Driving down to Alvarado . . . .

Posted: July 15, 2014 in Hear This . . . . !

Listen here to this week’s show:

Well, the Grand Duchy has been looking pretty green and colourful with the combined effects of very welcome sunshine and some occasional showers, but the rain kept away on St Swithun’s day, so that’s hopeful! There have been plenty of excuses to get out and about, during which our musical postman has continued his mission to improve the quantity and quality of the Cruising Library with new additions that he delivers with a cheery wave.

This week we finished the biography of Mike Sanchez and it revealed asCruising 49 much about his music choices as it did about him. It offered tempting references to obscure R&B recordings from way back and started some enthusiastic and fruitful research. Indeed, last week’s little closer, ‘Red Hot Mama’ by S. Johnson (yes, we still don’t know what the ‘S’ stands for) is one of those obscurities that has been performed many times by Mike Sanchez and his band, and which we’ve been pursuing for quite a while now. So, finding and playing a copy was a joy in itself, but it also seemed to go down well with the Cruising Crew too. We also found another song from the Mike Sanchez setlist this week, although not the original, we much enjoyed ‘Ain’t No Big Deal On You’ by Swedish band, Ramblin’ Minds . . . . and there may be more!

So, with our eye on the horizon and the radio turned up, we set off on our cruising adventure, across musical frontiers, in and out of time zones and jumping genres. We kicked off with Gary ‘US’ Bonds, who was on our giglist this week, and really got the crowd going with his hit ‘New Orleans’ . . . . and we never looked back.Big six

Cruising where we please . . . .
New Orleans – Gary ‘US’ Bonds
Goin’ To The River – Bill & Will
One Way Love Affair – Willie Hill
The Road From Rags To Riches – Willie Jones
Packin’ Up – Margie Hendrix
Strange – Screamin’ Jay Hawkins
Turn On Your Lovelight – Wynder K Frog
Tell Me What You’re Gonna Do – The Bo Street Runners
Don’t Gimme No Lip Child – The Pleazersanne_mccue-koala_motel-front
Driving Down To Alvarado – Anne McCue
Cross Cut Saw Blues – Tommy McClennan
Nice To Be Nice – Albert King
Long Shot Kick De Bucket – The Pioneers
Killer Diller Korner . . . . . with Johnny Alpha
Gesundheit – Xavier Cugat

Cruising past the city limits . . . . .
Treme Song – John Boutte
My World Fell Down – SagittariusCrosscut saw 2
We Gotta Get Out Of This Place – Blue Oyster Cult
Honky Tonk Women – Leslie West
Twentieth Century Boy – The Big Six
In My Tenement – Clyde McPhatter
Got To Get You Off My Mind – Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes
What Makes The Ending So Sad – Lou Rawls
All Night Worker – Rufus Thomas
Ain’t No Big Deal On You – Ramblin’ Minds
Well Alright – Little Richard

It’s always fun pulling together our Cruising playlists each week (as well as an excuse to share the odd glass of fine wine with Mr Merlot), but it’s always interesting to see your feedback. We got some good comments on last week’s show and it seems we’re continuing to pick up new members of the Cruising Crew along the way. In the feedback from our good pal Amigo, we were pointed to another of those songs, penned by the late great Sam Cooke, but never recorded by him. Fortunately, it was recorded by Lou Rawls and we found it after a little rummaging. It is, unmistakably, a Sam Cooke song . . . . . . . ‘What Makes The Ending So Sad’.

Our cruising playlist included musical trips to the US, Sweden, Australia and beyond, with Australia represented by The Pleazers, as well as Anne McCue, who was our ‘Girls & Guitars’ choice this week.

Our scratchy blues track was the 1941 recording, ‘Crosscut Saw Blues’, by Mississippi bluesman Tommy McClennan. Doubtless, we’ll roll out some other versions for future shows . . . . . . because it’s been recorded many times since 1941, including covers by modern blues artists like Albert King, Otis Rush, Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan and many others.

All too soon, though, our time ran out and we decided to finish with a flourish and another Sam Cooke penned song, ‘Well Alright’, from the fabulous Little Richard, during which The Cruisettes, Mr Merlot and yours truly were all doing some vaguely co-ordniated dance moves . . . . and maybe we weren’t alone! But, as the Cruise Mobile rolled to a stop, we remembered to thank everyone . . . a little breathlessly . . . . for their good company and to Johnny Alpha for his much anticipated trips around Killer Diller Korner.

So, when Tuesday rolls around again, keep an eye out for the Cruise Mobile, because we have every intention of calling by for you, same time, same place, with a seat saved especially for you, just so we can all go Cruising with The Commissioner. Until then . . . have fun!

  1. Arfa Pinetop says:

    Gesundheit !!! My life already. Gave me as much fun as the Pleazers pleased me! Bloody Aussies should stick to yodelling and doing long prison sentences! As for Sagittarius they really got my goat, bloomin’ lovey dovey tripping thru the hardy perennials mush . . . . and Blue Oyster Pulp . . . . Oh what a BURDEN listening them attempting that number! Well, like Barbara Windsor in Carry on Camping, I’ve got that off me chest.

    Great to hear Gary US Bond track again think. We spoke about Bern Elliott’s cover sometime ago. Also a great finale to Blues Brothers 2000.

    Enjoyed the rest Emp, especially Little Richard

    • The Commissioner says:

      Well, now I know what expect for a nearly gripe free show! I think I may have predicted your affection for Gesundheit!

      I was pleased to find that Tommy McClelland version of Crosscut Saw and I’ve been pursuing the Margie Hendrix track for a long time. Gary US Bonds was still good live and we haven’t forgotten Bern Elliott’s version of New Orleans.

      For next week, I have rediscovered a track by Ray Anton & The Peppermint Men, which I think you’ll enjoy. But, I may test you further on your pop psych credentials . . . AKA that bloomin’ lovey dovey tripping thru the hardy perennials mush!

      We are now bracing ourselves in the Grand Duchy for the forecasted delta swelter over the next few days . . . and I won’t be venturing down to the crossroads if it happens!

  2. The Vikster says:

    You played Treme!!! Hurrah!!! I danced around the lounge with some enthusiasm to that one. As if I’m not already hearing it 3 times a day 🙂

  3. The Commissioner says:

    Treme has renewed my affection for New Orleans music . . . and there may be more joy to come!

  4. Tim Bailey says:

    Downloaded and listened to already Cracking show.

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