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Posted: January 21, 2014 in Hear This . . . . !

Listen here to this week’s show:

Well, the sun has made a most welcome return to the Grand Duchy this past week, although it has been chased away on occasions by dark clouds and a few downpours. But, it was sufficient to raise our spirits and our general well-being was much encouraged by some cheery encounters with friendly faces that we haven’t seen for a while, including our good pals Peter and Diane. We thoroughly enjoyed our evening with them and their tales of their recent adventures, cruising through Arizona, New Mexico and beyond. Along the way they spotted a rather fine vinyl copy of Al Wilson’s 1973 album ‘Weighing In’ and generously donated it to the Cruising Library. So, we didn’t miss the opportunity to choose a track to include in this week’s Cruising with The Commissioner.
Cruising #204
There were a few birthdays to celebrate with Mick Taylor, Barbara Lynn and Robert Palmer, as well as a sad farewell to Freddie Fingers Lee, whose frantic rock ‘n’ roll piano playing has been part of the UK rock scene for many years. We played his recording of ‘I Gotta New Love’ as our respectful tribute.

This week we heard from DJ Leyton Rocks, Joe Duckworth, Johnny99, Lil-Sis and Arfa Pinetop and, who knows, we might be getting hearing from them again soon with some music choices of their own. Our choices this week had a few suggestions from members of the Cruising Crew, which just proves that we do listen to your feedback and you’re very welcome to give us some more on our website, our facebook page or by email. Meanwhile, we have been busy organising our social diary and expanding our gig-list for the months ahead . . . . and it’s looking good.

So, we were well prepared when Tuesday rolled around at last and we offered very cheery greetings to one and all, along with the promise of a rather fine playlist full of some of the best in rock, soul and ‘real’ rhythm and blues. The Cruise Mobile was purring gently, when we hit the road with The Checkers and their 1953 King recording of ‘You Never Had It So Good’ . . . . and it just got better and better!

Cruising down the road apiece . . . .
You Never Had It So Good – The CheckersTee shirt - vinyl frontier
Snake Eyes – Alvin Tyler
Yeah Man – Sam Cooke
Apron Strings – Billy ‘The Kid’ Emerson
Right String Baby, But The Wrong Yo-Yo – Carl Perkins
Who Do You Love – Jo Ann & Troy
Better Watch Out – Gwen Owens
Seven Day Lover – James Fountain
Nature Boy – The Shields
Oh Baby (We’ve Got A Good Thing Goin’) – Barbara Lynn
Mr Down Child – Sonny Boy Williamson
I’m Your Puppet – Jimmy London
Tremble – Malcolm Dodds & The Tune Drops

Killer Diller Korner . . . . . with Johnny Alpha
Tired Of Trying, Bored With Lying, Scared Of Dying – Manfred Mann

Cruising with the crew . . . . .
Let’s Go – The Routers
Snowy Wood – Mick Taylor with John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers
Born On The Bayou – Al Wilson
Giving Yourself Away – Vinegar Joe
I Knew The Bride – Status Quo
Johnny B. Goode – The Balham Alligators
Pretty Flamingo – The Everly Brothers
I Gotta New Love – Freddie ‘Fingers’ Lee
Don’t Throw Your Love Away – Len Barry
Poor Unfortunate Me – J.J. Barnes
I Can’t Hold On – Lorraine Chandler
Wild Country Wine – Roy Young

Well, The Cruisettes were in evidence for some of the soul tracks, demonstrating their dangerous dancing, which leaves very little ‘safe space’ in Cruise Control, but we emerged unscathed and they even appeared for our ‘Girls & Guitars’ feature, when they heard Barbara Lynn and her song, ‘Oh Baby (We’ve Got A Good Thing Goin’)’.

We weren’t sure if our scratchy blues choice was scratchy enough this week, but my copy of the 45 certainly did, probably because it suffered some abuse during a road accident on my way back from Dj-ing at a London gig way back when. The item in question was Sonny Boy Williamson’s Chess single, ‘Mr Down Child’, a song he recorded several times in his career, including a live version with The Yardbirds.

Well, the finish with a flourish we had Roy Young  bring us home safe and sound from our cruise, leaving just enough time to park up the Cruise Mobile and start thinking about a few ‘toons’ for next week’s playlist. This is an ‘act of faith’ in the hope that if you enjoyed this week’s choices and might be persuaded to join us, same time, same place, next week . . . . when we’ll call by in the Cruise Mobile with a seat saved especially for you . . . .  so we can all go Cruising with The Commissioner. Until then, remember . . . . . have fun!

