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Posted: June 24, 2014 in Hear This . . . . !

Listen here to this week’s show:

Well, mid summer’s day may have come and gone, but we’re still intent on enjoying the longer days and warmer weather and we managed to find a few songs that seemed to capture the spirit of Cruising in the sun. We found something from a band called Mint and a song called ‘Luv’, which was written in 1969 to promote a Lyons Maid ice lolly of the same name and if you’re keen, you can find a copy of that TV advert on You Tube and you’ll see David Bowie singing along on the chorus. Another couple of tracks that conjured, images of relaxing on a bright summers day, were Spanky & Our Gang with ‘Lazy Day’ and ‘Sunny’ by Marvin Gaye . Cruising #184

Now the summer music festivals are in full swing currently and we loaded up the Cruise Mobile this past week to visit ‘Blues On The Farm’ down in Chichester. It was a great programme and we took the opportunity to slip into our playlist a few tracks from a few of the many great acts on the bill. There was the duo Moreland & Arbuckle, who offered some well-honed American roots and delta blues music, the Blues Band with their own take on some classics, the Royal Southern Brotherhood who shook the stage, and the star of Friday night, the irrepressible Mike Sanchez and his band.

So, we were definitely in good spirits when Tuesday night rolled around this week. We assembled a playlist shaped by some renewed rummaging in the Cruising Library, some memories from our giglist, a few gems from our pending tray and a couple of suggestions from the Cruising Crew. The Cruise Mobile was purring nicely and we kicked off with Big Maybelle and ‘Do Lord’. Then, then there was no stopping us . . . . almost!

Cruising way down yonder . . . . .
Talking Woman Blues – The Blues Band
Almost Grown – Mike Sanchez
Hurts My Heart – The Royal Southern Brotherhood
The Devil & Me – Moreland & Arbuckle
Workin’ Real Hard – Hamilton Loomis
It’s Not The Spotlight – Bobby Bland
Why Do I Still Love You – Lisa Mills
The Prodical Son – Reverend Robert Wilkins
If You Love Me Like You Say – Albert Collins
Nine By Nine – The John Dummer Blues Band
The Hop – Derrick Morgan
Ain’t Gonna Hush – Cordella De Milo with the Maxwell Davis Orchestra

Killer Diller Korner . . . . . with Johnny Alpha
Look At This Boy – Los 5 Del Este

Cruising in the sun . . . .
Luv – Mint
Lazy Day – Spanky & Our Gang
Sunny – Marvin Gaye
Cool Jerk – The Creation
Let The Good Times Roll – The Steve Miller Band
Bring It To Jerome – Smokehouse
You Keep On Worrying Me – Ike Turner
Flying With Whitey – Gene Taylor & CC Jerome’s Jet Setters
Elijah Rock – Albertina Walker
Ubangi Stomp – Warren Smith
Stompin’ Roaches – Wilmar Walker
Gotta Keep Rolling – Rosco Gordon
Ring-A-Ling – Johnny Otis

Our ‘Girls & Guitars’ feature this week turned the spotlight on Mississippi born singer, songwriter and guitarist Lisa Mills. We found her in Chichester, Sussex, at this year’s Blues On The Farm festival, where she gave a great set. She’s no stranger to the UK, having just recorded her latest album, Tempered in Fire, at studios down in Kent. So, we took a track from that album called ‘Why Do I Still Love You’.

Now, this week’s scratchy blues track came from one Robert Timothy Wilkins, an American country blues singer and guitarist, who played ragtime, blues, minstrel songs and gospel. He worked around Memphis as a musician during the 1920s along with Furry Lewis, Memphis Minnie and Son House and became an ordained minister in the 1930s. He is probably best known for his reworking of the song “That’s No Way To Get Along”, giving it a biblical theme and titling it “The Prodigal Son”. The song got covered by the Rolling Stones on their Beggars Banquet album and we chose his early version of “That’s No Way To Get Along” to showcase the Reverend Robert Wilkins.

The great Johnny Otis brought us back home from our musical adventure and as the Cruise Mobile rolled to a stop, we just had time to thank everyone for their good company and to say that if you feel an irresistible urge to comment on our show this week, our website provides just such a facility with all the convenience of modern communications. Whether you do or not, we plan to call by for you next week in the Cruise Mobile, same time, same place, with a seat saved especially for you. So, until the next time we can all go Cruising with The Commissioner . . . have fun!


  1. Damon says:

    Good show

  2. The Commissioner says:

    Ta muchly Damon

  3. The Spongeman says:

    Top show The Commissioner 🙂

  4. The Shake says:

    Yeah a great show Commissioner

  5. The Vikster says:

    Thought Killer Diller Corner was especially good this week, and I enjoyed the trio of songs that immediately followed. I’ll be going to look up that advert now!

  6. Arfa Pinetop says:

    Sanchez, Rosco, The Rev all superb tracks Emp. Very subtle . . . . Ike Turner being followed by “Flying with Whitey”, as I believe he often was!

    Surprised you’ve not had a comment from Rambling Sid re the “Stompin’ Roaches ” track, as I believe this was a motion he was very adept at in his “hip” days, especially if the boys in blue were in the neighbourhood!

    I really preferred Bobby Bland as a bluesman, although I believe he did quite well in the “soul” market. Thought the Albert C track was a bit souly too.

    Cordella de Milo more please. I believe she was quite an aggressive lady, unlike her sister Venus, who was quite “armless”!

    Just been playing the 1973 album of “Let It Rock – 25 Years Of Atlantic Records”. I know I’ve mentioned it before, but there is some great stuff on it.

    These 3 tracks I thought you’d be interested in although you’ve probably got ’em.

    SONNY WEST – RAVE ON 1958 ( original version) and
    THE KINGSMEN ( Bill Haleys Comets) WEEKEND 1958

    One final request MAGIC DICK . . . . no, no . . . . that’s enuff of that! J Geils harp man. Wotta player

    Cheers Emp

    • Most esteemed Arfa

      Well, I may be foolish and misguided here . . . . but it sounded like you might have enjoyed this week’s show. Please don’t tell me I’m wrong . . . . let me live with my fantasies.

      It was Bobby Bland’s blues numbers that first caught my interest, but I’ve always thought Bobby Bland sounded good whatever genre of song he chose to sing. ‘It’s Not The Spotlight’ was probably the stand out track for me on Rod the mod’s Atlantic Crossing album , so I was really pleased to later find Bobby Bland’s version.

      You’ve certainly tempted me to revisit the Atlantic catalogue, although it is rarely forgotten for long, just because of the great stuff it contains, including the classic tracks you’ve pointed to. The Sonny West track is one of two of the songs he wrote and recorded, which got covered by Buddy Holly . . . . ‘Rave On’ and ‘Oh Boy’. Classics. Had to go back and take another listen to ‘Weekend’ by The Kingsmen and it was well worth it too. Thought I remembered Dean Beard, but it was his ‘Rakin’ & Scrapin” that I know better than ‘Party Party’ and I’ve just listened to Magic Dick’s ‘High Temperature’, which may get onto the playlist soon. Ta muchly.

      Regarding your observations about certain individuals, I will choose not to comment further without advice from a defamation lawyer! 🙂

      Have fun!


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