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Posted: July 8, 2014 in Hear This . . . . !

Listen here to this week’s show:

Well, it has been a great week in the Grand Duchy with plenty of friendly faces, some welcome sunshine and some messages from overseas with invitations to visit. So, we were in fine spirits for this week’s Cruising with The Commissioner. We also had a whale of a time on our weekend visit to ‘Blues On The Meadow’, where we were charmed by the good company and entertained from start to finish by a first class programme of bands. We were so impressed, that we decided to play something by each of the bands on this week’s show . . . . and there may be some happy returns in future weeks too. Cruising #122

Now our musical postman has been such a welcome sight on his recent visits, because we’ve been waiting on some long sought after gems. One, in particular, we’ve been chasing for a long, long time. The song is something that we’ve enjoyed many times by Mike Sanchez and his band, but we’ve been on the trail of the original, produced by Paul Gayton and featuring S. Johnson. We don’t know what the ‘S’ stands for and there’s virtually no other information about this recording, except that it’s called ‘Red Hot Mama’ . . . . and we love it!

This week we got our cruise started with something from Bill Haley’s Comets, moonlighting as The Kingsmen and doing a little moonlighting with their 1958 East West 45, ‘Weekend’ . . . . and then we dug out Johnny Guitar Watson and his 1961 Escort 45 ‘Lookin’ Back’, especially for Steve Buck of Bristol band, Redhouse (one of the great bands on our weekend gig list) with the earnest request that he accepts no substitutes.

Cruising across the meadow . . . . .  Will Wilde
Weekend – The Kingsmen
Lookin’ Back – Johnny Guitar Watson
Long Black Shiny Car – Redhouse
Little By Little – Steve Roux & The Brass Knuckle Blues Band
What Makes People – Will Wilde
Since We’ve Been Over – The Sean Webster Band
Pride & Joy – Red Butler
Shunting On The Nightshift – The Robin Bibi Band
Rollin’ & Tumblin’ – Donna Lynn Kay
Get Ready to Meet Your Man – James Clark
I’ll Take You There – The Deltones Donna Lynn Kay

Killer Diller Korner . . . . . with Johnny Alpha
Coconut Woman – Harry Belafonte

Cruising till after dark . . . . .
Rockin’ Robin – Bobby Day
Elevator – Hi-Revving Tongues
Come With Me – The Idle Race
That’s How Heartaches Are Made – Dusty Springfield
I Don’t Know – Linda Lyndell
You Can Run But You Can’t Hide – Cyril Neville
I Want To Be Loved – Muddy Waters Steve Roux
Neck Bones & Hot Sauce – L. Anderson & The Tornadoes
Respectable – The Cheynes
I’m All Shook Up – C.J. Chenier & The Red Hot Louisiana Band
She Was Dynamite – Jack Jersey
Up Up & Away – The Daybreakers
Red Hot Mama – S. Johnson

Well, we promised you that last week that we would track down Dusty Springfield’s version of ‘That’s How Heartaches Are Made’ and the spirits were with us, because it came to hand rather easily and we were able to our promise . . . . . again! So, while we were in a soulful mood, we chose a song with a bit of history. It came from Linda Lyndell and it was her 1968 Volt single ‘I Don’t Know’, which was the flipside of her second single for Stax records The single reached the Billboard R&B top 50, but she retired from performing shortly after, because she got threats from white supremacist groups. She didn’t perform in public again until 2003, when she sang at the opening of the Stax Museum in Memphis.

This week’s Girls & Guitars feature introduced Donna Lynn Kay, a Canadian singer and slide guitarist currently residing in Austin, Texas. She claims some Deep South and Mississippi Delta musical influences, including early slide masters like Son House and Blind Willie Johnson, but there’s also a little Muddy Waters and Robert Johnson too. She’s been a regular on the Texas blues scene for a while now and to provide a taster of her style, we chose ‘Rollin’ & Tumblin’ from her 2006 album, ‘Electric Blue’.

Well, when it was time for some scratchy blues, we decided to feature James Clark, a blues pianist from Memphis, Tennessee, who, during the 1940’s, appeared on recordings by Jazz Gillum, Red Nelson, and an early Muddy Waters session. He recorded several singles in his own name, one of which featured a song that is credited to him as performer and song writer . . . . called ‘Get Ready To Meet Your Man’. The song is now far more familiar by the later title given it by Elmore James, ‘Look On Yonder Wall’, but we played James Clark’s original, “Get Ready to Meet Your Man”.

All too soon, our time ran out and we found ourselves parking up the Cruise Mobile for another week. We really enjoyed putting together this week’s playlist and we’re now looking forward to some more of your good company next week. We’ll be back in the Cruise Mobile . . . same time, same place . . . and with a seat saved especially for you. So, until the next time we go Cruising with The Commissioner . . . . have fun!


  1. The Spongeman says:

    Top show TC 🙂

  2. The Commissioner says:

    Ta Sponge

  3. Tim Bailey says:

    Been listening via podcast for six months now, loving you work 🙂

  4. Arfa Pinetop says:

    Excellent first arf Emp. Been listening whilst doing me chores (mopping the kitchen floor ) and guess what, just as Harry Belafonte came on, I found I had a hole in my bucket !

    Pride and Joy Fab Thunderbirds version rather good too.

  5. Most esteemed Arfa

    Well, I think we may have got you ‘beyond the whinge’! Of course the accompanying imagery is just too seductive . . . in ‘Big Boy’s Blues Kitchen’, bedecked in your marigolds, apron and wellies with mop in hand. You’re making progress little by little and taking pride and joy when you reach yonders wall. Even with a hole in your bucket, you got it all done in a day-o!

    You would certainly have enjoyed Blues On The Meadow. Perhaps they could squeezy you in next time. 🙂


  6. Robin Bibi says:

    Thanks !!! It was a great day !

    All the best !

    Robin Bibi

  7. Steve (Redhouse) says:

    Thanks for the compliments, playing our track….and the dedication. Laughed when I heard it. Johnny Guitar Watson it is for me now!! (I will accept no substitutes) I will put the link to your show on our facebook page. Hope to see you at BOTM in ’15.

    Many thanks

    Steve (Redhouse)

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