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Posted: August 26, 2014 in Hear This . . . . !

Listen here to this week’s show:

Well, there was plenty of good spirits around the Grand Duchy this week, with some most enjoyable encounters with friendly faces, some good gigs and some very welcome additions to the Cruising Library, courtesy of our musical postman. We also heard from quite a few of the Cruising Crew during the week and caught up with some of them along the way. Cruising #85

Our gig list included a visit to Camden’s Blues Kitchen to see French band, ‘Les Gris Gris’, who delivered a power house set, very much in the style of early Yardbirds, Downliners Sect and Pretty Things. The band were on full throttle all night and the crowd showed they were really up for some ‘rough-house’ R&B. Sadly, we couldn’t find any recordings by them to play on the show, but they have some great YouTube videos, which are well worth a look. We also caught The Shake & Brother Jono on one of their rare London appearances and they were rocking the house, with the crowd jumping and dancing on the seats . . . . and they were still playing through the early hours of the next morning . . . . top shows indeed!

Now, the attentive and enthusiastic amongst you will remember that last week we played an early version of Pretty Flamingo by Gene Pitney and promised to go looking for the original by Tommy Vann & the Echoes. Well, we had the Cruising Researchers on the case and after a good deal of chasing across the internet, our musical postman turned up with a copy at Cruise Control . . . . and to prove it, we put it into this week’s playlist. Another test came from our ambassador to the North West territories, who challenged us to find a piece of rockabilly, released on the Elbridge label in 1961 by the wonderfully named Wayne Worley & The Worley Birds. Well, we found it . . . . and to prove it, we put that into this week’s playlist too.

If you know the band, The Strangelings, and their 2007 album ‘Seasons Of The Witch’, then there’s a good chance that you won’t have been surprised by our choice of their rather fine version of ‘White Bird’. This is a song that first came to our ears on that classic album by ‘It’s A Beautiful Day’ . . . . and The Strangelings do it rather well. But we started our cruise with a joyous piece of ‘real’ R&B called ‘Sugar Sugar’ from the Cadillacs . . . and not an Archie to be seen anywhere . . . .

Cruising for the horizon . . . . wayne worley
Sugar Sugar – The Cadillacs
My Love – Hayward Lee
Handy Andy – The Five Keys
Gotta Draw The Line – Darrow Fletcher
Where It’s At – The Jades
Pretty Flamingo – Tommy Vann & The Echoes
Where Blue Begins – Dana Gillespie
I Believe I’m In Love With You – Sally-Anne Whitten
High Rise – West Side Horns
Don’t Wake Me – Moreland & Arbuckle
Nothing Takes The Place Of You – The DualersSally Anne Whitten
Red Headed Woman – Wayne Worley & The Worley Birds
I Got A Line On You – Button Up

Killer Diller Korner . . . . . with Johnny Alpha
Back Street 38 Dodge – Opus 1

Cruising where the music takes us . . . .
White Bird – The Strangelings
Tin Soldier – The Small Faces
Needle & Pins – Jackie De Shannon
My Special Friend – Baby Boy Warren
Got Love If You Want It – Slim Harpoopus 1
I Found A Love, Oh What A Love – Jo Ann & Troy
Walking With The Spirit – Eddie Watkins Jr
Tightrope – Inez & Charlie Foxx
Ain’t Gonna Tell You – Frank Wilson
I’ve Been Thinkin’ ‘Bout You – Al Green
Mojo Hannah – Betty Harris
Talk To Me Baby – Johnny Winter & Ben Harper
Mighty Mars – Johnny Mars

The girls were well represented amongst this week’s choices, with birthday girl Jackie De Shannon doing her original of ‘Needles & Pins’, along with Jo Ann Campbell, Inez Foxx, Betty Harris and Dana Gillespie. We added more to the balance with Sally-Anne Whitten, in our Girls & Guitars feature. She’s an Australian singer and guitarist with a style that’s a blend of swampy blues, R&B, southern rock and West Coast country. To demonstrate, we chose a track from her debut album ‘Blurring The Lines’ and a song we played recently by The Fabulous Thunderbirds . . . ‘ I Believe I’m In Love With You’.

Our rummage amongst the scratchy blues records, turned up something by Baby Boy Warren. He was born in Louisiana in 1919, but moved to Memphis, Tennessee and learned to play guitar from his older brothers. In 1942 he moved to Detroit and recorded 5 singles, of which we chose his first release on Staff Records in 1949 . . . . ‘My Special Friend’.

But, sad to say, our time finally ran out for us this week. So, we parked up the Cruise Mobile in the hope that our cruising playlist met with the high expectations of the Cruising Crew and could be enticed back again next week . . . . . just so we can go Cruising with The Commissioner again. Until then . . . have fun!

  1. The Spongeman says:

    Nifty version of Pretty Flamingo. I can see why Manfred covered it! I think I have something by Tommy Vann on a CD, it’s not Pretty Flamingo though.

    Great harmonies on that Strangelings track. I must find out more!!!!!!

    I’m sure Randy would be digging that version of I Got A Line On You. Spirit and the MC5 would have liked to sound like that I reckon.

    Top stuff!!!!!

    • Ta muchly. That track by Tommy Vann & The Echoes is not too easy to find. I had to get the 45 from the US. . . . but worth it imho. Button Up have done some interesting covers and I thought you’d like that one. White Bird comes from the 2007 album by The Strangelings and it does have a good sound. They were formed from The Kennnedys and Chris & Meredith Thompson.

  2. The Auburn Phantom says:

    Cruising tracks – You selection was very appropriate this week. I am talking to a lady and the Five Keys track was spot on, as well as the red haired woman tune.

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