Wolfie Witcher & His Brew
It Don’t Take But a Few Minutes – The Refreshments
Put On My Shoes – Mary Ann Fisher
Cherrigale – Ed Townsend
6345789 – The Elgins
Tutti Frutti – Little Richard

This week’s Girls & Guitars slot featured someone suggested by our good pal The Spongeman. He pointed us in the direction of Jane Bond, a singer and guitarist now living in Austin Texas. Her recordings range from old-time country and blues, through to jazz and rock & roll. She captured a 20-month residency at Austin’s famous Continental Club and we chose a track recorded live at the club in 2006, ‘Goin’ To New Orleans’ . . . . something well worth doing.

For those who like a little scratchy blues, we went disturbing the dust in the Cruising library to find a song that we’ve played a number of times on the show by Jackie Wilson. This time it came to us in a recording by the Reverend Robert Wilkins, who is probably best remembered for his song ‘Prodical Son’, but this was his take on ‘Do Lord (Remember Me)’.

As we were coming into the homeward straight, we decided to end our cruise in the very good company of Little Richard and a classic piece of New Orleans R&B recorded 59 years ago this week . . . ‘Tutti Frutti’. After which, the Cruise Mobile rolled gently to a stop and we faced up to the prospect of tidying up the records and CDs and putting them away neatly for the next time. So, watch out for us next week, when we’ll be ready to call by for you in the Cruise Mobile, same time, same place, with a seat saved especially for you so we can all go Cruising with The Commissioner. Until then, remember . . . have fun!

  1. The Shake says:

    Spot on tonight Commissioner, loved it!

  2. The Spongeman says:

    Great show TC. I just bought a copy of Wolfie Witcher 45 for £3.25 🙂

  3. Arfa Pinetop says:

    Well I must put me “Germans bands” up (which incidentally is why I’m appearing at Willesden magistrates court Monday), I do not take to a lot of Mr Alphas grooves, but that Kinks track was brilliant! However, his comments re them being the best British band well, how easily one forgets Picketty Witch, Paper Lace . . . . . the list is endless!!!

    Was Twiggy attempting a Mizz Faithful impression? Of course her real claim to fame is that she attended Bridge Road Junior school along with one Arfa Pinetop, although he was a year or two above her.

    Did John D Loudermilk ever record Tobacco Road, or was he just a songwriter?

    Thanks for The Chucks. Good memories of “Shangri La” Holiday Camp in exotic St Osyth. I think they also did something entitled “Loo Bee Loo” or was that Andy Pandy?

    As for Grace, lets hope she follows that white rabbit down that hole and stays there and that those children move into her neighbourhood. Off with their heads!

    Rev Roy was lovely Emp, as were The Refreshments. Re your comments re covers of “Fortune Teller”, I remember a Searchers EP with “Farmer John” on it and wondered if they had covered it too.

    Nice Chris Farlow track. May I draw your attention to a 1995 cd of his “Lonesome Road ” and a particular track “I Don’t Wanna Sing The Blues No More”. This cd also has a great cover of “Watching the River Flow” and a slightly different take on “Out of Time”.

    Now a job for the Emp “tec” agency . . . . there is an advert I’ve mainly seen it on the Drama Channel for a company D R or R D Williams which involves people in a café up and jiving to a lovely track. What’s it called and who is it? Well that’s your mission Emp, should you accept it .After 45 rpm this message will etc etc

    Cheers Arfa P school chum of Lesley H

    • The Commissioner says:

      Well, most esteemed Twiggy’s school pal,

      We may have different shades of opinion about the greatest British bands, but Johnny Alpha’s choices continue to be eagerly awaited and much enjoyed here. I suspect he and I are much closer in our views of Picketty Witch and Paper Lace . . . . so you may be ‘on your own’ there!

      You continue to surprise us here . . . . and you have so surprised our band of researchers that they’re demanding remuneration now! But, we did get them to do a bit of delving, whilst their agent heads for your address.

      John D. Loudermilk did indeed record his classic song ‘Tobacco Road’, but his version is more low key than most of the covers.

      The Searchers EP included ‘Farmer John’ and ‘Love Potion No 9’, but not ‘Fortune Teller. You may be thinking of the single version by ex Searcher, Tony Jackson and The Vibrations . . . . which we have played on the show before.

      The Chucks did indeed record a song called ‘Loo-Be-Loo’ as well as one called ‘Humpity Dumpity’ . . . . not sure how inspiring the songwriting was there!

      The advert you’ve seen features the New Rhythmn & Blues Quartet and the song is called ‘Want You To Feel Good Too’, which is a track on their ‘Tiddlywinks’ album.

      Thanks for the pointer to that Chris Farlowe album . . . . it will be investigated further, for sure.

      Have fun!


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