Living on the highway . . . .

Posted: August 19, 2014 in Hear This . . . . !

Listen here to this week’s show:

Well, fresh back from our trip to the Loire Valley, we enthusiastically set about gathering some tasty treats for this week’s play list . . . . And we were certainly not disappointed with what we found. We included a selection of great Northern Soul numbers, inspired by the recent TV documentary ‘Living For The Weekend’ . . . . and we chose Nolan Chance’s ‘Just Like The Weather’, Leon Heywood’s ‘Baby Reconsider’ and Cruising #83rounded off with a 45 that can cost you a pretty penny . . . Jimmy ‘Soul’ Clarke and ‘Sweet Darling’.

And to demonstrate our deft dexterity and athleticism, we took a mighty bound, as we went jumping genres to take in a little blues. With a little encouragement from the Cruising Crew, we revisited an artist who appeared on one of our recent playlists . . . Adam Franklin and enjoyed his down home take on a much covered Duster Bennett song ‘Jumping At Shadows’. We also had some seasoned urban blues from Ike Turner, the Texas Cannonball, Freddy King and the master of the telecaster, Albert Collins.

It was, indeed Ike Turner with his Kings Of Rhythm who kicked off our cruise this week with a great instrumental called ‘Baby’s Got It’, which came from an album titled ‘Here & Now’ . . . . . . . . then we headed on down the road in the company of Chuck Carbo and The Spiders and ‘She’s A-1 In My Heart’ . . . . .

Cruising with the windows down . . . .Ike Turner
Baby’s Got It – Ike Turner & The Kings Of Rhythm
She’s A-1 In My Heart – Chuck Carbo & The Spiders
Give It Up – Charles Sheffield
In My Tenement – Clyde McPhatter
My Life -Joe Jama
Just Like The Weather – Nolan Chance
Baby Reconsider – Leon Heywood
Sweet Darling – Jimmy ‘Soul’ Clarke
Jumpin’ At Shadows – Adam Franklin
Living On The Highway – Freddie King
A Good Fool Is Hard To Find – Albert CollinsDani Wilde
Where Blue Begins – Dani Wilde
Wild Weekend – The Rocking Rebels
Road Runner – Sounds Unlimited

Killer Diller Korner . . . . . With Johnny Alpha
One More Heartache – Paul Butterfield Blues Band

Cruising where we please . . . .
Blue Stew – Paul Thorn
Strange Ways – Please
Shadows & Reflections – The Jackpots
Pretty Flamingo – Gene PitneyFreddie King
Stack O’ Dollars Blues – Charley Jordan
Down Along The Cove – The Loan Sharks
Talk To Me , Talk To Me – Jean Du Shon
Actions Speak Louder Than Words – Mable John
Somebody’s Always Trying – Ted Taylor
Slow, Smooth & Easy – Anita Tucker
Big Joe Turner – Sweet Sue
Frieda Frieda – The Valiants

Well, this week’s Girls & Guitars feature focused on UK singer and guitarist Dani Wilde, who signed her first recording contract with Ruf records back in 2007. Since then she’s released 6 albums and in 2011 went on a world tour with American artists Samantha Fish and Cassie Taylor, as part of the “Girls with Guitars Blues Caravan”. We chose a track from DanI Wilde’s 2010 album ’Shine’ and a song that often gets an airing here at Cruise Control . . . . ‘Where Blue Begins’.

Our Scratchy Blues track this week came from Charley Jordan. He was born in Arkansas in 1890 and went on to develop his own style as a blues guitarist and singer in and around St Louis. He recorded many sides for Vocalion and Decca between 1930 and 1937 and was also a talent scout for both labels. He is probably best remembered for his recording of ‘Keep It Clean’, but we chose his track ‘Stack O’ Dollars Blues’.

Well, as the familiar places and faces started coming into view, we knew we were nearly at the end of our cruise. So, we decided to go home with a bit of a stormer from The Valiants, a group that used to open for Sam Cooke back in the day . . . . This is their Keen 45 ‘Frieda Frieda’.

Well, you’ll be pleased to know that we arrived back safe and sound from our cruise and just in time to park up the Cruise Mobile for another week, ever hopeful that you enjoyed our cruising playlist enough to return next week. . . . . when we’ll be here, if you’ll be there . . . same time, same place . . . when we’ll call by in the Cruise Mobile with a seat saved especially for you . . . . just so we can all go . Until then . . . . have fun!

  1. The Vikster says:

    Oooo nice bit if Paul Thorn …. Think that’s for me 😄

  2. The Shake says:

    Great show Commissioner, really enjoyed it mate

  3. Arfa Pinetop says:

    Really enjoyed that Chuck Carbo track Emp, along with The Loan Sharks nice stuff. The Jackpots failed to Please, but Big Joe sure did.

    • Most esteemed Arfa

      Thought there were a few in there that would appeal to you.

      Glad you liked that Chuck Carbo track. He was probably best known as a member of New Orleans vocal groups The Spiders, which included his brother ‘Chick’ too. They had a string of hits in the 50s on Imperial Records.

      We enjoyed our cruise ‘Down Along The Cove’ and will investigate some more of The Loan Sharks’ stuff.

      Have fun! 🙂


  4. Arfa Pinetop says:

    Cheers Emp
    Talking of Chuck, do you remember The Chucks? Think they were on Decca with “Hitchhike”. Can’t remember their other singles. Real gravel-voiced lead singer. They may just of been some session men.

    Can’t wait to get into the Portugese blues scene!


    • Most esteemed Arfa

      I think I might have that Decca 45 by The Chucks. Will have to get one of the research team to have a rummage, or venture into the loft! Sadly, I know nothing about The Chucks or the vocalist on that recording, but I know they had several 45s and an EP released on Decca in the early 60s.

      Good luck with finding the Portugese blues . . . . assuming your referring to the music!

      TC 🙂

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