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Posted: January 7, 2014 in Hear This . . . . !

Listen here to this week’s show:

Well, we arrived for our first Cruising with The Commissioner of the new year and in very good spirits to pick up where we left off in 2013. As always, we arrived in the Cruise Mobile with a seat saved especially for each of the Cruising Crew, although we were quite understanding if anyone wanted to jog alongside as part of their new fitness regime.Cruising #201

As part of our new year’s resolution, we have been doing a bit of a tidying up around Cruise Control and attempted (falteringly) to bring order out of chaos, but we were distracted by the preparations for our review of the many highlights of the show in the past year. So, plenty of great musical moments from our Three From Me guests and our good pal Johnny Alpha. In the event, it was a real treat to sit back and relax and listen to the stories and the excellent tracks again.

Sadly, the year was barely started when we got the news of Phil Everly’s passing, which stirred memories for many, including yours truly. So, we dug out an Everly’s 45 to remind us of his legacy.

But, we kicked off our new year cruise with The Big Dani Perez R&B Band and ‘Swing Rocket’ and we kept up the pace with another jump jive instrumental from Paul Hucklebuck Williams and his band and their 1952 recording ‘The Thin Man’ . . . . .

Cruising into 2014 . . . . 
Swing & Rocket – The Big Dani Perez R&B Band
The Thin Man – The Paul ‘Hucklebuck’ Williams Band
Tell It Like It Is – Eddie Bo  Carry on cruising
I Gotta Go – Trampled Under Foot
Am I Right Or Wrong – Son House

Three From Me . . . . review
Sail On Sailor – The Beach Boys (from The Shake)
Subterranean Homesick Blues – Bob Dylan (from The Spinmeister)
Heat Treatment – Graham Parker & The Rumour (from Johnny99)
All Or Nothing – The Small Faces (from Arfa Pinetop)
Wonderous Place – Billy Fury (from Mrs TC)
Jet Set Junta – The Monochrome Set (from Max Quirk)
Touching Me – The Ovations (from Mr T)
Human – The Ad Libs (from The Majestic)
Valerie – Revolvin’  Door (from Lil-Sis)
The Spider & the Fly – The Rolling Stones (from Joe Duckworth)
I Just Caught A Face – The Basement (from The Auburn Phantom)
Find Out What’s Happening – Tiffany & The Thoughts
The Way Things Used To Be – Magnetic Morning (from The Spongeman)
Boo Hoo Hoo – No Sinner (from The Vikster)

Killer Diller Korner . . . . . with Johnny Alpha
Istanbul – Bruno & The Gladiators

Cruising into the new year . . . .  
Gone Gone Gone – The Everly Brothers
Turn On Your Love Light – Jerry Lee Lewis

Our first Girls and Guitars feature of 2014 focused on Danielle Schnebelen who provides lead vocals and guitar for Kansas City based group, Trampled Under Foot. We picked out a track from their album ‘The Philadelphia Sessions’, ‘I Gotta Go’, and we didn’t forget our scratchy blues. This week it featured a legend of early acoustic blues, Son House. We chose a live version of a song we’ve heard from others, but this was his take on ‘Candy Man’.

So, we started the new year as we mean to continue, with good company, excellent music and some welcome guests along to the way. If that sounds good to you . . . . then perhaps we can entice you back again next week for another adventure through some of the best in rock, soul and real rhythm and blues. All being well, we’ll be tuned up and tuned in to call by for you, same time, same place, next week with a seat saved especially for you in the Cruise Mobile. In the meantime . . . have fun!

  1. The Shake says:

    Great show Commissioner, a top way to start 2014! Great hearing all the guests again.

    • The Commissioner says:

      Thanks. Plenty of great choices in there from our ‘Three From Me’ guests . . . . . the problem was deciding what to leave out!

  2. Lisa Y. Williams says:

    Thank you for playing the music of Paul Hucklebuck Williams on your show tonight. I did a posting on Facebook and Twitter about this.

    I am his granddaughter Lisa. It is my goal to keep his music and legacy alive.


    Lisa Y. Williams

    • The Commissioner says:

      I’m flattered to hear from you and to have your support. The music lives on and we love it!

      If you have a few particular favourites from your Grandfather’s catalogue. Let me know and I’ll be sure to play them over future weeks.

      Kind regards


  3. ThirtyFive30 says:

    ‏Thank u 4playing the music of Paul Hucklebuck Williams Huckleboogie will be listening


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