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Posted: June 10, 2014 in Hear This . . . . !

Listen here to this week’s show:

Well, we arrived at Cruise Control on Tuesday with a broad smile and feeling unusually relaxed. The jet lag from our recent stateside trip had finally faded away and we had a pile of rather fine albums beside us that had followed us home from our travels. So, we took the opportunity to sprinkle a few tracks from them liberally through this week’s playlist, along with our customary diversions into scratchy blues and our girls and guitars feature. Cruising 37

Some bright days have visited the Grand Duchy since we’ve been back, but we are still savouring the warmth of America’s Southern states (both the weather and the people). One of the memorable moments of our trip was a visit to Reds Juke Joint in Clarksdale, where we saw an amazing 15 year old guitarist and singer called Christone ‘Kingfish’ Ingram who, sadly, has yet to release any records, so the best we could do was to recommend some of his videos on You Tube . . . . . and they’re well worth a look.

We set off on this week’s cruise with Gene Taylor & CC Jerome’s Jet Setters and ‘Seven Nights To Rock’ and we followed with one of the many ‘real’ rhythm and blues gems that were recorded at Cosimo Matassa’s studio on Rampart Street in New Orleans . . . . Willie Johnson and ‘ Say Baby’. . . . and our cruising rolled on nicely for there . . . . as you can hear.

Cruising for the horizon . . . .Super Chikan
Seven Nights To Rock – Gene Taylor & CC Jerome’s Jet Setters
Say Baby – Willie Johnson
On My Way – The Fins
Ain’t Giving Up Nothing – Al King
Teach Me How To Shimmy – Michael & DeLee
Dust My Broom – Ike & Tina Turner
Hello Mississippi – James “Super Chikan” Johnson
Watermelon, Barbecue & Beer – Duncan Street
She’s Gone – Romney Getty
Come On In (There Ain’t Nobody Here But Me) – The Harum Scarums
Seventh Son – The Soul Agents
Louie Louie – Toots & The Maytals

Killer Diller Korner . . . . . with Johnny AlphaHarum 2
Pigmy – Booker T & The MGs

Cruising to the sunset . . . . .
Vanishing Girl – The Dukes Of Stratosphere
Don’t Be Afraid – Rare Bird
Long Train Runnin’ – Stacy Michhart
Try A Little Tenderness – Little Miss Cornshucks
Stick Around – The Insomniacs
I’m Calling You Out – Big Al Carson & The Blues Masters
While You’re Out Looking For Sugar – The Honey Cone
Calidonia Brown – Bobby Reed
Keep On Moving – Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes

Big Al CarsonOur Girls & Guitars feature this week focused on Canadian singer/songwriter and guitarist Romney Getty. She’s been gaining a reputation since the 2005 release of her first album ‘Fill In Your Gray’ and her She has since released a second album and has been appearing at international festivals. We chose a song titled ‘She’s Gone’ from her debut album to show off her talents.

Now, it was pure chance that we stumbled across this week’s scratchy blues track. We were actually looking for something else when this came to hand and it seemed to suit our needs rather well. This is a track that was recorded for Paramount records in January of 1931, somewhere in Grafton, Wisconsin. It features some well known names, who are credited on the label as The Harum Scarums, but they were Mozelle Anderson on vocals, Georgia Tom Dorsey on piano and vocals, along with Big Bill Broonzy on guitar. This was ‘Come On In (There Ain’t Nobody Here But Me)’.

Well, all too soon it seemed we ran out of time, even if we hadn’t run out of road or music and we came home with Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes and a track from their 2010 album ‘Pills’ called ‘Keep On Moving’.

So, with some sadness, we parked up the Cruise Mobile and started thinking about next week’s playlist and the prospect of your good company again to go Cruising with the Commission. Until then . . . have fun!


  1. The Spongeman says:

    Top show TC 🙂

  2. The Shake says:

    Great show Commissioner

  3. Damon says:

    Good show Commissioner

  4. Arfa Pinetop says:

    Aagh . . . . . Wot on earf possessed you to play The Turners version of Dust my Broom? Mr Johnson must have been rotating in one of his many Mississippi graves. Mr James in his too and Mr Green turning in his straightjacket. I must insist on some form of penance from you. Not sackcloth and ashes, as that would only appeal to your Grayston Perry side! I suggest “They’re Red Hot ” from Mr Johnson and “Look On Yonder Wall ” from Mr James. May I also bring your attention to a fine rock ‘n’ roll track by one Warren Smith “Ubangi Stomp”.

    As for Mr Street that should be placed in the DUN CAN but nice harp playing.

    Loved Al King, not heard of him afore. That Shimmy track I seem to remember Zoot Money doing it or something similar “Teach me how to Uncle Willy”? . . . shortly to be recorded by Rolf Harris no doubt.

    Now a question . . . . ‘Louie Louie’ . . . . was that covered by The Kinks? I’m sure a 60s band did a cover.

    Have you played “My Man Rocks Me” by Trixie Smith in your scratchy blues slot?

    That’s all regards

    Much Agitated of Stanmore

    • The Commissioner says:

      Most esteemed Arfa

      In our idle moments (which we much enjoy), we like to imagine you hopping about and shouting at the radio. Of course at this distance and with the windows closed, we don’t get the full benefits of such moments, but we are most grateful to you for re-assuring us that you are still practicing this ancient art-form!

      Driven out of your customary lethargy, you have provided a welcome few suggestions for future selections and an excuse to dig out one of our early US import 45 (before the internet) by Warren Smith. Ta!

      ‘Teach Me How To Shimmy’ was a Leiber and Stoller song recorded by The Coasters and not to be confused with ‘Oh Mom (Teach Me How To Uncle Willie)’ recorded by The Daylighters and covered by Zoot Money . . . . but the original is still the greatest (as they say in The In Crowd) and no sign of a wobble-board!

      The Kinks did cover ‘Louie Louie’, as did many others.

      Please feel free to continue your agitations . . . . . and have fun!


  5. The Vikster says:

    I especially enjoyed the tracks “Watermelon, Barbecue & Beer” and “Vanishing Girl”

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