Cruising down South . . . . .

Posted: May 20, 2014 in Hear This . . . . !

Listen here to this week’s show:

Well, it all started with a jokey promise to meet someone, one day on Bourbon Street and it developed into a somewhat more adventurous tour of the Southern States of America. The itinerary seemed to grow and grow, with places to see, places to be and memories to make. The days andCruising #209 weeks passed, until the planning became action and so this week’s Cruising with The Commissioner loosely follows us along on our road trip way down South.

The first part of our journey starts in Atlanta and from there, headed for Nashville, Memphis, Tupelo and Clarksdale. So, with only a passing nod to originality, our playlist this week reflects our travels with some memorable musical moments prompted by our programme of places to stop along the way.

Given the round trip that we’ve planned for cruising, it seemed appropriate to kick off down the road with Bobby Mitchell & The Toppers and their 45 ‘Goin’ Round In Circles’. But, our adventure really started with a little air travel, the joys of which are recounted by Chris Farlowe, with plenty more to follow:

Cruising through the promised land . . . .Hoodoo Lady
Goin’ Round In Circles – Bobby Mitchell & The Toppers
Air Travel – Chris Farlowe
I’m On My Way To Atlanta – Freddy King
Spooky – The Atlanta Rhythm Section
Is It True – Brenda Lee
Bump In The Road – Jonny Lang
Streets of Atlanta – Mother Truckers
Hoodoo Lady – Memphis Minnie
Make It Be Me – The Flares
She Caught The Katy (and Left Me A Mule To Ride) – The Youngbloods
Portrait Of My Love – Baba Brooks

Killer Diller Korner . . . . . with Johnny AlphaShe’s Gone – The Spirit Of John Morgan
What More Can I Do – The Zombies

Cruising through Dixie . . . .
She’s Gone – The Spirit Of John Morgan
Who Thought – The Proper Ornaments
See You Later Alligator – Mick Clarke
Paying The Cost To Be The Boss – B.B. King
Take Me To The River – Al Green
Fire Brigade – The Move
Memphis Tennessee – Rosco Gordon
Can I Get a Witness – Calvin Scott
The Shape You Left Me In – Gene Simmons
My Baby Left Me – Elvis Presley
Shake – Sam CookeThe Move
I Got My Mojo Working – Muddy Waters

Well, our road trip didn’t deflect us from our ‘Girls & Guitars’ feature, which focused on guitarist and singer Teal Collins. She grew up with music from her disc jockey dad and she went on to record sessions for other artists, until she met up with Josh Zee in the San Francisco Bay Area. They decided to form a band called Mother Truckers and we chose a rather appropriate track of theirs called “Streets of Atlanta” which features the guitar and vocals of Teal Collins. Meanwhile, inspired by our visit to Memphis, we dug out something by Memphis Minnie for our scratchy blues choice. During her 30 year music career she recorded around 200 songs, and our choice was one that evokes the mystical spirits of a ‘Hoodoo Lady’.

There were plenty more places on our tour, but, at least for this week, we had to park up the cruise mobile ready to complete our road trip next week. All being well, we’ll be here, if you’ll be there, same time same place, with a seat saved especially for you. So, until the next time we go Cruising with The Commissioner . . . . . have fun!

  1. Amigo says:

    Plenty to enjoy – and Jesse Colin Young again. Great B. B .King track. Your playing Freddie King reminded me that as you have been travelling you may not have noticed a new CD release containing ALL of Freddie King’s first session from August 1960. Christmas has come early!

    • The Commissioner says:

      This playlist seems a distant memory now . . . . I pre-recorded it several weeks ago . . . . but I remember being mildly satisfied at the time with this and the next one.

      You’re right about that Freddie King collection. I’ll have to search it out on my return, although I am hoping that it replicates the tracks I have already. If not, then his estate will be a further beneficiary.

      My rambling around Nawlins has got me to the site of Cosimo Matassa’s Studio on Rampart Street and even to his family supermarket, where it is alleged he makes an occasional appearance . . . . though sadly not on my visit. At least along the way I resolved a long-time query of mine . . . . “What is the difference between Voodoo and Hoodoo?” I shall return happier and wiser!

  2. The Vikster says:

    Some fantastic memories associated with the playlist this week. Thanks TC!

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