  1. The Vikster says:

    Thanks for a great show TC

  2. The Spongeman says:

    Top show

  3. Amigo says:

    Your inclusion of Al Wilson’s version of ‘Born On The Bayou’ made me wonder whether some other Creedence covers might be interesting. I know Rolf Harris covered ‘Bad Moon Rising’ – a bit of an omen there maybe – but how about the Holmes Brothers version from the album ‘State Of Grace’. Actually almost anything by the Holmes Brothers is good. There are plenty of good covers of ‘Proud Mary’ of course starting with Solomon Burke. Status Quo did a fair version of that one and have also done pretty well from another John Fogerty song! The Amen Corner version of ‘Proud Mary’ with an old favourite, Andy Fairweather Low, on guitar and vocals is also worth a listen. Incidentally, I understand he has just recorded a heap of songs with Tom Jones for a new album and has an album with the Gaddabouts coming out this year. I guess he’s not had much time for playing tennis!

    • The Commissioner says:

      Great to hear from you Amigo

      A few Credence covers sounds like a good suggestion and we’ll get the Cruising Library researchers hopping around to that end . . . . and the energetic hopping is all part of their new fitness regime . . . . whereas, Mr Merlot and I have committed to the virtual training programme. The Holmes Brothers are most welcome on Cruising with The Commissioner and, as long as Mrs TC doesn’t find out until too late, Andy Fairweather-Lowe just might get a hearing too.

      Thanks for the ‘nudge’


  4. Arfa Pinetop says:

    Was it really necessary to mention that Mr Taylor was playing with a certain JM in your listings?

    Sonny Boy, great stuff! Saw him at Klooks Kleek, which I believe was the Railway Tavern, West Hampstead, also had an excellent album of Graham Bond and Co live from there.

    Was interested in the Manfred Mann track. I remember a very good flip side entitled “Just a hunk of wood ” or that may just of been a line from it ,can’t remember the A side.

    ‘Cruisin with the crew . . . . .’ was excellent Emp. Ta for The Routers .

    Just acquired a bunch of singles including The Spotniks and a very interesting U.S.Bonds ( no Gary included on label don’t whether he added that later ) Anyway title is “Quarter to Three ” c/w “Time Ole Story” 1961 on Top Rank.

    Al Wilson track superb is that the guy from Canned Heat ?

  5. The Commissioner says:

    Most esteemed Arfa

    I rather enjoyed Tuesday night’s show as well, although I came to it having cover the previous Out of Sight Show for The Shake (who was in his sickbed). Mick Taylor did get introduced without reference to his pre Stones association, but I knew you would comment anyway!

    Klooks Kleek was indeed the Railway Tavern, West Hampstead, and a bit of an outlet for Rik Gunnel’s acts, like Georgie Fame, Zoot Money, Graham Bond and he who shall be known as JM.

    Your recollection of that Manfred Mann track is a bit of a puzzle that I will attempt to solve if I can, but it doesn’t sound familiar.

    Quarter to Three was by Gary ‘US’ Bonds, who is still going strong and we saw him a year back with the Manfreds, doing the local theatre, as they do these days.

    If you saw the picture of Al Wilson (soul singer) and Alan Wilson (Canned Heat member), you would quickly realise they are not the same person!

    Just visited a record shop in Rye, which has a great vinyl collection and walked out with a handful of 70s rock albums, even got a discount for commenting favourably on the shop assistant’s choice of Elmore James playing in the background. Great shop, always a treat to visit if we are nearby.

    Have fun


  6. Arfa Pinetop says:

    Oh Emp you are indeed the font of musical wisdom. I had never heard of Al Wilson soul singer but on reflection think the Canned Heat chappie was nicknamed The Owl ,or is that wrong also ?

    That MM track just can’t recall the A side. Have sent Muscle Shoals dvd off to you today

    Rye . . . . . I prefer Jameson !

  7. The Commissioner says:

    Most esteemed Arfa

    Canned Heat’s Alan Wilson was known as ‘Blind Owl’, because of his very poor eyesight.

    Will check out MM B sides and see if we can pin that one down.

    Will look forward to the DVD


    PS Hope you enjoyed the Balham Alligators track, it got a good response in the chat room on the night

  8. Arfa Pinetop says:

    Cheers Emp. Yes indeed, a great band, as were many who performed at The Dublin Castle Camden Town .One such band being “Pete Thomas and his Deep Sea Jivers”, whom I saw supporting Fats Domino many years ago .

    • The Commissioner says:

      Most esteemed Arfa

      Your little grey cells are still operating OK . . . . . it was Pete Thomas and The Deep Sea Jivers. The Cruising Library researchers (who have been hopping about in a lively manner) have uncovered and album by them titled ‘Dancing and Dining’ . . . . and they’ve got rather excited because it is actually signed by Pete Thomas.

      Reasonable offers considered!


  9. Amigo says:

    Arfa is on the ball again. It must be ‘Without You’ on the B side of 5 4 3 2 1.

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